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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    1:37 Celebrating the completion of B and A’s “Outerspace Webinar Adventure” script! Brad and friends began filming yesterday…..So GOOD it may inspire George Lucas to take the course!

    3:24 You have GOT to hear Brads “dump truck full o’ cash” dream….haha!!

    6:10 Andy’s top lessons learned in the art of “Funnel Building” and why taking the “experimental road” is the price of admission. There is NO wasted learning.

    9:25 Their experience with FB Ad Launch Funnels.

    9:55 B and A’s sweet promise to be more present for the GEA online community. They ask for our feedback for a better community FORUM experience.💗

    18:40 Why Envision Power’s IP Board is the front runner for their new Forum platform. Andy drops a link to a free Fizzle trial to see how the IP forum works!

    27:24 Andy on why finding the “perfect” Forum software right from the get go is NOT your best use of time and how it won’t take a bad idea and turn it into good idea. (it’s the whole “putting perfume on a tird” thing)

    29:19 Brad announces the official “Affiliate Launch” Oct 27th and talks about their Marketing strategy moving forward!

    32:00 Andy on why FB Ads were their biggest waste of time/energy and how Relationship Building for Promotional Partners has been their best use of time.
    Brad follows with a great explanation of their simple “funnel system”

    34:30 Andy picks up some awesome marketing ideas from a friend opening their eyes to new possibilities like “Licensing” GEA to Schools…very in-depth and enlightening!
    30:20 Why this idea takes the pressure off of “making it work fast”

    41:36 Brad takes a few GEA members and inspires some incredible ways to sell their courses to Schools!

    43:50 Andy continues with ideas of Pre-sales and how Licensing to 1 person could potentially equal hundreds of sales. He shows us how this jives perfectly with the “Blue Ocean” analogy.

    46:25 Brad watches a competitor’s webinar and realizes just how special, shiny and authentic GEA and what WE are all doing is!

    Ideas GALORE here from both A and B on getting out of the “Red Ocean” of FB Ads and the usual online marketing tactics and into the cool, clear waters of the Blue Ocean..brilliant!!

    51:15 Andy wraps it up by asking “who is not being served that needs what you have?” Think outside of the BOX!!!

    52:25 Last days of shooting for the Outerspace Adventure and Andy’s travels! Coming up on 1 year when the GEA idea was born, the guys reminisce and look back on their journey and where it is going! Tons of plans for new mini courses…SO EXCITING….YAAAY!!!! The ultimate “Filming Man Cave” on the way!!

    52:05 Brad asks a psychic friend during a reading, “is the GEA going to be successful?” Listen to the cool answer here!

    And finally, check out the “titanic” analogy that NAILS what we are all going thru as course creators…haha! And, a final message today of HUGE excitement for what we are all trying to do….FUN, FUN, FUN!!

    Share your questions, comments and thoughts below!

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