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    Stefan Morales

    I know that I don’t have the chops to tackle a Great eCourse at this time, but I know I want something more than a day trek, so I’m pretty certain that I’m creating a vision quest on how to creatively solve problems and make things happen, with other people, working together. A sort of vision quest that will help folks notice opportunities to bring alternate futures into existence through their work, but also through their day-to-day activities.  I imagine simple alternate reality games and challenges that encourage innovative thinking, making and doing, and that also instil the lessons of human centered design/design thinking.

    What type of course are you creating? A walk in the park, a day trek, a vision quest, or a Great eCourse Adventure!?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Great question. Glad to hear you’re going for something smaller than a Great eCourse for 8your first round. We definitely wouldn’t recommend starting that big. The learning curve for just a normal course, even a walk in the park can be pretty huge, so starting small gives you the full experience. Plus it gives your students a smaller time/money investment to start out with you.

    I’m excited to hear your full commitment Stefan. This is great. Really looking forward to seeing how you design your course experience.

    What kind of course are we creating?

    For the last few months, we have been working on our Walk in the Park. Trying to figure out the best experience, that would deliver value and introduce folks to the Great eCourse Adventure. Webinars are our chosen medium for this.

    We tried several Art of eCourse Creation webinars and each time we did them, we’d improve them (by a lot) for the following one.

    Finally we had the idea to make the prequel for the Great eCourse Adventure as our webinar adventure. The theme takes place in outer space as we’re traveling through the Universe to the old world of eCourse creation to the exciting new one.

    The script is nearly complete and we film next Monday.

    It’s been a blast creating.

    Gonna be a cool webinar.


    Trish Hyatt

    10 Minutes with Trish
    That’s it, that’s what Lois casually said as she was leaving. It’s brilliant.
    My experience and diversity in the horse world makes it hard to choose a focus. Hard to develop just 1 eCourse or break it up in to smaller eCourses without feeling like something is missing.
    What do I make? What do people want? What are they willing to pay?

    My plan from now until New Years Day, or maybe even a pre-Christmas, pre-launch is to generate 40 10 minute transformations as the beginning of a membership site.
    I’m thinking (subject to change) 4 major subject areas, which in addition to the initial package of 40 will be available 1 per week. That way at least one of those areas should apply to a person each month.
    The areas would be 1. Horse Training On the ground     2. Horse Training beyond groundwork     3. Training for the Rider ON the horse     4. Training for the Rider OFF the horse.
    There would be sub-topics beneath these 4 headings.

    I’m thinking a monthy (weekly) webinar discussing the current technique.  A community where members can share with each other and ask questions.

    As it becomes apparent which are the most popular topics I can elaborate on them with longer eCourses.

    Having done this journey once I can see how climbing this mountain again with this focus will allow me to create a membership site that is much more appealing to horse people than what’s currently available and be able to keep it affordable and look to do upsells.

    Time to get started.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Trish, I love this idea for YOU: to generate 40 10 minute transformations as the beginning of a membership site.

    This is worth trying too: I’m thinking a monthy (weekly) webinar discussing the current technique.  A community where members can share with each other and ask questions.

    First month free? 

    Are there any other trainers like you out doing memberships for horse people?

    What are TEN other services you can add to this experience? Get creative!

    – podcast/webinar interviews.
    – bonus training videos.
    – analyze horse videos you get from youtube (contests/races, etc)

    What else can you do Trish!!!!?
    What would you LOVE to do Trish???!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Stefan!

    And Awesome Trish – love the membership site idea.

    Stefan, to answer your question:

    Since we already (literally) created a great ecourse adventure, our primary focus has been in creating a walk in the park, which we will be using as an enrollment tool to get people on the mountain.

    Essentially what we are doing is creating a polished and produced training video (30-45 mins), which we will broadcast live in a webinar. We will be there live at the beginning to introduce ourselves and prep everyone, then show the video, then do a live Q&A at the end. Our sales pitch will be at the end of the recorded video.

    The reason we are going this route is that using a pre-recorded video in a webinar will allow us to create a superior learning experience for people that would simply not be possible if it was all live. That said, it wont be published anywhere.. people HAVE to view it live on the webinar (sort of like screenings of a movie at a move theater).

    Once our walk in the park is done, we are going to start creating focused vision quests and day treks that dive deep into specific course-creation and general biz related topics (such as using green screens, acting, list building, etc).

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