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    Deborah Brandon

    I’m currently a college prof. I love the teaching aspect of it, but I’m burnt out on everything else, especially the departmental politics. Also, being a brain injury survivor, it’s too much for me physically.

    I’ve been chipping away at my time at the office. I teach on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I hold my office hours on those same days and try to arrange most of the stuff I need to do at the office for those days as well. So in the best case scenario, I stay home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though that happens rarely. More often, I manage to stay home one day a week.  I work efficiently whenever I’m in the office so I don’t have to spend too much time there (4-6 hours).

    I do a lot of the work at home, at my convenience. for whatever reason, this has made me more efficient overall, which gives me time to write (my other passion) and stop to smell the roses.

    I’m hoping to reach a point (with the help of my ecourse and a couple of to be published books) where I can quite my university job altogether, so I can focus on writing (another passion of mine), without compromising my need to teach.

    I also enjoy traveling. Hopefully, ecourse and books willing, I’ll be able to do more–Morocco? Bhutan? Scotland? New Zealand? Right now, because of family issues, and time and financial constraints, most of my travel is centered on visiting my parents (in Israel).

    I’m going to Israel for spring break. This time, I’m going to take a couple of days to take some side trips to the Old City in Jerusalem, and to Acre in the north, on the coast (one of the oldest cities in the world, the crusaders’ main port in the region).

    I’m going to Oaxaca, Mexico in June for a meeting I hesitated to attend because of the cost, even though I really wanted to visit the location (I’m a major textile aficionado). But found a way to do it.

    Life is good. I feel like a whole bunch of stuff is coming together for me.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks so much for sharing the bigger vision of what you’re inspired to create.

    So happy to see that you’re feeling it all coming together!

    Holding the vision of you completing your University job and becoming a course-making, book writing world traveler!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    LOVE how Bradley put this and I’m seeing it for you as well!!

    Holding the vision of you completing your University job and becoming a course-making, book writing world traveler!

    Thank you for sharing!!! You’ve got this!

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