You got into the whole eLearning biz because you wanted to impact more lives and have more freedom to travel and do things you love, right?

Well this month is your opportunity to step into the spotlight and teach what you’re passionate about.

The January “Teach a Webinar Workshop” will give you the experience of taking a live group of digital students through a transformational process.

Here are the rules to the January challenge:

  1. Go to the January Challenge campfire and make a new conversation thread announcing THE TOPIC OF YOUR WEBINAR.
  2. Under the same thread, post the registration page where you’ll be sending people to sign-up (the date must be in January).
  3. Your webinar must be a minimum of 60-minutes long and you must have slides prepared. (use Canva for making those)
  4. If teaching a webinar you’ve taught before, then you MUST MAKE IT BETTER than the last time and share how you improved it.
  5. After teaching the webinar, post the video or link to the video in your original January challenge conversation thread.

Reward: 2,000 bajillion and the Magical Mobile Satellite, which puts you on the map as a globe-trotting teacher!

The Winner will be the person who shows the most creativity, personal growth and teamwork around the campfire. So stretch yourself!

People who have earned this: