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    Akasha Madron

    My name is: Akasha

    I am in my 50’s and live in the SF Bay Area. I help people cross thresholds in their life and love to teach my skills as I go so that people can rely on themselves. Some of my skills that I teach when needed are bookkeeping, organizing, business startup needs, resume writing, magic, divination, personal ritual among others. I utilize tarot, astrology, shamanic healing and travel, body communication, mediumship, among others.

    Why I signed up for The Great eCourse Adventure:
    I like to teach through doing and storytelling. I want to expand my courses to include a variety of ways of learning. Also, it sounded like so much fun, I couldn’t resist.

    What kind of e-course I want to create: I want to create one around Boundaries and Protection for people who are Sensitives or Energy Sponges. I have a feeling it will turn into a few different focuses. Basics, Advanced, and teaching Parents how to teach their children and teens. Within that it is broken down into inner and outer work. Both require developing the ability to perceive and work with energy and the ability to trust one’s own intuition and perceptions.

    What makes me come most alive is:

    Listening to, watching, or reading stories of any kind and visits to the Library or Bookstore.

    I especially love helping people, who have been stuck in a situation, to find their way out and forward with ease.

    At this time I am on Tumblr and into BBC Sherlock, Merlin, Dr. Who, and The Hobbit/LOTR. I have been memorizing Hobbit Walking Songs and various others to sing throughout the day. I sometimes need to listen to a certain song or artist so much, I can’t breathe. I read a lot and especially love fan fiction on AO3 (Archive Of Our Own).


    andrea Bonsey

    Hi Akasha

    Love the ideas for your ecourses. I work so often with people who are off kilter as they immerse themselves into the lives of those they care about – people and causes, and lose the space and energy they need to travel their own path, and listen to their own internal voice. Guilt and old stories and ‘shoulds’ get in the way of healthy boundaries. Boundaries are so critical. I know I’ve had to work hard at them!

    You have an amazing skill set… so helpful for people.

    I particularly like Sherlock and Merlin 🙂

    Happy Adventuring!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Woohoo, we needed someone who could sing some mountain songs for our long hike days @mysticsparkling! You’re the one.

    I love the diverse, useful and super practical skill-sets you have.

    I know a whole lot of sensitive people who are in alignment with your intended eCourse. Really excited to see what you develop and to support you in the process @mysticsparkling!


    sharon Lock

    Hi Akasha,

    Great to meet you here and to share the journey with you. I’ve worked as a Relax kids Coach in schools and know how much our children need help with boundaries and navigating the world as a ‘sensitive child’. Parents really need that support to guide their children. So glad you are visioning your course, it’s much needed in our world. : )


    Akasha Madron

    Great to meet you Sharon, I hope we get to know each other during the trek. I’d love to hear more about your work. Good luck on your journey!


    Luma Malone

    Hi Akasha @mysticsparkling,

    Just had to pop back here and find out what you are up to. I really like how you describe you role; I help people cross thresholds in their life and love to teach my skills as I go so that people can rely on themselves. That feels like the loom that holds all the threads you weave with.

    I adore Merlin BBC series too. I was totally addicted to it all last winter in my little cabin on SaltSpring Island, BC. And i confess to a very healthy appetite for good stories too.  Though my work in the Akashic Records has really helped me to access the kind of stories i don’t often find on a bookshelf. And your name Akasha, sure peaked my interest!

    look forward to connecting more on this journey 😉


    Akasha Madron

    Hi Luna,

    Yay for Merlin!  I love Colin Morgan in everything he does.  I also can’t get enough of the Merlin fan fiction.

    Yes, Akasha, the fifth element, is pretty much my life.  I grew up perceiving multiple dimensions and had to navigate that by the seat of my pants most of the time.  Also, time travel is my forte in my healing practice.  I used to read people’s other dimensional lives at parties for money, but now I prefer to take people life surfing so they can experience it viscerally them selves.

    Maybe we can talk shop some time?



    Luma Malone

    Yes! <span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>mysticsparkling</span> , i would love to talk shop with you! Let’s set up a chat on skype. I totally understand about figuring out how to navigate on the fly. It’s been a rough ride at times. I sure am glad to find you here! Look forward to talking soon. 🙂 Luma

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