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    Megan Nolan

    aloha everyone

    i am currently working on creating a theme for my course and i am a bit stuck. wondered if anyone had any thoughts, suggestions, input pretty please and thanks so much!

    i am creating a course that uses the 3 warrior poses in yoga and the story behind them to help us activate and inspire our inner radiant warrior. as we journey through the poses we will perform the actions of the pose to feel the qualities that they inspire (grounded-ness, focused, centered etc) so that we may embody them in our lives off the mat. in addition to guided practice videos i will include personal stories, discussion and journalling questions to help participants explore what might be blocking them in these areas and how they can release this to charge forth on their journey inspired and ready to rise to any challenge that life may present them.

    i feel like the essence of the course is taking the practice and its tools off the mat and into the world…not sure if that could be considered a theme or if i need to get more specific? i really want participants to see and know that they have these qualities within them already, the poses merely serve to remind them that they are there and practice them so they are familiar and accessible for life.

    any thoughts or suggestions you have would be totally welcome!!

    hope you are all are having wonderful mountain climbs:))




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    Sharyn Warren

    Megan Nolan, I don’t think I can be of much help with the theme aspect, but wanted you to know that I love your concept.

    “Inner Radiant Warrior” — wonderful!

    “the essence of the course is taking the practice and its tools off the mat and into the world…”

    Maybe you can find some fantasy style beautiful non-gender specific (unless you are working with a specific gender) warrior pictures that might spark some ideas. Or finding someone to make a graphic picture of a yoga mat as a path leading from the pose to a collage of “the world” kinds of activities/challenges/desired outcome.

    Your on to something special. Maybe just keep developing the course for a bit longer and the theme will show up for you.

    I’m excited for you.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    When I imagined the course through what you wrote, I envisioned you dressed like an ancient-times warrior goddess climbing the mountain and then being placed into the modern world to show how the ancient meets the modern.

    I could imagine the cinematography being beautiful images of nature, sunsets. Silhouettes of you practicing. I could see some of the stories you share being short reenactments to draw people in even more.

    As far as the theme goes, the theme feels like it’s “WARRIOR.”

    The question is, where is the setting?
    What time period does it take place?
    What is the vibe you want people to feel when they land on your website and read your copy?
    If you were to pick a warrior from history or mythology that you resonate with, who would it be?

    What else haven’t you told us that you’re holding onto?

    What do you think the theme could be?
    What five ideas do you have so far?

    Great work so far. This is exciting!


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Meg,

    I like the angle you are taking on this. I know there are quite a few online yoga programs out there already but helping ppl understand the deeper meanings and teachings of the poses and how they can apply that to everyday life (I believe this is what you are hoping to do, Did I interpret this correctly?) seems like a a great niche to work with.

    “i  feel like the essence of the course is taking the practice and its tools off the mat and into the world…”

    I do believe that could be the theme and that it is a pretty good theme. I think the next question though is: What does that theme look like in the video’s, lessons, handouts, etc?

    Here are a few sayings that popped into my head trying to capture your theme:

    Living yoga, day to day

    Living yoga, all day, everyday

    Embodying your yoga practice in everything you do

    Walking with your yoga practice

    Yoga, Embodied

    Off the mat and into the world – Living yoga everyday

    A few thoughts on what the theme could look like:

    – The right name and tag line can really start to create the theme right from the start.

    – Could you have some video lessons showing you applying yoga principals while doing day to day tasks such as: sitting in front of a computer, standing in line at the grocery store, dealing with a potentially stressful situation, walking down the street, driving, etc??

    – Maybe there could be “on the mats” and “off the mats” lessons and activities?

    – I could see the branding being a 50/50 split of beautiful yoga poses and imagery with everyday life activities.


    Not sure if these ideas are in line with what you are thinking but that is what came to mind from your original post. I’m happy to keep bouncing ideas around with you. What else have you come up with since you made your post?


    Chris Gilmour

    Changing World Solutions



    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    Love the question, and the answers too! One thought that hits me is that already exists, not sure if that is trademarked or not. Having just gotten a real wake-up re trademarking, I’d suggest being careful around using terms already in use by others. That said, you have tons of other great words and phrases that convey the same. Even better would be to hit on the actual benefits folks get from taking their practice into the world… clear purpose? a path of service? more joy in self and with others?

    Warmly! Karryn


    Megan Nolan


    aloha everyone….wow….super stoked about your feedback!! thrilled to have such an awesome crew to bounce ideas off of!!

