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    Lorraine Watson

    Exchange is such a funny duck to deal with. I learned a lot from my days as a Reiki Master / Practitioner. The Reiki is free – it’s universal after all, but my time, the space and experience I create is what I bring to the table. People do not like to feel out of balance and always feel like they’re take, take, taking. For as much as I’d give Reiki to anyone, I had to learn to allow to receive for what I gave freely.


    What I don’t get people spend money on:
    – campers, dirt bikes, boats, etc
    – $10,000 masterminds
    – eating out far more than eating in, going to the bar
    – new vehicles
    – non-rescue pets
    – vacations

    What I spend premium money on:
    – organic eggs and avocados
    – my chiropractor – 15 minute appointment that’s all about me and resolving my neck/back issues
    – picky contractors who take pride in a job well done like I do … and are neat
    – pet food
    – chocolate


    Not quite sure what that all means. I value connection and personal touch over “things”?
    I do value what I do. I’ve seen the transformations people have had working with me. It’s not always right away, and sometimes they go on to work with someone else where things click, but the groundwork started with the discussions we had … over and over and over.
    What really hit home with this campfire is I am the value behind the course. People will look to the content to find value when evaluating to take the course or not, but I’ll end up being the “no-brainer” part. For follow up courses that’s great. For new-to-me people that will mean they are looking for content more than who is leading. A different way of marketing.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Great job with this exercise @lorrainewatson. I am always fascinated by what people value and hold as dear. It’s so different across the board.

    As for your insight about you being the value behind the course. BINGO! The course is the path you take them on to guide the transformation, but it’s you they’re going to want to hold their hand 🙂


    Deb Robson

    Lorraine, I was amused by my value notes–and they correspond with yours at a couple of points!

    1) What are three things I see people spend a lot of money on, that I just can’t understand why they’d do that?

    Fancy cars
    Hair dye
    High-end restaurants

    2) What are three “premium” items that I pay a lot of money for because I see the value in it, but many others would not.

    Organic yogurt
    Raw fleeces in good condition (wool straight off the sheep, well husbanded through the growing year)
    Hand-dyed fiber
    Spinning tools


    Lorraine Watson

    LOL Deb @robson – with you on the hair dye as well.


    Penny Claringbull

    Just found this thread, I love seeing what people do/don’t value.

    I have zero interest in:

    new cars


    ‘real’ jewels, as in sapphires, diamonds etc. I can’t tell the difference so why spend the money? I like jewellery but I couldn’t care less if it was real or not.

    What I do spend money on:

    Organic food from small producers, esp. oils, vinegars and good sourdough

    Good tea and chocolate

    Roses and tulips in season

    A decent hotel room instead of a grotty one. But not super expensive. And I do it far less often than I would like.

    And what would I spend money on if I had bucket loads? Not much really. I have everything I need. Although I would love to have a massage whenever I felt like it. And spend it on my family.

    That’s it. Which is good, I am glad not to be full of unmet needs.


    sharon Lock

    Love this thread… Girls after my own heart

    What I don’t get people spending loads of money on:
    new cars.

    What I’d pay a premium for:
    Organic food
    Crafts or craftsmanship, including building/contracting work (love tidy and neat workers too Lorraine who take pride in their work)
    Holiday accommodation, I’ve done my days of slumming it! ; ) Travelling with kids it can be less stressful to be able to opt for a decent standard too.

    I do pay a premium for my hairdresser but only because it’s my one real indulgence, and it makes me feel great once every 3 months or so. I’m nowhere near high maintenance. Ha ha

    I’m similar to you Penny, if I had more money there is not much I’d change to be honest. We have some repairs I’d like to make to the house, perhaps a few more holidays  but I’m pretty content really.


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