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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide


    Take some time this holiday to sink in and reflect on everything that took place this year and project your energy and intentions 1-year into the future.

    Write your answers to the questions below in a journal or document…

    First, let’s reflect on how this year went…

    1. Were there any things you wanted to do, but allowed for fear &/or overwhelm to get the best of you? If yes, what was it? Write about that exact experience.

    2. In 2017, what are you going to do differently so that you can better manage your fear or overwhelm, and move forward despite them?

    3. What was your biggest success this year? What did you learn from it?

    4. What was your biggest failure this year? What did you learn from it?

    5. What is one thing you are committed to doing for YOU this holiday season, so that you begin 2017 super charged and on fire?

    Now, what do you want to have achieved in 1-year from right now? Do these visioning exercises…

    1. What new offerings did you create in 2017 that had the biggest impact for you financially and for the people you’re serving?

    2. What is ONE bucket list adventure you went on in 2017 as a result of your higher levels of financial success and time freedom?

    3. What creative things did you get to do more of in 2017 that you had neglected before?

    4. How much more fun did you have in 2017, compared to any other year since becoming an entrepreneur? Write about all of the ways you made 2017 more fun.

    5. How much healthier, at ease and more alive did you feel in 2017, since making your choice to do the work that lights you up the most inside and let go of the rest?

    In your visioning, if creating online courses was one of your main focuses for next year, then we hope we’ll get to play an instrumental role in your creative inspiration and success.

    This time last year was when we set the vision for everything we created this year and holy WOW, what a year its been.

    We built the most innovative, revolutionary course we could imagine.

    We’re growing an incredible online community of pioneering course creators.

    We are happier and more successful than ever before with our businesses and life.

    Life is very good and we look forward to the opportunity to help you improve your life and business in leaps and bounds next year.

    Do the visioning exercises and add some of your own questions and intentions.

    Do everything with intention, for it is our intentions that pave the way forward.

    Share your visioning answers in THIS campfire. We’d love to read!

    We hope this year has been powerful and growth-provoking for all of you and wish nothing but the best for you in the year to come.

    Happy solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy new year and Merry everything!

    Bradley & Andy
    eCourse Adventure Guides

    PS – if you’re looking for some creative inspiration over the holidays, we have 16 awesome podcast episodes over at our blog. Start at episode 1 and go from there.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    This is AWESOME!!! Thank you!!! 😀 A Merry Season of Love to you both as well!!! And to all on this mountain!

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