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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    The only reason the Great eCourse Adventure exists is because a team of four of us came together for this common vision and executed it with enthusiasm.

    Each of us offers a complimentary skill-set to the team that we’ve been fine tuning for many years.

    The key to creating quality is to do the things YOU are masterful at and partner or hire people (who you love working with) who are masterful in what they do.

    Together, you will create a Masterpiece!

    My question:

    1. What skill-sets do you want on your team to take everything you do to the next level?
    2. How do you want your team experience to feel when working together?
    3. What roles do you see yourself playing on your dream team?
    4. What is your area of mastery you bring to your team? (the area you’re most skilled)
    5. Are you actively searching and having the conversations that will bring your dream team together?
      If no, post an ad around the “Build your Dream Team” campfire and see who shows up    😉

    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I’ve wrestled with this for years.

    The typical “outsource everything” model has always felt … wrong in some way. I have a whole word cloud of strange associations flitting around my head at the moment.

    Even when I reconciled that I wasn’t wanting to do things in that way, I fell back into my trend of just doing it rather than going through the hassle of trying to hire and/or train someone to do what I want done in the way I want it done. And part of that is my tendency to “make do” and build my own tools rather than buy the “right” tool. So, the idea of building the team and partnering is both scary and exciting at the same time!

    The struggle is real(ly in my head)!

    Appreciate the push to get clear on the roles and skills needed for my own course. I’m getting far enough into my lesson plans to know what this venture is likely to require!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I totally hear you Dr. W! I’m blessed with the inability to do a lot of things, so it requires me to be a team player. I could see why you’d be more inclined to go the route of climbing the mountain solo… My guess is you see things with clarity, you know how to get’em done and instead of explaining them to others you just go ahead and do them…? Am I projecting that fantasy or is it semi-accurate?

    Having a team is a blast.

    I think outsourcing is different than a team though.

    With outsourcing you’re just contracting others out to do some work.

    With partnerships, you are bringing people into your work and world and making them a co-Pilot in a sense. That they get to infuse their creative gifts to the creation.

    It is totally exciting and sort of scary. More exciting. Just make sure it’s with people you 100% love and trust. It’s the only way it can work with fun and joy and unicorn sparkles.

    So now that we’ve come this far, what is the dream team you’re calling in??


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I will do my best to be polite and neither confirm nor deny too much of your vision of how I do/can work. (Too much of either could be quite rude! 😉 )

    I think you articulated the partnering key — “people you 100% love and trust”! I’m still looking for those people and hoping they have the abilities I’d be looking for…

    Okay, I’m going to keep this thread “pure” and on the meta-topic of how we feel about building out teams and start that other thread about what my team might look like.

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