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    Johnny V

    Video Intro:

    Who Am I

    My name is Johnny Vasquez and I’m the Head Honcho at Yarn Nation Media.

    I’m originally from West Covina, California (any Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Fans?) but now live in Tallin, Estonia.

    What I Do I Do With My Life

    When I’m not exploring new gin and tonic combinations, I teach people to knit and crochet through online video tutorials and classes.

    I started my YouTube channel and website, New Stitch A Day, back in 2011 and we currently have a little over 220,000 subscribers.

    I’ve parlayed that into a series of yarn related brands and products including:

    I’ve done everything from membership sites to online courses, manufactured my own yarn line, created a subscription box, and even built my own crowdfunding platform.

    Why Am I Here

    I’ve been doing A LOT of reading on the topic of customer experience and how to improve our customer journey.

    Engagement with our products is something that has been on my mind for a while. I want to use the Great eCourse Adventure to update our content so it is both something worth talking about and that sells more consistently.

    What Am I Working On?

    As I mentioned before I have a brand called 30 Day Sweater that I want to update. I want to create a Sweater 101 type course that is as entertaining and engaging as it is informative.

    What Makes Me Feel Most Alive

    Did I mention gin and tonic? I did?

    What really get’s my going is:

    Helping Others Find Freedom In Their Own Lives

    For my customers that looks like making knitting easier, so they can work through their fears, enjoy knitting more, and leave the legacy to their kids and grandkids that’s so important to them.

    For my friends it’s helping them realize that you don’t have to live the 9 to 5 and hope to enjoy life when you retire.

    For my family it’s building a business that allows us the financial freedom to live anywhere and show my two little girls and my son all the beautiful things this world has to offer.

    Thanks so much for having me!

    I’m looking forward to diving into this community.

    – JV


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide
    @bradleytmorris it’s a pleasure to have you on the mountain with us! Super cool to see a successful Youtuber such as yourself with a bunch of established brands showing up to the party to make what you’re creating even more effective and valuable to your loyal audience and students. How exciting for us to witness your journey and for you to dig into the next layer of what’s possible. 

    Definitely be sure to keep up with your progress logs and share your journey so we can support you as best as possible. I am definitely curious to understand more about the sweater course and how you can turn it into a more engaging thing.

    The first thing I thought of was a 25 days of Christmas Sweater-a-thon, where basically people choose someone in their life to make a sweater for and you have 25 days of lessons and support leading up to the day the sweater is done. November would be a good month for that.

    Could even theme it as making an “Ugly Christmas Sweater for that Beautiful Someone you Love” sort of thing…

    Stoked to learn more about your intentions!


    Tom Page

    Johnny – what an exciting business you’re building.

    I’m eager to follow your lead.

    I know you earned all of your followers on YouTube the old-fashioned way: persistent and giving more than you’re taking.

    Kudos to you!


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