The only way you’re going to sell the course you make is by having an audience who want to purchase it.

Well, this month’s challenge, will have you focus on growing your audience by starting your very own show.

The show can be any number of things:

  • Podcast
  • Youtube videos,
  • Facebook live,
  • Youtube live,
  • Interview series

Or something else…?

Here’s the rules to the game:

  1. In the month of September, you MUST broadcast at least 10 episodes of your show.
  2. Your episodes don’t need to be long, you just need to be consistent with it.
  3. The show has to be about the topic you’re building a course on.
  4. Loop Hole: You CAN start two different shows on two different topics if you want. (5 each)

With that being said, you don’t have much time to think about it.

Instead, get started with episode 1 today!

Join the September Challenge. Come to the Campfire and announce what you’re starting.

Reward: 2,500 bajillion, plus you’ll earn your GPS Map, which will allow people to find you and the great things you’re up to in the world.

PLUS, One person will be crowned champion and win the “Crown of Destiny.”

*Winner based on growth, commitment, quality, contribution to others and style.

People who have earned this: