You’re on the mountain to make courses. This month we’re going to throw procrastination and excuse-making out of your backpack and charge to Launch Summit.

Your challenge is to develop a mini course. It could be a 2-3 part lesson series, a webinar, or a video, audio and journalling exercise. You get to make it up!

Here’s the criteria to successfully complete this challenge:

  1. It  needs to be a process, not just a talk.
  2. It needs to provide a result or transformation.
  3. It needs to be themed (even if the theme is super simple).
  4. You need to want to teach about this topic.
  5. You need to get at least 1 student signed up to go through it before midnight August 1.
  6. You need to create a registration page, thank you/welcome page, lesson pages, all the lessons (obviously) and basic automations connected to the course.

Already started a mini course, but not quite finished building it? Partially completed mini courses qualify for the challenge. This should be extra fuel for the fire to get it 100% done and ready by the end of July   😉

This challenge is going to give you the practice of taking an idea through every stage of development. By seeing your idea  through from start to finish, you’re going to gain a ton of skills, confidence and understanding.

So if you’re courageous enough to join, click the link below and announce what mini course you’ll be launching by July 31st.

>> Join challenge and announce your project <<

Keep it simple for yourself, valuable for others  and have fun every step of the way!

(Use the Great eCourse Adventure as your guide up this mini mountain)

Accept this challenge and announce  what mini course you’ll be creating this month!


฿ 5,000 + The Inner Compass
The Inner Compass can only be earned through wisdom and experience. The more experience you gain, the more you begin to trust your inner compass. This compass will give you the knowledge and the skills to climb many more mountains to come. Congratulations!

The Crowned Champion

The adventurer who shows the most determination, passion, teamwork and growth will be this months’ crowned winner, earning themself a free coaching session with Andy or Brad