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    DavidJ Jurasek

    1) WHAT IS IT?

    THE LABYRINTH of LOVE is a 10-12 week ecourse adventure to help men who are struggling in relationships to answer the painful question, “Should I stay… or… Should I go?”, and to develop the clarity and courage to stop chasing illusions and to start creating true and lasting love in their lives.

    2) WHY?

    I understand the pain of not being decisive and fully committed and how liberating and powerful it is to finally choose to love ourselves and our partner wholeheartedly, whether we leave or stay. This is the gateway towards a life of true and lasting love. No other way to get there!

    3) THE WHO:

    This is for men who are torn between staying in an unhappy relationship or leaving their partner because they care so deeply about them while also wanting to be true to themselves and much happier.

    They are tired of trying to make it work and failing (perhaps many times) and equally done with being single and flipping through relationships, missing the deep and lasting love they most long for.



    STAY and TRANSFORM your relationship inside out, building on a foundation of profound love.

    or to…

    LEAVE in the most powerful and loving way, that liberates their x and helps them to start fresh and create true and lasting love with someone else who is better suited to go the distance with them.

    Which leaves them FEELING…

    RELIEF! in making a choice and now being able to live their lives and finally “find” or rather create the love they are seeking.

    CLARITY — knowing WHY they were unhappy in the first place and what exactly they need to do to be happy in an intimate relationship. They’ll have a map and a compass to always discern where they are and what steps they need to take next.

    CERTAINTY, that they are making the RIGHT choice and one that will lead them to true and lasting one.

    COURAGE…. to take simple yet profound steps forward towards more love. which will make a powerful and loving impact on their partners too!

    5) The HOW:

    Layers of deeply compelling content weaving mythical storytelling, a choose your own adventure, and personally candid sharing to bridge reality and emphasize consequence.

    Laying out bite sized challenges along with a real life adventure in nature, a powerful UNLOCKING your HEART POWER experience with me, along with weekly touchstone calls to help them answer tough questions and stay on track.

    Ending with them creating a personalized MAP to TRUE and LASTING LOVE, taking a bold step, with extra support and previewing a menu of future adventures, (ie, inviting them to visit my virtual Dojo to learn RELATIONSHIP AIKIDO).


    Imagine RUMI, ROBIN WILLIAMS, GHANDI, and JESUS CHRIST got together over drinks to share their biggest challenges (relationships!) with honesty, compassion and great heart.



    Sharyn Warren

    Love this idea. And the guys that you’ve gotten together over drinks! Your course promises such depth and the promise of finding genuine and lasting love, such as we all seek.

    I recently walked a labyrinth locally in which the path is made with chips of green, white and clear glass. Stunning in the sunlight. Not to be walked barefoot. 😉 For years I had a 32′ Chartres canvas labyrinth that I made for retreats and workshops, and had a 40′ outdoors labyrinth at my home as well. Obviously, I have a great fondness for them. Although now am more drawn to create simple spirals!

    I have some pictures of my labyrinths, as well as a few shots taken on the glass labyrinth and the labyrinth at Well of Mercy in North Carolina. They are totally unpolished and unprofessional, but if you would like to see any of them for potential use in your course, I am happy to share. And they are unlicensed and free.

    Congrats on your course!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Man, this is so great @davidj. I love this. Having stayed in several relationships for longer than what served, I know how powerful a guided process and some clear perspective would have been and how much pain it would’ve saved in the long run. Looking forward to seeing more details coming through. Way to go!


    DavidJ Jurasek


    Thanks for the warm response!

    Also, thank you for the kind of offer of the pics. I would love to see them, and if they fit, to use them to captivate imaginations of potential clients.



    Tatiana Tiess

    I absolutely love this! So many men need help with figuring out and navigating Love and Relationship department. This course will be a great contribution to the world. I am in the community of women who constantly working on themselves and their main struggle is to find man who would be interested in growth and creating deep and lasting relationship. Women simply think “there is no good men out there”. So, you actually will be solving 2 problems for men and women.

    High five!


    DavidJ Jurasek


    Thank you for the passionate reminder and cheering onwards! You are so right about the double benefits!

    Wishing you incredible success as well on your ecourse and what comes beyond!


    DavidJ Jurasek


    I hear you, brother, about the pain of not stepping back at times. That’s part of what drives me – my own experiences with that and also with the opposite, of walking out on love, too soon to see it blossom from falling in and out of love and to bear fruit as true love. So hard to know what is best when we are so close to another and feeling unhappy and torn.

    Thanks for affirming that.

    Wondering about the sales page and marketing… how much to emphasize or lead with the PAINS (guilt, torn, fear of hurting, starting over, being alone, etc.) and how much to lead with the BENEFITS (clarity, relief, certainty, power, love, courage, etc.) of going through the course.

    My instincts tell me to touch on the pains and connect them to the GAINS and how to get there. Also about validating the pains (as men may have loads of shame about being where they are at). Ie, “I imagine you’re mad at yourself for being so indecisive and taking so long to make a move. You’re likely torn because you care so much, because this is a terribly difficult decision and you are weighing heavily what is not just best for you but also for your current partner and your futures.”

    Any suggestions or reflections on that?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Sorry I missed this @davidj.

    Definitely touching on the pain points is good, but not poking and prodding til the wounds starts bleedings again (know what I mean?)

    We get deeper into the whole sales letter piece later on up the mountain. I think flush out the course and the authentic, best way to write your copy will become clear.

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