Welcome to the Green Screen Magic.

We are doing this as our June 2018 challenge to celebrate the launch of our new Green Screen Magic eCourse, which means you must be a member of that course to participate. You can sign up here.

*If you are not a member of Green Screen Magic, then choose one of our many other challenges for June.

To qualify for this challenge, you need to have the following components in place by the end of June:

  • Signed up for Green Screen Magic as a member.
  • Completed the ACT I, II and III video assignments.
  • Published them in the Green Screen Magic forum AND in the June challenge thread here.

Are you ready to join?
Start a new Challenge Progress Log and Announce that you will be joining the challenge!

Reward: 2,500 bajillion and your Magic Hat & Wand, which will allow you to perform eLearning illusions like a bonified magician!