If you are an eCourse creator, then you are a writer.

Everything you do requires you to become a skillful wrier:

  • your curriculum
  • your sales copy
  • your auto-responders
  • your blogs and free offerings
  • all communications to your students
  • all the scripts for your videos

If you are not writing everyday, then you are not making progress towards Launch Summit.

Your challenge for November is to write 500+ words everyday for your course. You could write a script for a video, journalling exercises, an article on a relevant topic for your blog, or perhaps you get creative with your auto-responders and re-write those. It doesn’t matter. 

The only stipulation is that what you write, must be teaching, guiding or adding value to the person you’re writing it for.

Here is your challenge for the month of November:

  1. Go to the November Challenge campfire and announce you will be doing your best to write 500+ imperfect words per day.
  2. Start your own progress log under that campfire with the topic you’ll write about being the “Subject”
  3. Every day that you write, be sure to update the log saying what you wrote about OR showing your actual work.
  4. Must write more than 10 days to earn this badge. Most days writing gets crowned champion.
  5. Let go of the stress or perfectionist inside of you and make writing fun again.
  6. If writing can become a habit for you, then content creation will be so much easier.

Reward: 2,000 bajillion and the Writer’s Wand, which is a writers magical tool for creating worlds and winning over the hearts’ of their readers. 

PLUS, Whoever writes the most days this month will be crowned champion and win the “Crown of Destiny.” !)

At the end of the month, if you exceeded your 10 days of writing, then submit your Campfire thread below and claim your 2000 bajillion and writer’s wand. 

People who have earned this: