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    Elijah Powell

    Hello Everyone!

    I have decided to title the course Photoshop-Fu for Entrepreneurs: S.L.A.M. Tactics! After looking at my slogan “Study • Learn • Apply • Master” I just realized that the acronym is SLAM! So……I’m going to use that! Here is my outline!


    Name: Photoshop-Fu “Entrepreneur: S.L.A.M. Tactics (NOTE: Not sure if that is a good name or not but I would like to use it! Any feedback would be appreciated!)


    What is Photoshop? (Introduction)

    • Workspace
    • Layers
    • Fonts
    • Brushes
    • Swatches
    • Libraries
    • Styles
    • Filters

    Social Media 

    • Creating Facebook Covers/Profile Pics/Posts/Business Pages/Ads
    • Creating Youtube Thumbnails, lower thirds, video bumpers
    • Creating Pinterest pictures and pin boards
    • Creating Linked In Profile Picture, Background Images, and Post Images
    • Creating Twitter Pictures and Branding

    Business Product Creation

    • Creating a business card
    • Creating Postcards and mailers
    • Creating letterhead
    • Creating Envelopes
    • Creating Business Flyers and Advertisements
    • Creating Brochures
    • Creating Photoshop PDFs and making them Interactive with Adobe Acrobat



    Hopefully, this sounds okay for my 1st draft!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is awesome and definitely something I”d be curious to take Elijah. I watch my clever friends like Andy whip up cool things using photoshop and I feel so helpless. Like a legless squirrel in the Ocean.   🙁

    Curious if you’ve done the Creatora Heights lesson 6 yet on creating your name and tagline?

    The “Photoshop-Fu” can work IF your tagline speaks to the transformation. You want your tag to speak to the result people get and give a hint of the vibe or theme of your course…

    We have entrepreneurs.
    We have the dojo/martial arts feel.
    We have photoshop.
    You have the results/skills they get.

    The Black Belt Training Guide for Entrepreneurs to learn photoshop (now that was horrible, but you get the idea).

    I’d love to see you come up with 10 different names and 10 different taglines and from there, we can all start to vote on them.

    I digg where you’re going with this Elijah and you DEFINITELY need to get your martial arts costume. (and start growing your Fu Man·chu!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Master Sensei, we are still awaiting a picture of you in your Kung-fu getup!


    Elijah Powell

    I am just about ready to show you guys the costume! I have had a bit of horrible luck with my hosting provider this past week that has halted some of my progress. All the websites I host with Godaddy have gone down and have been down since Saturday. They seem to be very nonchalant about getting their older server back up too! I have been looking for a good host to transfer my service to but I have not decided on one yet. Does anybody have any recommendations?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Aw bummer, that’s no fun. I haven’t had the best experiences ever with GoDaddy. I find they have a lot of hoops to jump through to get much support.

    We are using for our hosting (right, @andyfreist). Andy seems to like them a lot.

    Hope you’re back on tack today. Or perhaps you were on track all along and that was just apart of the path….


    Either way, you’re here having this conversation, which is good news and better news is that we’re one moment closer to seeing you in your Kung-fu gear!


    Daniel Doherty

    I like SLAM…it’s a verb, so action oriented. The expanded slogan is also to the point and motivating.

    thanks for the thumbs up on my wall posting.



    Daniel Doherty

    Oh great SLAM master…

    Looking at your outline, it occurred to me that I would want to know at the beginning what can Photoshop do for me. How can you hook me in? Your outline starts with the logical entry level concepts and steps, which makes sense for the learning but in terms of getting my attention and understanding the bigger picture it would be helpful if there was an intro module they gave an overview of the results you list as projects or uses in the later modules. I will need to have these in mind to help me sustain the detailed learning curve.



    Elijah Powell

    Thanks, Daniel! I am going to be working on a promo this week that will hook you in! I like the SLAM master title! I think that may actually stick! 😀

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