The Freedom Seeker's Guide To Creating, Launching & Marketing The Greatest eCourse You Can Possibly Imagine.

Starring YOU and 149 Other Adventurous Entrepreneurs

Calling All Adventurous Entrepreneurs:

Create & Launch the Greatest eCourse you Can Possibly Imagine in Six Months...While Loving Every Step of the Way!

We have combined our love for entertainment, skit comedy, gamification, education, transformation, art, business, marketing, and being over the top creative to fuel our latest eCourse -- “The Great eCourse Adventure.”

We guarantee you will never ever find another eCourse creation program that is more fun, creative and enjoyable to go through. Not to mention the ass-kickingly brilliant eCourse that you will create as a result of joining the adventure!

We are stoked to help you create the greatest eCourse you can possibly imagine so that your tribe lines up to sign up!


We’ve laid out every step for you to build, launch and market your dream eCourse and get it into the lives of those who want it.


A warm place to gather (off Facebook) with fellow adventurers to share stories, wisdom, questions and digital hot cocoa.


We fun'ify the whole action-taking process with badges & rewards that make it so you can’t wait to take your next steps forward.


We’ve created an epic storyline with video lessons that are filled with comedy, action and drama that makes business fun again.


Learn to facilitate a transformational experience for your customers that is creative, engaging and 100% you.


We understand the need for support on adventures like this, which is why we integrate community, coaching, buddy systems & more.


By creating an eCourse you leverage your time, income and your ability to improve the quality of countless lives … it’s pretty awesome!


Creating your dream lifestyle and crafting an eCourse that aligns with your passions is a deeply transformational adventure in itself.

Meet Your Adventure Guides and Crew

Bradley T. Morris

Fun Lovin', Professional Golfin', Lifestyle Design & Business Coach

Inspired by freedom, fun and a dream to sponsor himself to play Professional Golf, Bradley dropped out of college at the age of 21 to start his first online business.

Skip forward after a decade of entrepreneurial adventures and he now makes his living creating transformational eCourses and coaching adventurous entrepreneurs to develop engaging, unique and creatively inspired eCourses that improve people's lives.

His various eCourses have now supported thousands of customers in more than 30 countries across the globe. 

More about Bradley at

Andy Freist

Tropics Livin', Music Makin', Brand Strategist & Tech Wizard

Part tech geek, part musician, part artist and laid back Hawaii-living beach bum. When he's not out playing music and producing dance events, Andy spends his days channeling his love for technology and artistry into working with businesses and entrepreneurs.

He supports visionary entrepreneurs in creating powerful eCourse platforms and potent customer experiences.​

His specialty is online design, brand architecture and crafting engaging customer experiences from websites, eCourses to in person events and beyond.​

More about Andy at

Blair Armstrong

Media Director & Producer

Co-founder of SoulFam Productions (with Bradley), Blair is a longtime producer, musician, composer, videographer, professional editor and creative genius.

Blair's ability to direct and create masterful video, music and soundscape compilations is the only reason Bradley & Andy have been able to turn their crazy idea into a reality.

More about Blair at

Michael Mann

Creative Design & Motion Director

Michael A. Mann is a visual storyteller who uses the mediums of video, live performance, animation, graphic design and illustration to communicate with audiences.

Mr Mann loves using creativity and fun for for the world’s benefit and to help people have the life they want.

More about Michael at

A Sneak Peak of Your Trusty Adventure Map

All eCourse Adventurers are supplied with a trusty Adventure Map. This lil' map will help you track your progress, tic off the steps you’ve taken and get a sweet visual of what lies ahead. Below is the first 3 out of 14 checkpoints you’ll travel through on the journey to Launch Summit.

An Overview of The Journey Ahead

One step at a time...



... is where you will get oriented with the tools you’ll be using for the long journey to Launch Summit, including your trusty Adventure map and digital adventure journal. You will also connect with the like-minded entrepreneurs around the campfire community forum. Preparation is a crucial key to your success.​

Reflection Pond

... is a magical place where you can clear the obstacles in your path by setting clear, powerful intentions for the adventure ahead. By being rooted in your bigger why you set yourself up to be resilient when challenges, distractions or uncertainties arise. You will also meet some of the wild characters who will be traveling up the mountain with you.



Mapora Meadows

... is a gorgeous setting to take personal inventory of the tools you already possess from the lifetime of trailblazing you’ve already been doing. You will also be creating the first draft of your own Customer Journey Map for the future adventurers you’ll be leading up the mountain of your choosing.

Architekt Forest

... is a mystical forest with dense fog and a mysterious vibe. Legend has it that there is a Spirit of this forest who grants vision to travelers questing to the top of Launch Summit. This leg of the journey is about Brand Architecture, or in other words, getting clear on the What, Why, Who, How & Vibe of your eCourse.



Validation Swamps

... is a stage of the journey that requires great courage, strength and an adventurous attitude. These swamps have swallowed many adventurers up. However with the support of your adventure buddies, a positive mindset and the right guidance you’ll get through the other side of these swamps with an eCourse idea worth creating and even with some pre-sales under your belt.

