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    Akasha Madron

    I’ve been hearing many people mention thrive themes, so I finally checked it out.

    I have been wanting to change my website and am thinking of joining Thrivethemes and using one of their themes.

    I have no clue, though, as to which one to choose.  Or what is the criteria to choose one.  Obviously not any of the magazine ones.

    I am looking at Pressive, Focus and M-Nus.

    But none really zing for me and I’m not sure how to look at it in a way to imagine how I could work with them.

    How are you all using Thrive themes?  What do you recommend?

    Are the Thrive theme templates just good for the basic website or are they also good for having one’s thematic world?

    In my Sanctuary I want to have many different rooms or gardens   like the checkpoints here,  where people can go for different courses, or stories or trainings etc.  So not sure how that plays out at all in regard to what platform or template would be used to create something like that.

    I realize all of that is way ahead in the future and not right now where I am starting out simple.  But I would still like to know what I’ll be needing to use now as a beginner and what I need to  learn or look for platform wise for my more  elaborate vision.

    I hope this isn’t too muddled of a question.

    Thanks for any advice!


    Stefan Morales

    I’ve been thinking about this stuff too, so I’d be curious to hear what others think!



    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Great questions! Wondering about the ‘Thrive’ themes as well! Thank you for asking, Akasha! Following to see what you hear. 🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome question. I’ll run and get Andy. I saw him wrestling a grizzly bear earlier….


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Akasha 🙂

    The main thing to consider is how the theme FEELS.

    There’s no right or wrong theme, they will all work. What’s important is that you pick the one that feels the best to you. I personally like Rise the best.

    Thrive themes are easy to set up, but they have very limited customizability (without mucking around in code).

    So, with Thrive, what you see is what you get.

    My primary toolset these days is Beaver Builder (page builder plugin) with Beaver Builder Theme. This is what we used to create Courses Worth Sharing.

    Since its more customizable, it also means that it requires more set up to get it looking good. For what its worth, I am in the process of switching away from Thrive themes and Thrive Builder altogether, simply because I can get far more mileage and uniqueness with Beaver. I find that I can get things done far more quickly and beautifully with Beaver.

    Thrive Builder + Thrive Themes: Easy learning curve, fewer customization means simple to set up and get looking good.

    Beaver Builder + BB Theme: longer learning curve, infinite creative potential.

    One thing to consider is that Beaver Builder has a new tool coming out soon called Beaver Themer (its currently in beta), which will allow you to create unique templates for different types of content. In my opinion, this is the future of web design. You mentioned youd like different rooms/environments for different modules… this upcoming tool will allow just that, and more. Though again, you need to learn how it all works, but the bottom line is that you can make your visions come real without any coding whatsoever. And thats pretty dang awesome 😉

    So yeah, right now, im kinda smitten over Beaver Builder and feel its a better long-term solution.

    Happy to dig deeper/answer q’s/whatevs.

    Hope that helps!


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Akasha & Team,

    I have been playing around with Thrive Themes for about a year now & have built 2 landing pages with it. Although it has been very simple to use and integrate with my mailing list and some of their features are pretty cutting edge (such as their quiz builder, social share options, testimonials, etc), I am finding it very limiting from a creative design perspective.

    I’ve had many recent conversations with their tech support about wanting to do pretty basic/common things I have seen on other sites and gotten one sentence response from their support team just saying I can’t do it with Thrive.

    I was also a little disappointed by how cool the theme templates look on their demo/explore page only to find out the actual templated they give you to build off of are much simpler and more basic than the ones they use to promote the course.

    I am looking to switch to something like Beaver Builder or maybe even using an all-encompassing software/host like square space.

    There is my two cents, hope it helps!



