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    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Crew,

    I have seen a fair bit of debate on Thinkific vs Teachable. I know Brad & Andy have been building a great relationship with Teachable so I am leaning to go with them. I have compared all the stats and they look almost identical.

    One of the big turn off’s for Teachable people seem to have is waiting a month to get paid. Is this the main thing you don’t like or are there other significant differences? If that is the main issue, to me it is not that big of a deal. I am more interested in which had better quiz options, aesthetics, and which has the better student discussion platform.

    I would love to hear other thoughts from people who have worked with one or the other or both.

    Does anyone have a Thinkific course built that I could take a look at? Is the presentation of the platform much different?




    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    My opinion is that the only thing someone would want to choose Thinkific over Teachable is because of the instant payouts.

    Teachable has a much more intuitive user interface, cleaner design, and their culture is more aligned with us.

    That said, the month-long pay delay on Teachable is only applicable to the entry level plans.

    If you upgrade to their $100/mo plan, you get instant payouts.

    We just simply like teachable better all-around – the delayed payment is the only downside.

    Also, they are going to be introducing a badge system sometime soon – Thinkific is not 😉

    PS – we have a special deal with them that offers you your second month free.

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    Lisa R

    Great question Chris. I was just thinking about this today too. I’m particularly wondering whether there are options for community building (forums and other social elements) with Teachable (or Thinkific).

    Can you create a community with them? Or would you have to have a main site, link to Teachable / Thinkific for course materials and then have a different area with a different plugin / community building service? If there was a way to build community within Teachable, with the gamification elements they’re adding it would be a more persuasive route for me, whereas currently it feels like Social Learner is the only route that gives me what I’m looking for. Like Chris I’d be curious to see what’s driving others towards Teachable or Thinkific in making sure I pick the right platform for me.

    Thanks for starting this thread Chris!



    Chris Gilmour

    Thanks Andy, My one course is on Teachable right now.  I can’t really see why Thinkific is much better other then that one factor around the payouts, yet I keep hearing ppl say they like Thinkific better. Not sure why, maybe it is just personal preference and what ppl are used to. I listened to a podcast with the founder of Teachable and I also connect with his values and philosophy and that is important to me as well!

    Hey Lisa, I have one course on Teachable and the lack of Community Engagement options is definitely my least favourite thing about the platform. I guess this is tradeoff for how easy it is to set up and host. With that said it seems like this is pretty common amongst the lower price point platforms and the ones that are user friendly and easy to plug your content into. For my course on Teachable I have a link to a private Facebook Group that we do all the student discussions on. Although I would rather this be integrated into the platform, It is working quite fine and the students don’t seem to mind using Facebook at all.

    Have you started using Social Learner yet? How user friendly is it? I am interested in checking it out. This is the Social Learner through




    Anonymous @

    I think I’m leaning towards teachable. Andy in one of your earlier posts you mentioned teachable was going to be introducing badges, do you know if that is available yet?

    I like how I get an email from you guys every time I complete a checkpoint. Wondering if there is a way to implement that if my course is on teachable. Would love to send my “players” a “game piece” each time they finish a module.

    I was also hopping to have each module sponsored, for example when they complete a module they they will be sent a promo code for something….% off wedding invitations…or whatever the lesson pertains to. Wondering the best way to automate that?




    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey there Shannon 🙂

    Teachable has not yet implemented badges, and I have no clue when or even IF they are indeed going to make it happen. All I know is that they have the ability to do it and its apparently half-done.

    You can set up mailing list integrations with Teachable, so you can send automated emails based on student actions such as lesson/module completion, etc.

    They have built-in integrations with ConvertKit and Mailchimp, and more integrations using a third-party tool called Zapier.

    Here’s the documentation:

    For the promo codes, I’d just set up an email automation and base it on a student action and then just put a promo code in that email.

    Does that help?


    Anonymous @

    That’s super helpful, thank you Andy!

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