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    MoveThinkSmile (Adam & Elea)

    For any of you following our posts, you know how much work we’ve put into our course.

    Evaluating 43 LMS systems.

    The year it took us to develop our course.

    And, the struggles we had early summer marketing and selling.

    I am STOKED to announce after adjusting our offer, and changing the offer focus from “look how cool our course is” to “freedom from fatigue, anxiety, stress and burnout”…


    And I don’t mean at a price of $497 or $997 or $1997…I mean a high ticket price.

    Next time, we will do the marketing first as a “DRY TEST” instead of making the course. Hit the pain points, prove the transformation they want can happen, and then create the course once people start buying and tell you what they want to learn.


    Laura Koller

    Congratulations!  That’s so exciting and inspiring.

    Thanks, too, for sharing from your own experience – super helpful for those of us coming up the mountain behind you.

    It’s intimidating to think about selling the course first and then creating it – knowing how long it can take to build and knowing that these people have put their hard-earned cash in your hands for safekeeping while you work away.  I think they call that, um, accountability?  Scary stuff.

    I am so happy to hear about your success.  Please keep us posted on how things are going, Big Shots!!!


    Ranger Boss Lady
    Mountain Guide

    Howdy Adam and Elea! Congratulations! I think y’all just went up in my badass estimation meter. Good work pardners!  I have to agree with @laurakoller that it’s accountability time and it’s great that you’ve created this situation. Both in terms of the value of selling the solution first and realizing how there really are people out there ready and willing to pay you the big tickets to join your course, and the fact that this now gives you the imperative to make the course happen. Not that you needed further motivation but there you got it anyhows!

    Thank you for sharing with everyone here at the campfire the great lessons you learned, we all benefited from that. It’s so great to see how you took what you learned and re-adjusted the ship and now you’re definitely on track. Lookin’ forward to hearing what’s ahead next… a bit about the immediate goals you need to accomplish to make those new big ticket holders happy!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    So happy for the two of you and can’t wait to hear all about it this week when we talk @MoveThinkSmile. 

    Thank you for all that you two have contributed to this mountain. You’ve been epic pioneers!!!



    Congrats on getting your first high paying tickets, I joined your email list a while back, and I love your copy, it’s so personal and fun but Badass at the same time! 🙂 Keep it up – and I also look forward to hearing more about how you’re doing in the live shows! (hopefully…)


    Blair Francis
    Mountain Guide

    This is incredible Adam and Elea!!  And a great lesson for all of us.  It’s a real dance between balancing the excitement we communicate of our shiny new product/eCourse to keeping it centered and focused on our clients/customers/students results!  I’d love to have a deeper conversation about your experience around this on eA LIVE in the near future.  I’m so super happy for you both <3


    MoveThinkSmile (Adam & Elea)


    Thank you for all the support during our rather longer than needed journey. We are super excited and making some really great progress.

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