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    Elijah Powell

    I need your help everybody! What are some design-related things that you wish that you could do super-quickly? What would you want to learn to do that could help you in your business? Design business cards? Maybe design your own Facebook Fan page? Let me know! I really appreciate all of your feedback everyone!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    1. I’d love to learn how to take a photo on a green screen and then edit layers into it to make it look like I’m in a realistic scene. This has been invaluable for some of the branding we did with the GEA, but I don’t know what I’m doing.

    2. I’d love to be able to create branded images for Social Media that POP! (note, if doing FB Ads, you only have space for 20% text on the actual image)

    3. I’d love to learn how to make banner images for my website that go with my personal brand.

    4. Biz card templates would be cool.

    5. How to crop an image and manipulate photos (cuz I think that’d be really fun and useful for creative marketing).

    6. If I knew how to make a kick ass poster, that’d rock.

    7. I will think of more…


    BIG IDEA!!!!!!!

    This is just an idea that popped into my brain while typing what I’d want. As I was typing, I thought, “Man, it’d be super cool if Elijah provided about 5-10 simple templates for each exercise” and the videos were all about how to change the templates.

    Then I was like, “Whoah, that’s smart. Then I could learn photoshop using a useful template and eventually, I wouldn’t need the template and I could do it on my own (kinda like training wheels and ridiing a bike!)

    Then I was like, “YAH! Perhaps whatever your first belt is (Intro Course) is your first belth.

    Then course two, goes a little deeper, learn a few more extras skills, get some more templates and that’s my next belt.

    Then course three might be my black belt, etc…..”


    Lorraine Watson

    I typically want to be able to:

    – crop, resize, colour adjust photos for inclusion in posts, social media, pdfs, etc

    – I would LOVE updated templates for social media headers and posts (I’m specifically interested in FB, YouTube, Twitter). The sizes and layouts keep changing and there’s always that nasty thing about the what part of the image is shown depending on the device.

    – I would LOVE to know how to cut out a section of an image from the rest or keep a section of the image and cut out the rest

    – Templates would be great along with learning how to create our own templates


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    The things that call out at me are right now:

    • How to create a simple and potent logo
    • How to create an attractive color palette
    • How to create a facebook-friendly share image (what shows up when you share a URL in FB)

    My design style is very re-mixy..

    I rarely design things from scratch.

    I use stock stuff whenever I can, and then put it all together and blend it using photoshop.

    All the design elements you see here in GEA were made by someone else, i just put them all together to create the over branding and website.

    So what i think would be valuable is more of an approach of this:

    • How to develop an eye for good design (how to know if your design feels pro vs. not pro – super important)
    • How to design for feelings
    • How to create a color scheme
    • How to find good assets/images/icons
    • How to use those assets to quickly make super attractive designs
    • How to create design assets for your website (sizing is very important here)
    • How to enjoy the process and not rush it

    Elijah Powell

    Thank you Lorraine, Brad, and Andy for the great ideas! I will definitely be developing some material around these ideas! I will have some sample materials for you all very soon!


    Chris Gilmour

    First off, I think Brad’s idea of you including template with each lesson is pretty sweet!

    For me, I would be interested in:
    – Making a lower third for a video
    – creating awesome blog images
    – creating social media images and banners
    – How to adjust the lighting and colors in my own photo’s to make things stand out better


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    I also want to say… templates are key…

    make tools and templates that can give people a running start.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    How to make your text not look fuzzy/unclear when you turn it into a JPG or something to upload to your site or Facebook. The text looks clear until I put them online. Not sure what it is.

    (There’s much more too, like how to use all of the tools. I struggle with not knowing what I am really doing, but I try.)


    Akasha Madron

    I would love to learn how to set up photos and print for mobile phone viewers.

    This along with what everyone else has said.

    Thank you Elijah!

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