All right folks, it’s time to expand upon our experience in video production.

Our August challenge is simple.

Create the very BEST video lesson you possibly can, using everything you’ve gained from your time at GEA and your internet perusals.

What does that mean?

  1. Go to the august challenge campfire and start a thread announcing your participation.
  2. Come up with a lesson idea (2-7 minutes long).
  3. Come up with a creative way to deliver it.
  4. Write the script and/or lesson outline.
  5. Storyboard the video.
  6. Shoot it and edit it.
  7. Share your process in your august challenge campfire thread AND the end result by August 31st

The purpose of this challenge is to stretch your abilities in the video-making realm. We want you to have the fulfillment that comes from coming up with a cool idea and then executing.

There are no rules about the end result, but you must go complete the 6 steps listed above.

We encourage you to find people in your life to be on your team, so you have a bit of a crew on production day. That will always help make your video better.

This is about learning, growing and improving, NOT perfecting.

Ask for help and have fun.

Reward: 5,000 bajillion + The Clapperboard, which only the most accomplished video lesson creators earn in their backpack. With your clapperboard in hand, you’ll be able to seamlessly make media experiences that educate, inspire and transform your audience’s life.

One hard-working creator will be crowned champion for this months’ challenge, earning the crown for their backpack.

People who have earned this: