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    Lara Newell-Barrette

    So, I already have an e-course aimed at helping people break through their fears because I think fear is at the root of all resistance.  The course I’m hoping to create here is essentially a self care course called ‘ How To Be Your Own BFF’.  I’m hoping to help students break through their fear of being selfish and allow them to see that self care is in fact not only essential to our well being, but it makes us more productive, loving and supportive of the people we care about too.  I’m hoping to facilitate a transformation in how people think about self care using the concept of treat yourself as you would a BFF.  That’s where I’m at right now.

    As far of creative ways to facilitate this kind of breakthrough – Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

    1. Have students commit to one small act of self care daily.  Once they do a week’s worth, they earn some kind of award/reward.
    2. Design your perfect BFF – we could get really creative with this using avatars, graphics, etc., or keep it more simple for those who would rather do something like an illustration and then post a pic of it to share.
    3. Some kind of multiple choice or Gameshow challenge – ‘What Would Your BFF Do/Say’?
    4. A choose your own adventure story – where you take your BFF through a series of scenarios and have to make a choice at the end of each one in order to move on.  The outcome will depend on your choices.  Are you a stressed out, exhausted mess at the end or are you serene, happier and healthier (or somewhere in between)?
    5. Completing certain tasks/etc. can allow you the opportunity to purchase (virtual) things like spa treatments, alone time, yummy treats, etc.



    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Love this course, Lara! So very important too! I’ve experienced firsthand (as I’m sure many have) burnout from over giving. Many times we put other’s needs in front of our own, but we can’t give what we don’t have. I love how you put this:

    help students break through their fear of being selfish and allow them to see that self care is in fact not only essential to our well being, but it makes us more productive, loving and supportive of the people we care about too

    This is great and true! Excited to see it all come together for you and all those you will serve with this!! Great ideas you’ve listed too! I’m ready to earn some of those spa treatments! 😉 I love the daily small self care acts too. You could even have them share them in your community to help keep them accountable to do them, and then see more ideas from other participants. Great for community support and connection! You’ve got some GREAT stuff here!! Self love & self care transformations to be made! Love it!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Loving this and loving your creative ideas you’ve come up with so far.

    I love the idea of giving them different “hypothetical scenarios” that they have to answer what they would do if they were their own BFF. Giving them the opportunity to make new choices and carve new neural pathways. The choose your own adventure idea is super cool!

    Love the rewards element (could find partners like spas, etc…)

    There are a lot of challenge ideas you could come up with and I think giving them clear and specific challenges each day, which also allow them a bit of freedom to do the ‘thing’ in a way that works wiht their life.

    I’d love to hear 10 different self care challenges you could propose to folks: 


    Lara Newell-Barrette

    Hey There!  I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  Just had some top priority family stuff to put my attention on but back in business now.

    10 Self Care challenges I could propose off the top of my head…

    1.  A lot 15 minutes in your daily schedule to do a little self exploration.  Things like writing in a journal, doing, using tools like Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map or something similar to get clear on who you really are and what you want.  A little self awareness goes a long way.
    2.  Do some kind of purposeful movement today (take the stairs, do a short yoga video, go have a swim, go for a walk around the block).  Big or small – your call, but just move your body in a different way than you usually do.
    3.  Plan 2 hours to yourself sometime this week and use it to do something just for you.  Go buy that book you’ve been wanting, do some crafting, treat yourself to a healthy lunch, go to the art gallery, lay on the beach, see a movie, whatever you choose.  But it can only be you time – no kids, no friends, no partners, no pets, no social media….
    4.  Make the appointment you’ve been putting off – Dr., Dentist, Therapy – whatever it is you KNOW you need to do but are avoiding.  Self care ain’t always easy.
    5.  Practice saying no to something you really don’t want to do this week.  Sorry, I’m too overbooked to go to that work lunch, or no, I can’t commit to doing the extra carpool shift this week, no – I don’t want to be the fundraising chair this year.  You choose – just make it something that you know you’re heart’s just not into.
    6.  Pick a job you’ve been putting off and get started!  This may sound like the opposite of self care but once you clean out that junk drawer, organize that closet, clear out all those old, useless emails, you will feel like a million bucks and you’ll make space for new, fresher energy to enter your sphere.
    7.  Have that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off.  Tell your boss you’re feeling swamped, let your mother in law know you love her, but you don’t always have time for a three hour phone chat on Sunday night, ask you spouse, tell your friend that you can’t always be her go to babysitter when her regular one backs out…. Whatever it is that’s weighing on your mind, deal with it in a mature, respectful, self loving way.  You will be grateful once the conversation’s been had.  Easing those mental/emotional burdens is the ultimate in self care.
    8.  Prep some healthy food for lunches this week.  Instead of relying on last minute take out, eating the kids’ leftover mac and cheese or not eating at all because you don’t have time, do a little work on the front end, so that when the time comes, you’ve got some healthy, already prepped choices on hand.  Your body will love you for it.
    9.  Big on Coffee or Soda?  Try replacing just one cup or can a day with a healthier option – like herbal tea, club soda with lemon, fruit flavoured water, fresh juice… One small choice at a time, is far less overwhelming and can add up to big and positive changes over time.
    10  Give your kids a little more responsibility.  Often times we just do it ourselves because we think it’s easier or our kids aren’t going to do it the way we would.  But does it really matter if the forks and knives are on the wrong side of the dinner plate?  Would it be the end of the world if you let Sally dress herself and she wore mismatched socks?  Start with small jobs and go from there.  This is a win win because you are teaching your kids life skills, giving them some responsibility which makes them feel great, AND you get 10 extra minutes to do something else.  Or to just sit and have a cup of tea.

    That’s what I have right now 🙂  I’ve got ideas up the wazoo – it’s the execution part that I could use some guidance with.  Looking forward to learning more about how to go about building these kinds of challenges or rewards into my course.

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