There is one way to know if you have a great eCourse idea….

You have to validate it in the real world.

1st, you need people to say they like your idea.

2nd, you need them put their money where their mouth is.

Believe it or not, but we made more than $30,000 in pre-sales money (with an email list of 400 people) when launching the Great eCourse Adventure. It was pivotal for us to have the fire, motivation and money to build what you’re now experiencing.

Here is your Mission for the month of October:

  1. Go to the October Challenge campfire and announce what idea you are going to Validate in a new thread.
  2. Follow the guided steps in Validation Swamp (community validation, audience validation, at least 1 pre-sale).
  3. Update your validation progress log at least once per week, tracking your progress and journey.
  4. Make your first pre-sale (hopefully more) by October 31st at midnight (Hawaii time)

Here is Video Lesson #1 from Validation Swamp


The voice of resistance will tell you you’re not ready, you need more time or that you can’t pre-sell your course before it’s ready.

But you have to. You need this validation and this fuel to build your course.

Pre-selling holds you 100% accountable to the and it also shows you that people want what you’re making.

Making your first sales will cause a huge shift in motivation and determination because suddenly you’ll be doing it for somebody else.

Ever hear about failing fast? At the very least you spend October trying to validate your idea and learn that it’s not the right idea for your audience. No harm done. You could move on to your next idea and try again in November. But if they love it, then you both win.

Take your first step.

Announce what course idea you are going to validate in a new October Challenge Campfire thread.

Reward: 2,500 bajillion and the Key of Destiny, which will open the door to building a lifestyle and online biz around your passion and gifts.

PLUS, One person will be crowned champion and win the “Crown of Destiny.” (Most pre-sales Wins!)

People who have earned this: