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    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    I have spent years contemplating this journal question. It keeps evolving … I hope to nail it throughout this course.

    1) What kind of breakthroughs for students are you wanting to facilitate?

    Transformation – Pregnant mothers shift from feeling terrified, stuck, disempowered, and helpless about childbirth, into feeling excited, capable, and in charge of their next birthing experience so that they are not at risk of feeling ashamed, disappointed, depressed, and detached again.

    My big hope is that I create a transformational process that increases the opportunity for Mothers to experience what they desire to experience in birth.

    I am afraid to make this claim because birth is fluid and the outcome cannot be guaranteed, however, I KNOW that there is a lot that can be done ahead of time – preparing mind and heart – that can enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome.

    For example:

    A mom may choose to have a c-section because she becomes aware of the fact that this choice will make her feel most safe and in control of her birthing experience, and for her this is an empowered choice she was afraid to make because of cultural pressure to have a natural birth. But the point is that there is a process that takes place, in that her fears are explored, so she can experience the difference between ‘empowered’ choice and ‘fear’ based choice.


    A mother desires to have a water birth, at home, this time around. She is afraid that her ‘body will fail her again’ and is unsure how to navigate that fear when it shows up in labor. The program would facilitate a process that teaches her how to move through that fear and experience trust in her body.


    The transformation would facilitate a mother’s sense of power and choice throughout labor so that regardless of the outcome, she is fluid with the experience as it unfolds and does not hold a judgement towards herself that for some reason she ‘failed’, her body ‘failed’ and her birth didn’t turn out the way she had hoped it would

    The key points: Setting up the external and internal environments so that you can experience an empowering birthing experience.

    Much of today’s childbirth information – which is an overload of info – teaches mothers how to prepare externally for their birthing experience.

    Example: If I hire a midwife, I will have a natural birth. All the trust goes into the caregiver and the location, the equipment for safety, and reading the books. But, those are external factors and they do not guarantee a positive birthing experience.

    It comes down to the internal factors, similar to training for a peak performance:
    1. Mindset/Intention
    2. Beliefs about childbirth
    3. Fears
    4. Trust
    5. Knowledge about birth and body
    6. Sense of physiological safety and security
    7. Willingness and desire
    8. Altered state of birth and consciousness
    9. Letting go and riding the wave
    10. Autonomy
    2) What are some creative ways you can facilitate that breakthrough in the online world.

    I am pulling a blank here. Mostly envision bringing them through processes of deeper inquiry so they can be supported in building a strong internal foundation for cultivating a positive and empowering birth experience.

    Maybe using a theme of  ‘internal archetecture’ – without a solid internal foundation, women flail in the chaos and pain and hand over their power to the authorities to take charge of their birthing experience.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is really awesome stuff Jennifer. So needed.

    Will you have guided audio meditations to go with all of the various phases of this transformational process?

    I could even see you teaming up with artists to provide a “Birthing Music Soundtrack.” That birthing music could be the music in your audio meditations, so it acts as an anchor during the actual birth.

    As for your theme, think of what a momma would want to feel safe and empowered through her birthing process?

    What would she want/need to feel? What design elements for her environment would need to be in place?

    How could you recreate that experience digitally to model it for them?


    Jennifer Summerfeldt



    Yes, I will have guided meditation – I actually already have a couple but no music in background.

    Training for Peak Experience – Birth is a Peak Experience – Rowing to an island and the waves are contractions? I have used this one in the past. 
    I resonate with this metaphor – athlete – however I am worried not very many mothers do. This is why I chose the title ‘bootcamp’ beacuse they are retraining their mind and heart, in a short period of time, to have a better birthing experience.

    Some ideas that came after taking your free website course: 

    Theme – Catepillar to Butterfly? Something that images ‘birthing’ a new experience and a new self and a new baby. Or the image of going on a journey – rowing the boat or climbing the mountain. The summit is usually the peak experience after transition in labor. Or the image of rowing to an island, and the island is where you land after transition in labor. How can I use this metaphor through out the program?

    Language – beginning, middle, end. OR I will use the metaphor of Holistic Stages of Labor as the theme. Both as a process of inner preparation and also a process of birth preparation

    Personality and vibe of course – On a mission to train for the Olympics; serious and determined; passionate; keep your eye on the goal; a compassionate ‘coach’ vibe – pushing you to the edge of your comfort zone but loving you fully

    8. Inhabitants – Niche – Mothers who are pissed off about their previous birth experience, they are tired of feeling miserable about it and tired of blaming themselves, they are pregnant again and they are driven to have a better birthing experience this time around. They want to do whatever they can to take charge now, prepare mentally and emotionally, and shift any negative cognitions that are preventing them from flowing throughout their labor. Birth is a big deal, they take it seriously, and they want to believe that their body can birth their baby!
    9. Visuals – hmmm either water, mountain hiking/outdoors, athletic training.
    10. Delivery – Thinkific


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