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    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Okay, so not quite official, yet, but I’m sure it will be momentarily. 😉

    I had a great chat today with @jescantonelli while she was testing her webinar readiness (she passed the test and we also generated steps for further improvement). One great idea that came from the conversation was that we have an interesting pool of people here on the mountain to support one another in our webinars.

    I’m sure we’ve all experienced the difference between the folks who hop on a webinar and are fighting technology (some stories of that here around the campfire) versus those who have additional support on the line with them. Even if it is primarily as “moral support,” we can all use someone else on the line to help field questions or chase down those tech gremlins.

    So, this is your chance to raise your hand to be a “webinar buddy” to be on the line to support folks as they get their webinar legs. Show up, help out, get a chance to be celebrated without having to be THE person doing the webinar. Drive any slides, click the buttons in the background, and field what questions you can or even just feed the questions to the presenter. There are so many ways for us to help one another out and get used to playing with the various webinar platforms as we go.

    Now is your chance to step up and volunteer. Share ideas for how to help or be helped. You are invited to celebrate and play along!


    Sharyn Warren

    As long as no prior experience is necessary, I’ll volunteer to be a WB. Webinars are something I am jumping into–well, more like dragging my reluctant body toward–and I think being a being would: 1. be a great way to be supportive and 2. be a great way to become familiar with what’s behind the curtain. Not sure how this will work, but consider my hand raised. Thanks for taking the initiative with this Dr. Wayne.


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Yay, Sharyn!

    And, no prior experience would be necessary. Even if the first one/s had a webinar buddy there as moral support, that is a great start! I’m sure that we can manage to have folks addressing questions or collecting questions to be passed along to the host of the webinar. Whether that is verbally or just by sending messages in another window, it is nice to be able to ignore the questions until it is time to answer them and have them all ready for you rather than digging through the chat history looking for relevant comments and questions.

    P.S. Thanks for validating the idea. Jessica and I thought it was a good idea, and I’m glad we’ve got more company agreeing! 😉


    Jessica Antonelli

    ohmygoodness oh. my. goodness. It helped SO much to have Dr. Wayne as my support buddy before I went on to do my webinar today.

    It was my first time to try a webinar ever, and I had some serious technophobia and a touch of stage fright today before the call.

    After a great coaching call with the guides that fortuitously focused on webinars today, Dr. Wayne was kind enough to meet up with me on a test Google Hangout (the platform I tried this week)  an it made all the difference. I got to take some time to be on the call and push each and every button to see what the heck it did, and the Doc had some great suggestions.
    Plus it was great to have just one more opportunity for a dress run. When things didn’t go exactly as planned in the webinar, I still felt good about moving forward and recording the whole thing.

    I’d be so happy to pass this good karma on and help anyone who’d like to try out a webinar platform to have me as their guinea pig.

    I’m going to keep experimenting with different platforms because I would like to have more audience interaction.

    I’m attaching a screenshot of the reviews, it went so well! three cheers! Webinar buddies work!

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    Lisa R

    Great thread. This is such an awesome idea! I’m happy to raise my hand here too, though being in a very different timezone to most people here could cause issues!

    Three cheers for Jessica for crushing her first webinar, and three cheers for Dr Wayne for being such a supportive wingman.




    Chris Gilmour

    Agreed, Great Idea Dr.Wayne. I’d be happy to help out with folks on live webinars and when I am finally ready to launch a few of my own would appreciate the help as well.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    BRLLIANT!!!! I love this idea so much.

    I can’t tell you how good it felt when @andyfreist and I were creating our recent webinars for the launch and we had 5, 10, maybe even 15 adventurers from the mountain there showing their support and saying wonderful things about us. It felt soooo good!

    So yes, two things to ask:

    1. Webinar Practice Runs: Where someone asks for a person or people to go on the webinar with them so they can test slides, videos, test questions, buttons and using the technology. Basically, a dry run before the real deal.

    2. Real Live Webinar Support: When members from the mountain are doing their real-deal presentations on their topic with a live audience. Show up, hold space, be supportive and encouraging on the chat and show your love.

    I think this is a beautiful way for everyone to get webinar confident and ready.

    How can @andyfreist and I support with this?

    Any suggestions on the easiest way to:
    a) request webinar presence and support.
    b) request attendees for real deal webinars.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    and Jessica, look at you burning up the mountain covering all sorts of new ground! Andy and I would love to interview you on a coaching call so you can share the steep learning curve as a way to inspire others and share the miracles of your process. So proud of you and stoked for our coaching call tomorrow.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Love it!

    Just made this a sticky post so its at the top of the Media/Tech Campfire 🙂

    Thanks Dr. Wayne for spearheading this!



    This is a fantastic idea Dr. Wayne. I haven’t any experience at this, but have just bought webinar ninja and will need to try it out, so yes, helping out first is a good first step! Thanks

    Good idea Bradley and Andy, also with making some concrete steps around this. Congratulations, Jessica on conducting your webinar-you’re such a great trail blazer.



    Wendy Cain

    This is a GREAT idea!  What a terrific way for our mountain community to support one another!

    Not sure how I missed this post before, but count me in!

    I’ve facilitated webinars many times and it is definitely helpful to have at least a second body “behind the scenes” to help with admin, questions, etc. so the presenter can focus on content and responding.  It’s also super-helpful to know there will be at least a few engaged and encouraging webinar participants.


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