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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    We are not just creating eCourses. We are creating worlds.

    What Makes it a World? How do you bring your theme to life through Media?

    – Setting (where are you? What year is it?)

    – Sound (music, nature, etc..)

    – Language (words, branding, themes…)

    – Meaning & Metaphor (climbing mountain, walking path, etc) WHY climbing a mountain? Sailing on a pirate ship?

    Exploring the underworld? Inside the collective consciousness? What does this have to do with your topic?

    – What you wear (clothes, costumes do you wear?)

    – The personality or vibe (how you act and talk)

    – The purpose (why are you there?)

    – Who inhabits it (the community, tribe, teachers, etc…)

    – Roleplaying (characters)

    – Delivery (mediums used, storyline, the way things are recorded, etc…)



    Are you building a copywriting course that takes place in a 1950’s New York Times journalism room? Then bring your audience to that world. Make the fonts, imagining, colour schemes, language, etc bring your audience to that time and place.

    Are you teaching a course on how to survive the apocalypse and in order to survive you have to learn a series of wilderness survival skills? Bring that vibe to everything and make it survival fun.

    Are you teaching yoga and in the course you stumble upon a mystical Rishi in the back of a cave who teaches you the history of yoga and a series of poses? Transport your people there. Give them sacred scrolls to read and write on.


    Conversation Questions:

    What other qualities bring the world to life? 

    What are some other theme examples (make some up, let’s play)

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