    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    I’ve been advised to use Thrive themes too with LifterLMS but, you know, I’m not sure yet about what to do. I thought I was going with Generate Press as a Lifter compatible theme but now, I’m rethinking this. I already use Genesis which is no doubt one of the best in the biz, but with the LMS, I think I may want to change to something a little more flexible! But, having just started to use Beaver Builder—my first foray into a page builder—I’m definitely feeling the smitten like Andy is! But, coding is something I don’t want to muck up and site speed and correct permalinks and such is sooo important. Hmm. How to have it all? Here’s one thing I’m thinking about…LifterLMS has their own theme, called Launch Pad, which on first tour looks very flexible and handles coding nightmares within the theme, it seems. I have an appt. setup to get a professional consult regarding best theme options for my new eCourse site and all I’m set on (after landing in the muck on my own mixing LMS, themes, BB, etc) is using LifterLMS. I’ll keep you guys posted to see what more I find out or learn as I go…


    Lorraine Watson

    Good thing I didn’t hit the purchase button for Thrive.

    Andy @andyfreist & Brad @bradleytmorris – based on Andy’s comment above, what would Zen Teach’s recommend in Technosis Temple for the Intermediate / Advanced platforms if you were writing the GEA today?

    Will Beaver Builder Theme and Beaver Builder work / easily integrate with the LMS plugins you recommend?

    One of the advantages the Thrive membership seemed to have was all the additional modules (eg quizzes, landing pages, etc)  I’ve also noticed there are BB extensions. Do we have to buy all of those too to get the same functionality?




    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I’ve been moving away from Thrive builder for a couple reasons, the most relevant in this case is that I dislike only having the “live editing” mode for page creation.

    I’ve been playing with the new Divi builder and liking it so far. I was not horribly impressed with Divi as a theme, but I like it as a plugin acting as an add-on to another theme.

    I’ll check out Beaver Builder soon. Themify builder and SiteOrigin builder were already on my list. It sounds like they share a number of features, like “live editing” and saved layouts, and it will likely be a matter of which seems to fit your way of working.

    As far as themes, I prefer Genesis child themes but most of those reasons are geeky and may not be relevant to those avoiding the code rather than embracing it…


    Sue-Ann Bubacz


    What I know so far. If you use Lifter LMS, they have some cool stuff built-in that makes a lot of the functionality you are talking about already accounted for. You can do most everything…even gamification elements (like badges or certificates) and memberships capability (even bundles) and pay gateways (even manual where you send a bill, they send a check). Now, many sites depending on how much traffic to their site/courses, etc. will upgrade to more robust things or things they are already working with. For example, ESP’s (eMail Service Providers) to upgrade or integrate with their current systems. But, what I like as a DIYer about Lifter is you can start with a small investment (I’m still experimenting strictly from their FREE level right now, in fact) and add-on as you go. YES, it’s working with Beaver Builder by people using a variety of themes so I’m guessing Lifter itself is, indeed, BB compatible or so it seems with compatible themes. I have a developer friend who says don’t use a page builder at all but if you have to use one, use BB. He’s using it while advising against it though, I found out! lol

    I’m going to ask my consult appt. about this, too, because coding mashups (sometimes from using page builders apparently) can be a problem for loading speed, permalinks, and other important site issues. I’ll share what I learn or hear on this. I hope to continue using BB…you really don’t need Landing Page, even forms, software with it…it does it ALL. But I think the UABB…ultimate Add-ons for BB is a must have for lots of good stuff I find worth the ticket. (forget what that was though $59-79, maybe)

    I had fun putting together the site once, or twice, or three times and playing with all the components but I’m getting serious now and this week will be vital to many of the decisions I’m going to go with to get things kicking. I’m scrapping it completely and starting over, beginning with new hosting for better security, safer backups, and faster caching. I’m going to figure the URL and permalink stuff out and get it setup, properly, once and for all. Whew. Can’t wait to be set on this once and for all so I can create, instead:))

    I feel like this step is an important foundation for eCourse success, though.


    Lorraine Watson

    Thanks for the rundown, Sue-Ann @sue-annwriteforbusiness-com. Looking forward to hearing what solutions your consultation reveals. I’m getting close to throwing in the towel and going with a regular, old-fashioned theme.

