Hop on the Gondola and come up to Creatora Heights to flesh out the first draft of your totally awesome eCourse.

This challenge is for you to go through the 6 lessons, complete all the exercises, and at the end of it share the following around the Ideas & Outlines Campfire:

  • A short description on what your eCourse is all about
  • A short description of the module and lesson outlines (1st draft style – doesn’t need to be perfect)
  • A short description about your unique theme.

Once you’ve shared your eCourse outline around the Ideas & Outlines Campfire, come back here and let us know so we can pay you the big bucks, er, bajillion, and celebrate your success!

*Be sure to include the link to your campfire thread when you fill out the submission box so we can find it easily 😉

Reward: ฿ 2,000

People who have earned this: