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    Deb Robson

    Been a slight challenge. Has involved more hanging-in-there and less inspiration than I wish. I might be en route to something, semi-inadvertently.

    1 – Miniature miracles—an introduction to wool fiber

    Understands that wool fibers are nearly infinitely variable, and that each type has qualities that suit it to different uses.

    2 – Camisoles to carpets [to camel halters?]—the right fleece in the right place

    Understands that there are categories of wool, with clusters of similar characteristics, and that each category has typical ways of preparing, spinning, and using the fibers.

    3 – The start of a long-term relationship—from sheep to swatch

    Learns how to evaluate a raw fleece and understand how it undergoes transformation during processing, and how samples can help determine how best to use it.


    As I work on this, I realize there’s something about looking deeply into the fibers to comprehend their qualities, and of developing a long-term friendship with the fiber, the processing, the completed and useful item. But I think I’m getting ahead of myself, not having gotten to the theme check point yet.


    Sharyn Warren

    These all sound so interesting–each one like its own mini-courses. I also think what you said at the end about “looking deeply into the fibers….” is excellent and begins to tap in to the emotional–actual transformational aspect, that goes far beyond interesting but impersonal information. NOW you have my attention–I’m leaning in!


    JoAnn Turner

    It sounds to me like inspiration is starting to well up here, even if the process has seemed like a slog. This sounds very clear and useful. I’m sure there’s going to be an audience for this!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I agree with JoAnn, Deb @robson. I see a lot of clarity coming here. 

    @andyfreist and I were talking about you this evening actually. Saying that we can see you building a loyal, passionate culture around what your course. It could really take off. You’re talking about a topic from many different angles that people who are passionate about this topic are really PASSIONATE about it.


    Deb Robson

    @SharonWA – I think you’re onto something about the mini-courses. There’s another post coming on my progress where it seems that unit 3 already wants to be separated out.

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