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    our dojo’s name is Pathways. The training program is called NiN, which has the dual meaning of an acronym for Ninjas in Nature and Nin which translates as perseverance or patience.

    For a theme I am picturing a pathway that leads through a “forgotten forest” where forgotten skills on nature connection and ninjutsu are reclaimed by finding clues left by a mysterious Sensei/ninja. The path leads to the NiNvisible Dojo, visible and found only by those who persevere/ embody Nin with the skills that they complete along the way. To the untrained/unaware the Dojo is invisible. To the NiN it is visible. Thus a NiNvisible dojo.

    Along the way I see short videos of the Sensei ninja appearing/disappearing and leaving behind scrolls of information. Completion of the scroll and the Sensei ninja appears again briefly to present a badge.

    The course Culminates with the arrival at the NiNvisible Dojo where the Sensei presents the Rank Of Nin (badge).

    Ultimately this scene ends by vaporizing and the student finds themselves at a new uncharted pathway, the trailhead to the next ecourse/rank level training. Once again they must find the NiNvisible Dojo, a little more challenging this time. Thus the name Pathways Dojo.

    Funny thing with all this is we actually started clearing our local training site in a redwood forest of downed/dead trees last week with a group of ninjas to make space for the eventual forest dojo we will build.

    I wrote a whole storyline to go with the dojo journey described above which was fun also.

    Thanks in advance for feedback.


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Nice!! I really like the name and theme you have come up with. I can picture this course being a lot of fun for the participants. I like the appearing and disappearing ninja leaving behind scrolls of information. Excited to see what else you come up with!!


    JoAnn Turner

    This sounds great! Good clear storyline, with the element of adventure and mystery that keeps people wanting to carry on to the next level to what comes next. This is a real page-turner!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Really love the story Kenneth, this is going to be a blast to go through!!

    There are no limits with how deep you can take people into this world you’re creating:

    • language
    • scrolls
    • cinematography
    • giving them a print-outable scroll (like our adventure map)
    • badges (belts)
    • dojo digital community

    So much fun.

    Is there anywhere you’re not feeling clear or confident that you’d like help digging deeper?



    At this stage, I’ve already created the content for the course.  I really like the idea of weaving a story/theme into this, so my challenge is how to do that while using the existing content.

    My challenge I think is to find a balance of enough storyline but not too much  that it distracts from the content.  Uncharted territory but will be fun testing this on our local audience.


    Sharyn Warren

    Awesome theme! You will have great fun doing this. Which, to my way of taking on a challenge, will make the process and outcome very powerful. Congrats!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Definitely keep it simple and fun for you @sojnab. It could be a simple, short video segment/skit that opens each of the lessons. Doesn’t have to be talking or anything. Perhaps depicting the character on the journey. Could even be as simple as each video opening with the teacher reading the scrolls. 

    What do you have in mind?



    Hi Bradley.  I actually had an idea around this today.  The training videos I shot were all using the “Mr. Hand” approach.  Ever see the old Mr. Bill Show on Saturday Night Live?  I’m probably dating myself, but anyhow, there is quite a bit of subtle and not so subtle Mr. Hand humor throughout the training videos I’ve made (I think there’s 15 of them).  Mr. hand does a lot of the skills all wrong, but eventually with some coaching gets them right.  One idea I had was to film Mr. Hand sketching the main scenes on paper in stop motion or sped up/fast motion while I narrate the story.  I would have 10 sketches to film/narrate/upload.  Not too daunting.  Keep them 5 min or less for the viewer.  Recent experience is I can usually bust one out a day if my coffee grinder is working or if there is no surf.   Flashbacks to my youth watching a pbs channel where an artist did this, but a little more dynamic.  I think we will take the head sensei out to the forest and shoot a bunch of short (30 sec or less) of him in full ninja regalia running, diving, disappearing etc. in the forest, with him basically approaching the camera and presenting the next scroll.  Pretty simple filming.  Use these shots interspersed with storyline/mr hand drawing, interspersed with actual scroll pages.  So a 3 step approach:  watch the story/quest scene.  The ninja presents the scroll.  Open the scroll page and do the skill.  Get badge or rank regalia, repeat.  On the surface it might sound complex, but I’ve already done all the instructional film and writing for the scroll pages.  What do you think?


    Deb Robson

    Agreed that the surface sounds complex, but the consistency seems like it will make it workable for you and followable for the participants. It sounds like fun for you, and for others–congratulations!


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Kenneth, @sojnab

    Great to come across your post here. There are a number of similar threads between our projects and possibly lives. I checked out the Ninja’s in Nature page, Awesome! So I used to be formally part of the Bujinkan as well. I left to pursure a different style of movement/tai jitsu (Kali/BJJ) but ultimately still consider my roots and path around the way of the Ninja. I am familar with Mark Roemke through his work with 8 Shield on Jon Young. Are you connected to that community? Jon has been a huge mentor in my life and I’ve had the opportunity to teach with him a few times now.

    I did not catch what the actual content you will be delivering through your course is. Is it focused around nature connection? Martial arts? Both? My course is around being a modern day protector/guardian with a focus on preparing for a changing world (climate change, emerging pathogens, different rules in the financial world, etc). A big focus for the first course will be around emergency prevention, mitigation and preparation, but it will all be rooted in purpose beyond self, empowerment and connection to nature and place.

    I have been working on a story line that involves the growth of a character which turns out to be the course participant in the end and possibly using “belts” as level. We may be looking at marketing to a similar audience with some similar concepts but different content. If you agree it might be nice to brainstorm a bit together and support each other. Let me know if your interested in carrying on the conversation.

    Chris Gilmour
    Changing World Project

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