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    Jessica Antonelli

    Hola amigos,

    So putting a title on this thing seems like a big deal, maybe because once I have it officially down I will be able to really get going with it!

    My eCourse is a beginning drawing course with an art adventure theme. I’ll be traveling around the world drawing and teaching them from various locations. We’ll create an awesome sketchbook together that shows their progress as they become better artists, and captures their surroundings as they draw what they see.

    1. List of my top 5-10 Names

    10 Steps to Travel Drawing

    10 Steps to Drawing Anything, Anywhere

    10 Steps to Drawing Anything

    10 Steps to Drawing

    Be Creative-the 10 Steps to drawing

    2. List of my top 5-10 Taglines 

    Improve your drawing skills on a round-the-world art adventure

    Helping beginners learn to see through artist’s eyes

    Improve your drawing ability on an online art adventure

    A learn-to-draw art adventure


    ….ok, ready for feedback! Any words sound better than others? Is the idea coming across clearly of what the transformation is? Which tagline best match the title? Other totally different suggestions?

    Also a side note, I can get or Perhaps I should go for the shorter url, 10 steps to, and use that site as the home base for other courses like 10 steps to drawing Italy or Mexico, etc.? Thoughts?



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is awesome Jes!

    My favourite title is:

    “10 Steps to Drawing Anything, Anywhere”

    My favourite tagline is a hybrid of two: 

    “Helping beginners learn to see through the artist’s eyes in an online art adventure”


    I think these are a great start. Do they have the flavour or POW that you’re looking for? Keep playing with words, descriptors and different combinations of the same idea.

    Remind me:

    What is the ultimate transformation?
    What is your eCourse personality?

    If you can convey both of those via title and tagline, then you are winning  🙂

    Definitely get that URL !!!!
    especially if that’s the theme you wanna run with


    Deb Robson

    Sketch your way around the world – ? (sub)



    Oh! I actually really like the title suggested by @robson

    Sketch your way around the world; a learn-to-draw art adventure.

    That’s what I would call it, personally. I like it because it would attract people who want to learn to draw and who also like travel and adventure, which sounds like your target audience to me. Just my two cents 🙂



    Jessica Antonelli

    Hola amigos,

    Thanks for the awesome feedback! I had a pow-wow with some business buddies the other day, and their attention for 10 minutes helped generate some great ideas. It was really helpful to chat with them because the more I have to explain the course to people who don’t already know what it’s about, the more it forces me to refine how I describe it and understand myself what it is about. So whatever parts of this tagline-brainstorm I don’t use are probably going to be found in my copy somewhere.

    Down to business!

    My friends helped me get super clear.

    Who is the class for? 

    The class is for people who are beginners or people who haven’t had more than one or two formal drawing courses.

    Often people who are good at rendering don’t know why or how they get their results and may want to learn the rules so that they know which ones they are breaking (which is encouraged!)

    What is the transformation: 

    *from our brainstorm**

    See the world through an artists eyes as you learn to draw…   see and discover the world….Learn to draw…not improve your skills

    -See the world..develop an inspired sketchbook….explore and discover your artists self while you see the world….discover your artistic self… see your world differently….

    …not Anything Anywhere… “you can sit and draw a boring still life or you can come with me to Europe!” -Eli

    example assignment: I will teach you how to draw : The David. Taken

    An online travel drawing course …see your world through an artist’s eyes…

    **End of brainstorm**

    What domain did I buy earlier this afternoon: and (just in case).

    The 10 steps are the heart of the curriculum, which I’ve had lots of great feedback about from students. It will form a good framework for different themes and destinations, and most importantly I know it will help people learn to draw. Plus and are taken 😉

    There’s still a lot of spin on where this could go, and I’m narrowing down the vibe of the ecourse better as well. I think my artistic and adventurous clientele (you nailed it @sssheely!) will be down with me as their bohemian-art-nerd guide.

    Soooooo, all that said, How’s about:

    10 Steps to Drawing: An around-the-world art adventure.

    10 Steps to Drawing: Discover the world through an artist’s eyes

    10 Steps to Drawing: Explore the world, discover your creative(artistic?) self

    p.s. Also available:,… I still like the idea of using just 10 steps to drawing and having lots of mini classes shooting out from the original.

    p.p.s. Y’all are all so awesome! Thanks for all your suggestions 😀



    Kate Arms

    I love the idea of 10 Steps to Drawing being a framework that you can create a series of courses for.

