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    Deanna Gibbons

    What I am letting go of RIGHT NOW to create the space, courage and confidence I need to reach the top of Launch Summit:

    1. My fear that I’m not good enough.

    2. My fear that people will think I am a fraud because I’m not a certified teacher teaching their kids.

    3. My fear that if my course is successful I might not be able to maintain that level of success.

    4. My self limiting beliefs. (one is that I come from a family of average and won’t ever be anything more)

    What I’m focusing on instead: I’m letting this all go and focusing on creating an amazing course for these teens that will allow them to know they are more than what they feel and they can do more than even they can imagine!


    Akasha Madron

    Hey Deanna,

    I love this!  I need to let go of these things too!

    Especially, the feeling like a fraud thing and not good enough and can I really help people it’s not much and other people can do it so much better etc.  And that fear of maintaining success as well.

    Feeling like a fraud is so frustrating.  I know I know what I’m talking about intellectually, but emotionally I don’t feel like what I know is valid or worth anything to other people.  It is hard to remember at a visceral level that we each have our own perception and knowledge of things that no one else has.  And what we have does have value to others.  Because we live it, it doesn’t feel like much though.  To others we are amazing and awesome and powerful, but from our perspective we think it’s not much.  One thing I have done, is to every now and again asked my friend to tell me what it is that I know and do that makes them think I should teach what I’m teaching. What is it about me that is differentiates me in regards to what I do, so that I can hear it from the outside view. It helps a lot to keep going.

    I am so excited for your course and I will do all I can to support you and help promote it when it is done.  It is so needed.

    Thanks for sharing this!





    Deanna Gibbons

    “Because we live it, it doesn’t feel like much though. To others we are amazing and awesome and powerful, but from our perspective we think it’s not much.”

    Akasha, you hit the nail on the head with your comment

    I’m slowly coming to realize that my experiences and knowledge and how I convey them are part of the difference that comes from me and no one else.  But you are correct, intellectually, I know I am a powerhouse full of wisdom.  But putting it out there to others and portraying myself as an “expert” feels somehow fake, because I don’t have a degree or certifications.

    I so appreciate your support!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Welcome to the unFrauders annonymous. The place where people who hold themselves back due to the fear of being a fraud come to let go of that fear and embrace their greatness.

    Thanks for the open, authentic post. I resonate with each on your list that you shared here.

    Fortunately, I just listed to a Tim Ferriss interview with Malcolm Gladwell, (author of The Tipping Point) and he said that he believes Colleges should be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. As in the entire education system. So soon enough (and in a lot of places now) that little diploma will mean less. What will mean something is the fact that you said, “Screw it, I’m gonna do it.”

    You’ve got this one!


    Elijah Powell

    You owe it to yourself to be great! What I have found is that a lot of times friends and family will project their own fears and doubts onto us! They too dream of doing different things but allow themselves to stay “average”. Whatever you want in life is worth taking a chance on! We are all here to push and motivate each other! Let’s do this!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    But putting it out there to others and portraying myself as an “expert” feels somehow fake, because I don’t have a degree or certifications.

    And, FYI, even when we have the degrees and certificates, it doesn’t automagically clear out those limiting beliefs! I’ve got a wall full of diplomas and trainer certifications and still have those moments of discounting. (Thankfully, some of those certificates are in using tools to make those moments move along as quickly as they appear! And happy to help clear out any of yours that sneak up…)

    Keep your chin up and use those messages as a way to uncover the big “yes!” behind them!


    Sharyn Warren

    Dear Deanna,

    I spent 40 years collecting degrees, certifications, licenses, memberships–official stamps of approval.

    In the end, I have surrendered all of them. Every single one. Today–after having dinner with an old friend and colleague from my former psychotherapy life–I purchased malpractice insurance because she was appalled I would leave myself so “unprotected.” (That feels like old stuff, but it is a concession I have made for the time being.) There was a box about what official organizations I belong to. My answer: None.

    There is enormous freedom in YOU being your authority. And in that freedom and authority, the power to deliver your unique, inspired and inspiring work. There is that wonderful quote from Ayn Rand, “It isn’t a question of who will let me, the question is who is going to stop me?” Answer: Nobody but–yep, you. And for me–me. And I have been doing an admiral job at that. But I can feel my weariness of listening to the voice of Obscurity beginning to turn to annoyance. And there is nothing like getting good and steamed to say “to hell with it” and start making things happen.

    There is no doubt in my mind that by the time you roll out that course for your teens, you will have found your way, you voice, your authority–and no one will be able to stop you. No one will want to. Stay the course–so to speak–you’ve got this!



    Deanna Gibbons

    Wow Sharyn, what a motivating post! Thank you for making my day!

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