    Still not sure if I want or need an LMS as my courses aren’t a linear process. If I do, simplicity would have me leaning towards LearnDash for the integration with ActiveCampaign. Or ActiveMember360.  Or Both.



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    At the risk of wandering farther from Akasha’s original questioning…

    Lorraine, you don’t strictly *need* an LMS if you are using something like ActiveMember360. If you do use an LMS, it seems to integrate with several popular choices.

    Similarly, you don’t *need* a page builder. If you work within your theme, that can serve you well.

    Are some things easier with an LMS or page builder, certainly. If choosing tools is keeping you from moving forward, pick something and keep moving! (Says the man who is testing and tweaking plugin choices…mostly talking to himself… 😉 )


    Lorraine Watson

    I think this is all related to Akasha’s original questioning … what do you choose.

    The bigger problem is the tail wagging the dog. I’m trying to pick tools without having landed firmly (for now) on the functionality I want. So I don’t want to buy Software M to keep moving only to find that Software X, Y, and Z would have been a better choice. I would like to be able to start with a WP theme knowing I can add components on as I go that will work together.

    Add on top of that limited brain power right now to actually decipher what goes with what, and what provides what functionality … it’s all a primordial goo mess. I thought I was good with ActiveMember360 until I read it integrates with LearnDash. (Head smack, Face palm)  Near as I can figure there are themes, page builders, membership sites, LMSs, CMSs, gamification components, …

    In all honesty, unless I’m totally off base with my client base, cool techie stuff isn’t going to grab their attention. Creating an experience they can take with them wherever they go will (as what happens with a really good book).


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Lorraine, I really think you nailed it with the tail wagging the dog analogy.

    Folks like Andy and I can help people choose tools once it is clear what is needed. And, yes, I get the catch 22 that you can’t always decide what is needed without knowing what is already possible.

    I would rather see us mountain folk getting really clear on what an ideal outcome would be. Only then would we want to see what is possible with existing or easily modifiable tools.

    In the meantime, here’s a lesson I learned from my PhD work (when I got “fired” by my advisor and wasn’t sure I was going to finish the degree!):

    *** We can waste more time trying to do it “right” the first time than we save trying not to “redo” it. ***

    I went around in so many circles trying to figure out if my dissertation work was headed in the right direction before fully committing. I could have written and rewritten the whole thing 10 times over in the time I “saved”…

    I have to ask myself if choosing the “best” tools is an excuse to let myself off the hook from doing the important work. I recognized that my own desire to have animations was one of those distractions. I decided to work on content and engagement first, and later I can refine with more stories and more animated videos and more …

    Continuing the animal theme, I’m happy to chat through with people what kind of horse they may need once they know what they want their cart to be like. And before/during/after that, let’s all keep moving and figure out *for real* what cart will serve our audience before horsing around with the technology.

    (This is also why platforms like Teachable and Thinkific exist — go in, rent a cart and horse, fill it with your wares, and keep moving. Will it be “perfect” or “ideal”? Probably not, but it will be helping people that much sooner!)


    Lorraine Watson

    Wayne, what I really need is a set of ear plugs. Every time I think a Facebook group is the right choice for me at this moment, a comment is thrown across my path that FB isn’t good enough or isn’t the right tool and that throws good old Mind back into doubt mode.  Happened again last Wednesday. What I have to remember is FB isn’t the right tool *for them* at this time.

    I have yet to come across an LMS or membership tool that delivers the graphic interface I’m looking for. FB is the closest. That’s one of the reasons I was looking to ActiveMember360 – to develop my own pages if necessary where FB doesn’t work and control access via AM360 along with integrating into AC.  I also recognize that building something on another platform I don’t control isn’t the best scenario either – been there, done that. There’s always that tendril of doubt that can sprout shoots and roots at a moments doubt.

    The other piece I have to found myself in is the experience and style I want to deliver. Scalability isn’t of high importance to me. In this Growth Styles model, after thinking I was exploration, identity and possibly relationship, I really am a Prestige type business / offering. Tech is a tool, not the experience.

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