The purpose of this challenge is to inspire you to come out of hiding and share more of the lessons, wisdom, skills, tools and experience you have to offer in a live setting.

By doing this challenge, you will gain more confidence, experience AND the gift of learning from teaching.

Plus, you’ll start to feel more comfortable sharing yourself on camera and in public.

As the saying goes, “if you want to master something, teach it!”

Rules of the Challenge:

The challenge officially begins the week of June 5th and ends on June 30th.

Once per week you are to teach a video lesson.

You must complete 4 videos in the month of June.

This could be live or recorded, but it must be published publicly:

  • Camtasia/Screenflow Screencast
  • Green screen video lessons (with or without characters)
  • Facebook Live
  • Youtube Live
  • Webinar
  • Live event or class (in person)

The more creative, imaginative and fun yo have with it, the more bonus points you’ll earn  😉

a) you can do more than once per week if you want more practice.
b) if you are already teaching a class every week, that does NOT count. However, if you switch the format from in person to online, that qualifies.

The topic can be about whatever you’re most excited about or learning in your own life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your eCourse.

To start the challenge, go to the Live, Learn, Teach Challenge Campfire and start a new thread “Your Challenge Title – [NAME]”

For your first post, explain what kind of video lessons you’ll be focusing on and what you hope to get out of the challenge.

*You must share each of your video creations with a link to where you’ve published them online to share with the world.

NOTE: If you are an introvert and don’t want to get on camera, but would love to get more experience playing with video, then you CAN create a video lesson using Screenflow/Camtasia with creative slides and a voiceover.

฿ 5,000 and the Fruit of Knowledge

Traditionally, children always brought their teachers an apple as a gesture of appreciation. With this magical apple, you are taking full responsibility for your role as a teacher in world. Congratulations.

One hard-working winner will also be crowned the monthly champion!