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    Deanna Gibbons

    I’ve been working on my theme all evening.  I decided to go with the theme Mission Possible.   I started by writing down anything I could think of that pertained to spies, FBI, CIA, etc. Not only nouns but action verbs as well.  I actually found that as I was working out how the theme would apply to my different modules, certain words I brainstormed made me think of more things to add into my course.  Here is what I have come up with(and it is still very much a work in progress) There are still some places where I am not sure how to themify.  Or just that I themified it but I am still not quite happy with it. I’m also not sure that I’ve incorporated enough of the community service aspect.  Wow, this was a CHALLENGE.

    #Teenspark – Build a business. Ignite change.

    #Teenspark is a fun, engaging course where rookie agents learn to start a business that sparks change in their community and beyond.  The modules will be called Missions, the videos within the missions are briefings, checkpoints will be Sit Reps (maybe?). I need to come up with some fun badges.  Throughout the course I will have mission alerts, sabotages (where they have to problem solve) and incident reports (where they report challenges they are stuck on and get help from others). Mind you I have NO idea how I will implement these things.  But I’m pretty techy so I’m sure I will figure it out as I go.

    Mission 1 – Mission Control
    Introduce rookie agents to the lay of the land and get your Mission. Learn basic protocols for the course.  Learn about the resistance you will encounter and how to thwart it.  Get your background check and fingerprinting and learn the basic skills every agent needs to complete their mission. Get to know your partners and Chief. (that’s me!)

    Mission 2 – Form your alliance
    Rookies will identify the cause they are supporting in their community and form their alliances by analyzing their passions, zoning in on local vulnerabilities (problems in the community they can help solve).

    Mission 3 – League of Mentors (not thrilled with this)
    Rookie agents will assemble their league of mentors composed of senior operatives (parents), experts, and fellow agents.

    Mission 4 – Intelligence Gathering
    Rookies will gather intelligence and create their villain dossiers by researching their competitors, form their plan of attack (business plan) by deciding what type of business they will form (products or services), identifying their target (markets) and validating their ideas.

    Mission 5 – Proper Protocols
    Agents must learn how to adhere to proper government protocols during their mission to ensure success. Discover how to form your business, get the proper paperwork, pay your taxes and open your bank accounts.

    Mission 6 – Your (not so) Secret Identity
    Get your not so secret business identify in place, including your name, slogan, logo,  mission statement and other brand assets in place.

    Mission 7 – Gadgets
    Every great spy needs to get gadgets.  Get your hardward, software, supplies, systems and tools in place to run your business.

    Mission 8 – Secure your assets
    Assets are necessary to your business. Learn how to secure a checking account, get start up money, set your prices and decipher your books.  Bookkeeping isn’t as perilous as you might think.

    Mission 9 – How to become the Most Wanted
    Learn how to market your business so that you are the most wanted entrepreneur in your town.  Offline marketing to online marketing is covered in the mission.

    Mission 10 – MISSION POSSIBLE
    Mission accomplished. You’ve done it! Now it’s time to open your own Spy school.  Learn how to grow your business for the future and ignite an uprising as you bring in new agents to carry on your mission.


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan


    The first thing I thought of for your #3 was League of Extraordinary Gentle(wo)men, which is kinda spyish…or you could go the direction of recruiting their support team.

    And, just for sparking creativity, my usual expansions on various three-letter agencies:

    • CIA – Center for Ignorance and Apathy
    • FBI – Federal Bureau of Intimidation
    • NSA – No Such Agency

    Looking forward to hearing more. (About your ecourse, not necessarily more bad backronyms! 🙂 )


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is so awesome. I am really excited about this idea and can see you having so much fun creating the “Confidential PDF Handouts” with the big red stamp on them. I could see you as a way to build community, get kids to take a selfie of themselves for their “Profile Picture” where they’re sharing about themselves so everyone’s spied out. They could even come up with their Spy name.

    This is such a rad Idea. I would’ve been all over this as a kid.

    The thing that doesn’t 100% feel aligned (at least for me) is the link of TeenSpark and Mission Possible. I think it needs to be one or the other, otherwise it’s confusing. I’d personally go with Mission Possible because it fits your spy theme. YOu can obviously make the URL something that is or something like that. Or make the URL your tagline. Lots of things you can do here.

    That is 100% my opinion and I encourage you not to worry about at this point. It’s more productive to stay in the creative zone and let the name be known when it’s ready.

    Great job on this. You should definitely create a glossary of words, terms and language in a Google Doc so you can keep track of your language. Giving each thing a little definition, etc… That’ll help a lot with branding.

    Love @waynebuckhanan suggestions and acronyms.

    Great job!!

    As for the tech. That’s fantastic that you’re a techie. @andyfreist I’m sure can point you in the right direction for the software to use for everything you need.


    Deanna Gibbons

    @waynebuckhanan Thanks for the suggestions.  I love the NSA Acronym.  I have to find a way to integrate that.

    @bradleytmorris I have all kinds of ideas about how to come up with PDFs, graphics and other assets for the course.  I’ve also asked my daughters (ages 13 and 17) and several other teens to be my advisory board to help me with the course. I agree with what you said regarding teenspark and mission possible. (My daughter said the same thing) I was feeling the disconnect as well.  Teenspark was just something I had before I came up with the theme that I felt really good about UNTIL I decided on the theme.  I  am going to look into Mission Possible domains and use that instead.  Maybe I will save teenspark for a community service course I’ve been mulling over.

    One other thing I am not really feeling is the slogan.  (at least the first half) If anyone would like to brainstorm some slogans, I’d love to hear suggestions.


    Deanna Gibbons

    I should mention too one of the reasons I am not happy with the slogan is that it isn’t clear that the course is for teens.  I know that can be in the copy of the landing page, but should it be in the slogan as well?


    Lisa R

    Deanna – I love this theme. So much fun, and so much potential for cool stuff!

    I’m thinking you could build dossiers, undergo recon missions, vary ‘desk’ work with ‘field’ work. And for the game aspects you could maybe bury clues in the materials for your rookies to find and piece together to win points/prizes?!

    I’ll keep thinking about your tagline. I’ve had similar difficulties with mine and am now applying a ‘let’s leave it to percolate and see what surfaces’ kind of approach. It’s helped me settle on a name so I’m hoping it will also soon work wonders on the tagline.



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Wow, this is so awesome. Congrats on pushing through the challenge and making it happen.

    I bet it feels GREAT to have the foundation of your course well on its way to completion 🙂


    Deanna Gibbons

    Thanks so much for your input @lisa.russell! I like the desk work vs field work and will incorporate that as well. I’m going to keep working on the slogan, because I won’t sleep tonight until I at least have a few alternatives.  Got my notepad next to the bed for that reason.


    Deanna Gibbons

    Hey @andyfreist you are right that it feels great to have the foundation in place.  I actually put the course on hold for a few months earlier this year because I just didn’t have the focus I needed and was feeling adrift.  Having given the course a theme and worked through it a bit has renewed my sense of urgency in getting it out into the world.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    My suggestion for the slogan is to come up with your top ten and post them here. That gives us something to start with and from there we can all refine together   🙂

    If you’re not at video 6 at Creatora Heights yet, watch that first!

    If you’ve watched it, maybe consider watching it again.

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