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    Chris Gilmour


    Please disregard this thread. I do not think I can delete threads otherwise I would have. I have decided NOT to go ahead with this idea thus no longer am looking for feedback.

    Thanks Friends!


    Hey Everyone, 2 Questions for you:

    1) I am putting together my next newsletter to announce the winners of the draw we did and I would like to ask for some help. I am thinking about asking my list for volunteers that want to provide feedback on the course I’m creating. The intention behind this is to get solid feedback on the product while creating it as well as get some ppl excited about pre-ordering the course. Probably half my list are friends or ppl who have already done training with me. Any general thoughts on this idea and how to approach it?

    2) I want a really good title for this next e-mail to increase engagement. This is my initial brainstorm. Please vote if you like any of these or share other ideas:

    – An Opportunity 4 Collaboration & Contest Winners

    – Be 1 of 20 ppl to Get Behind the Scenes Access to our Next Project……

    – Take Control of Your Future & Contribute to Our Next Project

    – And The Winner Is…….. Contest Results & Call Out for Collaborators

    – And The Winner Is…….. Contest Results & Call Out for Help

    – Can We Do it Together?  & Contest Winners!

    – Looking for Feedback on an Exciting New Project…….

    Thanks in Advance Everyone!

    Chris Gilmour

    Changing World Project



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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Feedback on course theme sent. Wanna brainstorm this deeper before you send out the call out.

    My initial thoughts are to ask people privately, rather than a big shout-out to all the folks on your list. I understand your desire to want this to be as awesome as possible, but the course isn’t created or even really started. My initial thoughts are, this email is a little premature and you’ll get folks excited but then the excitement will deflate cuz you’re not quite ready for them.

    Am I reading the situation correct?

    You can hint to people. You can offer them an article and tell them that your new course is gonna go way deep into this topic. But I’m not sure now is the time to get them participating. Just cuz there’s no email capture, no freebie, no course, no payment, no actual course itself (yet)….



    Chris Gilmour

    hmmm.. Interesting thoughts Brad. I could do private invites instead, I’m open to that as I would love a crew of 10 – 20 ppl I could bounce concepts off such as: what do you like more, Zombie or Dojo or ???? theme. And what excites you about the outline, what looks boring, etc.

    I originally got the idea from this guy who has had lots of success with this formula –

    I am looking for thoughts on how to better engage my e-mail list in the meantime. I don’t want to lose the momentum I am already building and am looking for creative ways to engage my list and build some hype. Any thoughts on this?



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