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    Jessica Antonelli

    Well, inspired from the word of the water goddess, I’m here to pontificate on how i am able to live my dream life now, and not just in the future (although I’m getting awesome vibes and messages from my future self these days…)

    So, when I tell people about my life these days they usually kind of sigh and tell me how great I’ve got it. But I swearz there’s more to this #vacationlife than just sitting around and drinking margaritas on the beach!

    I have arranged the past year and this coming one to where I live between San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Galveston island, (near) Texas. I’m an artist, an art and gardening teacher, and a permaculture evangelist (check out my description here from my permaculture graduation presentation if you are into saving the world)

    I make art and teach about it, and my other favorite thing growing food and veggies, so I often feel like my life is a big vacation. When I’m not in Mexico making/teaching art, I’m in galveston making school gardens and teaching kids about nutrition and growing food and sustainability. Of course I throw a lot of art in too.

    As awesome as my life is, I way too often get overwhelmed at how many things I have going on…so an exercise like this really cheers me up! Even though it’s a lot of work I have to remember to celebrate what i have going!

    The Water Goddess’ words really struck me tonight. The key is to be so in the moment that failures are successes. I am digging this mindset and all the support, thanks to all!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Reading your realization made me smile big here Jessica.

    Indeed you are living a very cool life and to many, you’re already living the dream.

    More celebration of is and presence to the magic already flowing.

    We’re here to celebrate the goodness of it all with you.




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    PS – high five for those successful failures!


    Anonymous @

    What a very cool life you have designed for yourself, @jescantonelli!  I bet many people tell you that you are ‘lucky’ not realizing the things you have done to create it.  🙂  It sure sounds like you are making a life not just making a living.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Definitely what we’re here to do. Living life, serving and making a living doing the stuff we love most!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    … my sentiments exactly. Cheers to not waiting for tomorrow and living our dreams today. Right NOW! 🙂

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