Better than “winging it” when it comes to teaching your content on video, is to create a solid script and storyboard, so that you can make media magic. 

When building the Great eCourse Adventure, our first 4 checkpoints were “winged” for the most part. However, as we climbed to Launch Summit, we learned that writing a script was the key to doing our best work, crafting way cooler lessons and it saved us countless hours in the post production process.

This month, your job is to take your lesson outlines and theme, and write out all of your media scripts and video storyboards so that by the end of March, you’re ready to get into the studio and make your media.

To qualify for this challenge, you need to have the following components in place by the end of March:

  • At minimum, a first draft script for all of your video lessons. (word-for-word baby!)
  • A simple storyboard (drawn or written) that describes each video (background, scene, shots, what you’re wearing, etc.)
  • Update your March Challenge Progress Log (min.) once per week with lessons learned
  • Share a link to your scripts and storyboards when done (we always wrote ours in Google docs)

Are you ready to join?
Start a new Challenge Progress Log and Announce the Name of your Course and that you’re joining

Checkpoint 7, “Camp Medias” will be extremely helpful for this challenge.

Reward: 1,000 bajillion and the Script Scroll of Destiny, which will magically bring your media visions to greater heights than you ever imagined. 

The Crowned Champ will be the person who drafts the clearest scripts and storyboards. 

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