    I am excited about “an around the world art adventure.” That’s what I want.

    I am a theatre artist and I get very irritated when visual art is treated as though it is the only art. I already see through “an artist’s eyes” and I want to be better at drawing than my two adult drawing classes helped me become. I would be put off by the “Discover the world through an artist’s eyes”.

    People who haven’t already tapped into their desire for creative expression or play aren’t going to be looking for drawing classes, so “discover your creative self” feels like is reaching to a tiny market of people who have an inkling they might be creative but don’t know how to test that. Whereas the numebr of people who know they are creative AND know they aren’t as good at drawing as they want to be is MUCH larger.


    Jessica Antonelli

    Wahoooo y’all I’m climbing up my second mountain! So much more fun the second time I gotta say.

    I’m working with an awesome partner now and we have boiled our new course down to a few different Titles and taglines.

    The idea is to have a broad title that we will use for a series of courses on different locations. The tagline will specify the art medium & location.


    The Artist’s Guide to Travel

    The Artist’s Guide to Travel Sketching

    The Traveling Artist’s Guide to Watercolor

    The Traveling Artist’s Guide 

    Travel Watercolor Sketching

    How to Watercolor Sketch the World

    Watercolor Sketching the World

    How to Sketch on the Road

    Travel Sketching Around the World

    (Italics are our favorites so far)


    Color & Culture in Magical Mexico

    Watercolor Sketching Magical San Miguel

    Colorful Culture in Magical Mexico 

    an adventure in Mexican culture and Watercolor Basics


    Just a little more about the course, it introduces watercolor basics in the context of San Miguel de Allende Mexico. We’re going to be giving tips for how to travel to SMA, best time, best practices for travel sketchers, and it will have some fun cultural characters and an interactive map…as in you can follow along with the map and stop at our suggested points to draw.

    Our theme is Travel Art Adventure, and I’d say there’s a fair bit of magical realism happening to help tell the story of Mexican culture.

    I’d love to hear what you guys thinks sounds good, so appreciate you feedback!




    Lorraine Watson

    @jescantonelli – love these two:


    #1 – The Traveling Artist’s Guide to Watercolor

    Close second – The Artist’s Guide to Travel Sketching


    Both tell me who this is for and what it’s about with a lot of pizazz.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Jessica, been sitting with this for a couple days. Rolling it around in my head. I think if you have the location in the title, you’ll limit yourself to people ONLY traveling in that area of the world.

    Whereas, using Mexico as the example and making all the lessons relevant to where the student is located or traveling will make it more inviting. This may simply be traveling within your own city and seeing the sites through a watercolour lens OR going on a trip and painting your memories using water colours.

    The Traveler’s Guide to Watercolors

    I’m not sure if you wanna even have the word “Artist” in there because then you make it exclusive to artists and you eliminate the people who don’t think their artists, but would love to learn watercolours. So is it TRAVELERS or ARTISTS you are making this for?


    A watercolour adventure through St Miguel Mexico, so you can paint the world wherever you go!

    A watercolour adventure through St Miguel Mexico, so you can paint your memories wherever you go!

    Or it could even be something like: 

    Watercolour Memories

    An adventure guide to painting your favourite world travel memories using water colours (but better).

    What you think? More conversation?


    Jessica Antonelli

    Man Brad we are on the same wavelength because I was just working on title brainstorming.

    Really appreciate your insights, I think you are dead on about leaving out the location (since we happen to live in San Miguel, it will just be out home-base that happens to be super amazing and colorful) and also not having artist in the title.

    I like the travelers guide to watercolors, and we really are aiming more at travelers, since they are more likely to be beginners, and then we can eventually level them up and offer them more advanced classes.

    going to go buy some domains real quick and run to a meeting, but thanks, and I’ll be reporting back soon! This gives are a lot to think about.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sweet. Glad you’re digging the thoughts.

    If you wanna take the product to a whole new level, you could have a pricing point that includes a “Watercolour Travel Kit.” You could partner with a company and send people their paint supplies, etc so they don’t even have to think about it.

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