“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

Just because you have your scripts written, does not mean you’re ready to set up your camera, microphones and lights to begin shooting your course videos. 

There are still so many things to plan and prepare before your shoot day, such as:

  • Completing your final drafts of all your scripts
  • Making sure your instructions and CTA’s (Call to Actions) are crystal clear for each video
  • Reading every single one of them out loud (in front of someone) to make sure you love them
  • Storyboarding each video
  • Making a shot list for each video
  • Deciding on your backgrounds, environment or shooting locations for each video
  • Choosing props (if you need them) to help make “your world” more believable and dynamic
  • Choosing what you wear in each video
  • Enrolling others to help you with your video production days (play characters, work the camera, hold teleprompter, etc.)
  • Rehearse with a teleprompter
  • Test out all of your gear to make sure it gives you the quality you want (if it doesn’t, renting is cheap)
  • etc…

If you do your due dllligence in pre-production, then you will make for seamless, fun production days and ease and simplicity in post production. Trust us, this was a hard hard HARD lesson we learned in our early stages of building the Great eCourse Adventure.

To qualify for this challenge, you need to have the following components in place by the end of April:

  • A rough storyboard, shot lists and plan in place for EVERY video in your course
  • A final draft of your scripts that you are excited about (that’s been rehearsed in front of someone)
  • All of your backgrounds and shot locations neatly organized
  • Your shoot dates booked in the calendar
  • At least ONE production assistant to help work the camera & teleprompter on your shoot days
  • Update your April Challenge Progress Log (min.) once per week with lessons learned & progress made

Are you ready to join?
Start a new Challenge Progress Log and Announce the Name of your Course and that you’re joining

Checkpoint 7, “Camp Medias” will be extremely helpful for this challenge.

Reward: 1,000 bajillion and your Official Director’s Chair, which will make you feel like a boss on your shoot days. 

The Crowned Champ will be the person who is most prepared for their shoot dates!

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