    @sharynwarren: thank you so much for your loving support and encouragement!! I love the idea you suggested about the graphic of the yoga mat leading to the outside world! it is the perfect for showing the transferability of the work…thank you for that idea 🙂

    @bradleymorris: interesting that you mention ancient and the modern…i feel that that is an important element of the course as to how this ancient practice can be applied and lived in our modern world….(side note: on a vision board i made years ago i had a included a cut out that said  “open doors to new knowledge by fusing the ancient and the modern”, just saw it the other day and thought how perfectly it described my course!!!)

    the time period is modern day so that people know that these tools are to help them live and thrive in their day to day lives. i live on maui so i have lots of beautiful backdrops to choose from and feel it might be nice to include those. although people often have the perception that living on maui isnt “real life” although it totally is! just with a few more palm trees…

    when people land on my website i want people to know that i have walked this path myself, that the timing of the course was exactly what i needed as i closed down a unprofitable labor of love business and was feeling drained and uninspired. approaching the practice in this unique way i have been shown its true depths and transferability to life. i want people to know that this course is accessible to everyone and will have something to offer regardless of their level of practice. it will be authentic, unpretentious and potent without being overwhelming.

    @chrisgilmour: you are spot on!! to me the depth of Yoga and this course is really living your yoga in whatever form that takes. it is wonderful (and essential) to have a daily practice but when it permeates into all the other hours of the day is when we really start to see the magic happen.

    also…thank you so much for your suggestions! i love the idea of the additional videos and on the mat/off the mat tips and tricks to really allow the lessons to sink and also get applied. that is the perfect way to show people how to take the practice with them wherever they go so they see how easily these powerful principals can be applied!

    @karenolsen: i appreciate your caution about using those words, i hope your situation is/gets resolved gracefully and easily! you are absolutely right about highlighting the benefits of doing so and will be helping participants see that in the journaling questions and meditations.



    Thank you all so much for the warm and encouraging feedback!!! I am super jazzed about this and am loving the process and the learning from its creation. So grateful for all of your suggestions, idea and encouragement!




    Megan Nolan

    @bradleymorris: to answer your question about which Warrior i resonate with i have decided it is: Trieu Thi Trinh. She was a Vietnamese Warrior in 225 AD who lead an army of over 1000 people to resist occupying Wu Kingdom forces (the occupying forces could represent the false stories we tell ourselves that occupy our mind and once removed give us freedom and space to create the life we desire). She rides an elephant (to me representing Ganesha the remover of any obstacle internal and external that may lay in our path), wore golden armor (radiant and bright) and carried 2 swords (in the Warrior poses the arms represent the 2 swords the Warrior carried that clear the path, give us direction and tools for moving forward). Pretty perfect 😉


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    What awesome feedback you’re getting here Megan. Glad you’re getting excited.

    As far as themes go, what are you envisioning?

    The modern meets ancient is definitely the piece that jumps out.
    Same as where on the mat practice meets off the mat life experience.

    How do you envision fusing those two elements with your course?
    – the videos
    – imaging
    – lessons
    – language
    – storyline (if there is one)
    – branding

    Excited to see how this is expanding.

    Also, have you written up your Module + Lesson outlines yet? It’s usually better to have those and then figure out how you can infuse your theme into that.

    Content first, Creativity second.  🙂


    Lisa R

    Hi Megan,

    I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and really agree with you and others here that ‘ancient meets modern’ feels really powerful. There’s something so empowering in drawing on the strength and wisdom of the past and applying it in the present. I also really resonate with idea of referencing the Vietnamese warrior you mentioned and the symbology of the elephant (beautiful and powerful!). I noticed that I kept thinking about warrior women too in relation to this – Athena / Minerva as an ancient goddess of war and wisdom, and the Amazons. (But then again, I’m obsessed with superheroes and may just be connecting to the Wonderwoman origin story!) It sounds like you are totally on the right track with your thoughts. It will be so interesting to see how this percolates as you have time to explore your ideas and draw out the richness of the layers available to you here. Happy climbing!



    Megan Nolan

    @lisar thank you so much for your encouraging feedback!! i have decided that bringing the ancient wisdom of yoga into our modern lives is definitely my theme as it totally encompasses the work of the course:) cant wait to see how it all unfolds

    hope your climb is going super well too!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Megan! Any ideas on how you’re gonna have the theme play out in your course, vibe and branding?


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