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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    We are not here to make some boring old ‘info product’ that needs hype to make sales. No no no…

    In episode 11, we discuss the art of transformation, and how you to effectively build a course that is an engaging transformational experience that your students love.

    In it, we share the process of developing your process (which is a process in itself).

    Come climb the mountain with us.

    Watch, listen and check out the show notes for episode 11 down below…

    Show Notes:

    TWEETABLE: “Imagine your eCourse is a mountain. At the top of the mountain is the transformation or end result your student is signing up to achieve. Your job as their guide is to take them from the bottom to the top with the most amount of ease and enjoyability. How you design this experience is YOUR creative vision quest.” – The Great eCourse Adventure

    The Mountain: is the journey. Your student or customer has come to you to help them get to the top of that mountain (end result/transformation). They have put their trust in you to be their guide. They’ve even paid you well. How do you take them from Basecamp to the summit effectively?

    The Path: is your course. You are an experience designer. You must think about how you can most effectively and creatively guide your students to the top of the mountain.

    The problem with the mountain is that it’s full of distractions and traps. You need to come up with creative ways to support your students to stay on the path so they get to the top.


    Checkpoints and Steps: Are how they get to the top. Your course may have multiple checkpoints along the journey to the top, each of them providing a mini transformation, which is building towards the ultimate transformation. Within those checkpoints may be several individual steps (lessons) that your students must take or go through in order to achieve that mini transformation.

    Your course is essentially a series of mini transformations and steps, which lead them up the path to the top of the mountain.

    Advice for all eCourse Creators:

    1. Do not have more than one lesson or call to action within each individual lesson.
    2. Make it easy for your student to win. Shorter, more potent lessons is better than long, drawn out ones.
    3. Use our lesson template, outlined in the show. Each lesson should have a clear purpose and CTA.
    4. Design the lessons first, creativity second.
    5. Create an experience that’s outta the box and never been done before.
    6. Make it up.
    7. Use big paper. Draw a map. Get away from your screen while brainstorming.
    8. Put yourself in the student’s shoes. Create it with them in mind/heart.
    9. Do the exercise given to you at the end of the show. That’s a great starter.
    10. Have fun. This is supposed to be enjoyable and rewarding.

    Much more was covered, but I got tired of typing, so you’re gonna just have to press play and listen or watch.

    Other episodes you’ll probably wanna check out…

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    3. Community Cultivation for eCourse Creators

    We’d love to hear from you about your top takeaways about today’s show. Also, we’re open to your future show recommendations. 

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