Campfire Code of Honour

By participating in this platform and community, I willfully agree to adhere to this Code of Honour to the best of my ability! 

  • I will do work I love, believe in and makes the world a more awesome place.
  • I recognize that what makes me stand out IS my wild, weird, creative, “I’m not afraid to be myself and do what nobody’s done” approach to eCourse creation (and life).
  • I will honour, be kind, supportive, encouraging, respectful, and generous with my fellow adventurers and eCourse creators. What I put into my work, my eCourse, this community and life is exactly what I will get back.
  • I will access and create from my innate creative brilliance and hold the creative brilliance of every single member of this community with reverence. I may be inspired by my fellow adventurers, however I will not to take or mimic the ideas of others. Instead, I will allow my creativity to shine through.
  • I will try new things, take risks, be courageous enough to climb to the of the mountain and wise enough to know when I need to ask for help.
  • I will embrace being a student with passion and curiosity, as well as enjoy the responsibility and gift of being a teacher to others.
  • I recognize that who I am being is what makes what I am doing powerful.
  • Money is great and I welcome it. I also recognize that true success is about more than just numbers in my bank account. It is about the number of transformations I help facilitate and people’s lives I improve. It is also about me enjoying my work.
  • I will seek to contribute, share my ideas and add value to the community campfire. I will make this about serving the community first and foremost.
  • I dedicate my work to the greater good so the good gets greater.
  • I am committed to being wildly creative, daring, innovative, collaborative and imaginative so that I may blaze new trails and come up with amazing new ways to facilitate the ultimate learning experience for my students.
  • I will enjoy my life, business and creative process. I choose to have more fun.
  • This is my word of honour. By not honouring my word, I recognize that I not only let my community down, but I also let myself down.

***This is the foundation from where this community grows from.