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    Chris Gilmour

    Ok, for those that were on the webinar 2 weeks back, I have been working on a survey. This has been a great lesson in refining. I think this is pretty close to the final draft so any feedback and thoughts would be great. I plan on creating the actual survey through survey monkey. A few specific questions I have for you:

    – Is it short enough to hold your attention and not be much of an inconvenience?

    – Do you understand all the questions?

    – Should the intro text be even shorter or do you like it as is? Please vote!

    – Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    Thanks! Here it is:


    **I intend to have a shot video intro to go with this as well (approx 2 min)**

    Are YOU and your community ready for climate change? Do you have the skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in a changing world?

    Over the past 15 years I have been working diligently at being able to say YES to the above questions and helping individuals, families and communities do the same.

    In a time when many people are concerned about the future , we have the ability to be proactive and choose empowerment and innovation over fear and complacency.

    A new project is in the works with the goal of helping individuals and communities thrive in changing times. It would mean a LOT to me if you could answer these 5 short questions to help guide this project.

    As a THANK YOU, everyone who participates will be entered into a draw for some awesome prizes to help you be ahead of the game and be part of the solution!


    1) What are your top 3 concerns about the state of the world and the impact it will have on the next 5 -10 years of your life?


    2) Would you like expert help in being more prepared for climate change and a changing world? (Multiple choice: Yes, No)


    3) Would you like to learn more about any of the following topics: ( will be a multiple choice question: yes, no, I know this already)

    – Ways to prepare your home & lifestyle for the effects of climate change
    – Techniques for growing food during a drought

    – Creating emergency preparedness kits for your home, car, workplace
    – Fun ways to introduce children to emergency preparedness
    – The 10 – 20 year predictions for climate change in your region.
    – Learning what to do during extreme events such as: Tornado’s, Earthquakes, Winter Power Outages, etc.

    – Ways to prepare for emerging diseases such as Lyme Disease & antibiotic residence bacteria.
    – Ways to deal with the grief & fear that come up around climate change & the world
    – Strategies to navigate a changing economy
    – Learning to protect yourself and family (self defence, situational awareness & security)
    – Using best practices in internet/online security
    – Other – Fill in the blank


    4) What are some of the main barriers that hold you back from achieving your ideal lifestyle?
    **This does not have to be related to other topics addressed in this survey, it can include anything.


    5) What 3 online learning resources (website, blog, podcast, youtube channel, etc) do you visit the most?
    **Please list actual name or url



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    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Yeah it is short enough to not me a bother. Questions were clear, I understood what you were asking for all of them and it’s nice that some of the questions are yes or no so it’s nice and easy



    Hey Chris,

    Great survey.  I like the questions and it’s a good length.  Have you thought about a personal assessment section to the test where you can get a snapshot of your audience, and they also can get a perspective on their readiness.  Something like…

    On a scale of 1-10, if there was a climate related “disaster” that knocked out all utilities, how prepared do you consider yourself?   or

    How familiar are you with short and long term climate change projections? (Scale or describe)

    What do you know about the 20-100 year projections for your regions regarding climate and its effects?

    Check off the following that you have at home

    • first aid kit
    • emergency kit (water, food, etc.)
    • water catchment
    • garden
    • knowledge of wild foraging
    • fishing/hunting or wild food gathering

    etc etc.

    These kinds of questions would get me thinking, especially if I don’t have good answers to some of these questions (and you might have solutions).

    Maybe this is a totally different survey.

    Do you have any “thank yous” you can give people for doing your survey (something written, or video etc.) as a way to get them to do your survey (and give an email).

    Awesome stuff.

    Is that a homemade bow in your profile picture?




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow Chris, massive improvement!! You have really scaled this back. Love Kenneth’s suggestions too.

    Would love to see how it’ll be laid out on the real survey (

    Way to go man. This is something I”d fill out 100%.

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