Creatora Heights

... is a long, windy path on the epic trek to Launch Summit. You've successfully validated your idea and now you are ready to build it. This is where you create the layout, flow and all the content for your eCourse. This is when your brilliant ideas begin to become a tangible reality.



Camp Medias

... may look like a rundown shack on the side of a mountain, but you’ll be amazed at how knowledgeable these back country mountain men are when it comes to your audio/video gear and storyboarding all your video and audio lessons. You will leave Camp Medias with everything you need to make professional, high quality and engaging course content on even the most modest of budgets.

Technosis Lookout

... is where you catch your first true glimpse of your completed eCourse and a closer look at Launch Summit’s breathtaking peaks. This is where you build your platform, membership site and begin uploading all your completed content. You’ll be receiving far more than simple product recommendations - you will be led, step-by-step through the entire process of building your online course platform.



Automatora River

... is powerful and flowing, just like your life will be when you cross the rickety old bridge that divides the canyon. Along the way you will learn to automate your entire eCourse process from checkout to content delivery. You’ll also learn the art of writing beautiful autoresponders that your eCourse Adventurers will actually look forward to reading.

Saless Canyon

... is stunning, rugged and can leave many inexperienced eCourse adventurers feeling rather queazy. This is where you’ll need to dig deep and spell out with crystal clarity and authentic wordsmithery exactly what your creation is, who it’s for and the life-changing benefits it will provide those courageous participants bold enough to buy it. You will leave the canyon with a five-star sales page that invokes deep resonance with the people who need your course the most.



Funnelle Caves

... are lined with crystals that shimmer like diamonds. The energy these caves hold provides a powerful space for setting your pre-Launch intentions, as well as for coming up with potent and exciting offers and processes to enroll highly aligned customers on the eCourse Adventure you’ve created for them.

Marketa Ridge

... is the last leg of the journey before arriving to the promised land. This is where you strategize your ascent to Launch Summit, AKA make your launch marketing strategy. Fortunately you have your trusty Adventure Guides who have climbed many mountains before this one and they’ll show you the way to creating a kick-ass and well-rounded marketing strategy.



Launch Summit

... is the moment all eCourse Adventurers strive towards. Months of preparation, hard work and focused steps forward is what gets you to the peaks. Soak it in, celebrate this victory and launch with confidence and joy. It is time to take your leap and present your creation to the whole wide world.

Freedom Gardens

... is the pristine paradise you’ll find yourself after successfully leaping from the peaks of Launch Summit. As the exhilaration of the launch wears off, it is important to foster the growth of the community you’ve established as well as to refine the content you’ve created. Always be improving, and tend to the gardens of your creation. Your eCourse Adventure Guides will show you how it’s done.



Returning Home

... the journey is finally over. It's time to go back home. Or is it? One journey ends and another begins. On the ride home, you will prepare for the next phases of your growth. Before heading straight into another journey, it is important to take some quality time to yourself. This is a crucial time where we are able to ground our transformations and prepare for what lies ahead.

What Is Included With A Trail Pass?

Well, wouldn't you like to know... ;)

  • Create your very own Customer Adventure Map so you can see where your eCourse fits into the bigger picture of all your other business activities.
  • Go through our “Brand Architecture” coaching process where you get a crystal clear understanding of the What, Why, Who, How, Result/Transformation and Vibe of your eCourse so that your course invokes deep resonance with your audience.
  • Use our framework to validate your course idea before building it so you know you have a profitable project before spending countless hours on it. You will even acquire pre-sale cash to help fund it!
  • Create a clear and powerful course process that transforms lives, keeps your customers engaged and has a built in feedback and referral system.
  • Learn to map out and storyboard your audios, videos and supporting documents. Facilitate the transformation you're intending for your customer. 
  • Learn the best way to automate your entire eCourse process. Guide people in your sleep or while out climbing a mountain with no wifi.
  • Build a beautiful sales page that communicates the true value of your eCourse to the right people, while expressing your authentic voice, vibe and message. We think of this as effortless selling.
  • Learn to do the big scary thing that stops most eCourse Creators from ever starting: Build a kick ass eCourse platform and membership site. We have options and deep-dive tutorials for all levels. (Technophobes fear not!)
  • Learn our fool-proof “give, give, give, receive” strategy for providing massive upfront value, gaining immediate trust from strangers and converting newfound maybes into enthusiastic clients/customers and word-of-mouth referrers.
  • Launch your eCourse with a strategy in place that helps you make profits straight out of the gate… and be a part of a powerful community of adventurous entrepreneurs, BFF’s and potential affiliate partners.
  • Launch an eCourse that makes you proud - and makes your customers squeal with delight!
  • Learn and implement post-launch strategies to nurture the community and momentum you’re building, refine your course based on feedback techniques and gear up creatively for your next launch.
  • If you stick with the Adventure Map, your eCourse Adventure Guides and the community, there is a very high chance that you’ll actually launch your very own eCourse by the time we arrive at Launch Summit at the end of April.

We have created the Great eCourse Adventure to ensure the highest levels of support and engagement so that your goal of launching actually becomes a reality.

