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Video Trailers

Masterclass Trailer

Our free 48-minute Masterclass will teach students how to apply our principles for crafting a highly engaging, transformational course. 

We focus on how to create a whole brain learning experience, rather than the typical (and boring) left brain dominant style of course.

Great eCourse Adventure Trailer

This is our signature online course, community and coaching program for teachers and world changers who want to create world class online courses.

We offer our step-by-step adventure, to help our students vision, create and launch their highly creative, engaging, effective and cutting edge eLearning experiences.

Great eCourse Adventure Tour

This video will give you an idea of all the ground we cover in the Great eCourse Adventure, taking you from Basecamp to Launch Summit. 

Plus you'll get to meet some of the wild characters who act as the wisdom keepers on the mountain.

(this video is also on our Trail Pass sales page)

Lesson Sneak Peaks

Link for sample lesson:

Mastering the Sales Force (sneak peak)

Introducing: Luke Saleswalker, one of the master teachers in our Art of eCourse Creation Masterclass.

Master Saleswalker teaches our students how to use the power of the SalesForce and to stay within the light side in their marketing and selling.

Link for sample lesson:

Slick Rick Spoof Sales Video (sneak peak)

Slick Rick is your online marketing expert to the extreme. His sleazy role is to shine a light on the douchebaggery that takes place, even amongst some of the purest of hearts. 

This spoof sales video makes for great entertainment and it gives people a glimpse into one of the characters and lessons from the Great eCourse Adventure. Always worth a share.

What to Share First?

1. Courses Worth Sharing

Share our interactive Courses Worth Sharing website first. It's a great intro to our work & philosophies.

2. Art of eCourse Creation Masterclass

Then share our Masterclass, which is an outer space  adventure into the new world of Online Learning.

3. The Great eCourse Adventure

Then share, The Great eCourse Adventure, which teaches how to create world class online courses. 

Ideas on How to Share

  • Sending an email or two to your audience, sharing why you love our work.
  • Giving us an occassional shout-out on Social Media.
  • Writing personalized meails to people who you feel NEED & WANT what we're offering. (most effective)
  • Talking about us in your Mastermind, forums, to clients and friends (when it's relevant to name drop).
  • Book us for an interview on your Podcast, Summit or to speak at your event.
  • Invite us to guest write at your blog
  • OR, let's be creative and come up with other ways for you to shout from the mountaintops...

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