This course is NOT boring. It is genuine, authentic and transformative. You will be changed.

We have made it entertaining, engaging, hilarious, gamified, fun and extremely supportive so you can finally overcome your resistance, self doubt and fears and take action because it feels good!

Here's what our test-subject Brian had to say:

150 Adventurers.

Millions of Lives Improved.

We are about creating villages and we believe 150 is the perfect number of eCourse Adventurers to have on the trek that allows you to get to know everyone, build authentic bonds with each other, have the support you need from us (your guides) without us getting overwhelmed and for you to have a voice that can be heard and seen in the community.

Our goal is NOT to sell millions of eCourse Adventures, but our goal IS to positively impact the lives of millions of people over the next two years... through YOU!

Our goal is to to guide 1,000 creators to launch courses of their own through the Great eCourse Adventure process by the end of 2017. If each of those teachers impact the life of 1,000+ students with their course, that is 1+ million lives improved.

We thank you in advance for helping us reach that goal by creating and launching the greatest eCourse you can possibly imagine!

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?

We’re going to Launch Summit.

Are you?

Get Your Trail Pass Today!




Checkpoints 1-3 For Free!



$1000 For The Full Adventure

This experience is guaranteed to blow your mind, make you laugh and help you build the most creative, kick-ass eCourse you can imagine.

What Makes The Great eCourse Adventure THE Best Way To Learn eCourse Creation?

  • We turn the process of creating the greatest eCourse you can possibly imagine into a gamified adventure where you can’t wait to watch the next video and take the next action step.
  • We combine our love for entertainment with our obsession for adventure and our talent for turning our passions into how we get paid into the most epic eCourse creative vision quest that’s ever been created. (true story)
  • We support you through the resistance that will naturally come up as you move beyond your growth edge on the journey of creating your own dreams.  We keep things light, playful, yet deep, real and 100% supportive of your every step forward.
  • We hook you up with a real life “Adventure Buddy” so you can be held accountable to your YES to get to the top of Launch Summit, as well as to have someone to celebrate the milestones and bounce ideas off of along the way.
  • We also hook you up with 149 other adventurous eCourse Creators who’ll probably become your BFF’s and affiliate partners in our private ‘off-of-Facebook’ forum (AKA Community Campfire).
  • Instead of giving you a boring ol’ PDF like everyone else, we give you a super perdy print-out’able Adventure Map that lets you celebrate each step you take while showing you the progress you make.
  • We provide you with a digital Adventure Journal that comes equipped with all the exercises pre-entered so all you gotta do is fill in the blanks. (eCourse creating made easy)
  • We don’t just teach marketing or just teach you to launch or just teach you to create an eCourse. We support you through ALL the phases of dreaming, creating, building, automating, launching, marketing and maintaining the greatest eCourse you can possibly imagine. We’re with you every step of the journey!
  • We are going to teach you to create something that’s never been done before, is 100% authentic to you and that you feel so freaking excited to share with the world. (kinda like how we feel about The Great eCourse Adventure).

As the saying goes, when everyone is out there "zigging", your best move is to "zag". We're zag experts, and we'll have you and your glorious ecourse creation zaggin' til the cows come home.

Linda Crawford

Thank you Brad from the bottom of my heart for helping me bring my eCourse to life.

First, I purchased Brad's 40-Day Vision Quest and LOVED it.

What a journey it was!

He said I could do it and he supported me every single step of the way in making a dream come true.

He provided me a vision of what was possible, a template, on-going reflective questions to support my clarity and a "no matter what it takes attitude" in the BEST way.

He aligned me with all the tools, resources, people and mindset to ensure my success and commitment to the completion of this process.

Especially when I would doubt myself or the vision, Brad always knew how to be there and provide the perfect level of direction, assistance, encouragement, healthy dose of a gentle nudge and reminder of where we were and how we would get there.

His prayers were powerful, his intentional mindset and huge heart dissolved all of my own perceived blocks, challenges.

If you are looking to create something magical and experience your own level of freedom in sharing your heart and gift to the world through creating an Online product, Brad is the guy you are looking for, hands down.

He will never leave you hanging or without the support you need.

He is a man of integrity and delivers on his promises EVERY time.

And you will experience the freedom he talks about in the moment when you say YES to launching your very own creation.

I could not have even come close to where I am now without Brad and for that I am grateful and reminded that it truly takes a dedicated team to make dreams and magic happen.

The world is better because Brad is in it, helping people make their dreams come true!

Brad allowed me to dig deep and create a masterpiece of an online fitness program.

Even when I couldn't see it myself, he held the space for me to find my way. It is so nice to feel like someone has got your back. Brad has this amazing way of helping you find your centre in the midst of chaos.

If you need the support to create something beautiful, Brad is the one for the job!

I have worked with coaches all over the world who make multi-millionaires out of their ideas, but Brad is the one who will align you with your heart and soul and become abundant in EVERY way.

...while enriching the lives of others as well!

Jannine Murray Fitness Coach

Alright, the metaphorical ship is sailing...

Are you coming or what!?

- OR -



Checkpoints 1-3 For Free!



$1000 For The Full Adventure

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