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    Luma Malone

    I’ve Been offline the past month while the forest spirits have been working on me!! Here’s the big outline so far…. I am still in the midst of downloading tons of material, a lot of it in cartoon diagrams. So I just have to surrender and stay open to what’s flowing here and now. Eventually I hope (soon!?) to begin to distill all this material down into a tasty, well balance, nourishing offering. This will likely be a series of courses. Apparently this is happening in divine timing, not ego clock time…!

    1. What is the eCourse that you are inspired to create, all about?
    How to more skillfully navigate in multiple reality fields as a multi-dimensional highly subtle sensory BEing. Learn how to manage overwhelm, anxiety and fear freak outs, identify and update obsolete programming (beliefs, thought forms, old fear based survival strategies, ancestral baggage, soul trauma, karmic imprints) stay attuned your Unified Higher Subtle Self and feel the BIG LOVE no matter what.

    2. Out of all of the options, WHY are you most excited to create this eCourse?
    I LOVE this stuff and could talk about it all day. Personally, I want to shift the majority of my work to online so I can live wherever I need to be and interact with groups in the subtle field and minimize in-person physical energy expenditures. And to share what I’ve learned through personal experience and learn more by facilitating interaction with the amazing folks who are on this epic journey.

    3.Describe WHO you are creating this eCourse for.
    People who are on the path of awakening, participating in the re-evolution of human consciousness through ascension and are wired for big change. And more specifically, the Awesome unsung heroes and teams of LightWeavers who have been anchoring light in the density trenches, doing deep dark dirty shadow work, have taken on a lot of heavy collective soul trauma and are here to make the shift out of a closed planetary system to ascend/descend/return to OPEN FLOW freedom. And even more specifically, the folks who have super highly subtle sensitive plasma bodies, feel like alien fish out of water on earth and have had a very rough go of it trying to manage ‘normal’ 3D human life.

    4. Describe the TRANSFORMATION of benefits they will receive by going through your eCourse.
    1. Learn processes to effectively and efficiently identify, acknowledge, feel and clear personal/ancestral lineage/other dimensional sources of trauma and suffering.
    2. Re-align, Attune and open communication lines with Higher Unified Self for internal guidance and mentorship.
    3. Understand your Multi-dimensional anatomy. Update, upgrade, re-wire and reset multi-dimensional circuits, bodies and energy fields to finally embody a sense of well being and sacredness in your physical body. Restore balance and flow in sympathetic/parasympathetics. Open portals of perception and communication between internal (unseen/dark matter) and external (visible/light particles) environments.
    4. Activate and turn on latent gifts, abilities, to step more fully into way showing, mentoring and planetary grid support roles.
    5. Shift out of old polarized fear and conflict based strategies, de-polarize and restore internal balance.
    6. Dance, feel joy, pleasure and celebrate, knowing you ARE always Home.

    5. Using your skills and resources, HOW do you intend to facilitate the ultimate transformation?
    1. Foundational yogic practices audios and videos: Breathing (pranayama), Relaxation (yoga nidra) , accessing Theta brain wave states (pratyahara, dharana), entering Unified Field consciousness (dhyana)
    2. Embodiment through movement. Shake UP your molecules with dance mixes by DJ Luma. Connect and refresh with Gaia. Get outside and commune in nature multi-dimensional adventure missions.
    3. Guided journeys and activation audios (some recorded, some live calls) to open and access more subtle states of consciousness and the unified/akashic field where the re-programming and updates happen instantly. Access inter-dimensional PTS Recovery Centres, re-orientation platforms and higher dimensional memory via the akashic records.
    4. Live Q&A and group energy clearing and attunement calls.
    5. Come out of hiding and isolation by connecting at the online “Holodeck Café” forum to share experiences, feel validated, witnessed, acknowledged, reconnect with other lightweaver team members and share resources.
    6. PDF’s and audios. Upload and install “short cut” energy management techniques and tools to manage overwhelm, fried circuits, empathic toxicity, fear and control tactics. Upgrade to a new lighter version of your spiritual warrior self.

    6. If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its PERSONALITY or Vibes?
    A wise, compassionate Inter-Stellar Mystical BEing Collective with a goofy sense of humour, who translates information from the subtle quantum field into 3D TV sitcom languaging, with a healthy sprinkling of ancient magic. ( Imagine a mash up of Star Trek, Bewitched, Wonder Woman, Merlin, Alien Surf Girls and Mako Mermaids).
    “We know humans spend hours looking at flat screens, so we figured if we tap in through the entertainment culture and speak to them directly through their devices, we might finally get through to them!”


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    My apologizes for not seeing this sooner @lumasphera, I was just cruising through old posts and saw that you wrote this and had no feedback. Next time, if we leave you lost in the fog. Give us a shout-out so we can come find you 🙂

    Having done all kinds of different healing experiences, including a lot of theta healing, this definitely feels like it’s going to be a great deep dive for people. One you may want to model off of because it’s been soooo wildly successful is “Unlimited Abundance” with Christy Marie Sheldon.

    She takes a very non New Age approach and has found a way to support thousands of people to shed their ancient, old layers. I’ve taken her course a couple times. It’s great.

    Definitley worth checking out and seeing how she does it as a way to get inspiration.

    My question for you to ponder is:

    What is ONE specific thing you want to help people clear. If you could narrow it down to one area of their life. Would it be abundance? Relationships? Anxiety? Health?

    I think the more focused you can be, the better. You need to have a really specific goal and outcome with your course.

    Obviously, once you have one (say Abundance), then you can create anothe course on the other topics that weren’t covered. But stick to one result per course.

    That’s my thoughts.


    Luma Malone

    Thanks @bradleytmorris for doubling back and finding me in the fog. It’s been a much slower slog than i expected. Recently relocated to Victoria and have been down with flu for past 2 weeks too. I’m also participating in an event this weekend here in Victoria, Root:Rewild Yourself. A few other folks from the course are dishing up their offerings there too. And i get an opportunity to take a group on a transformational journey in the forest. A little research and test run!

    Thanks for you advice on streamlining the course to ONE thing. At this point it will either be Relationship with Self: Self Love and/or Say NO when you need to: Maintaining Healthy Energetic Boundaries for Empaths.

    I will check out the link you suggested. Thanks.

    I’m in a big creative flow, making the most of it. Catching pieces as they land. Not yet clear how many shapes it is all going to take- ecourse, ebook, workshop/call series, maybe even an animated short video. And its taking longer than i expected. Realistically my ecourse launch date will be Fall 2016. That date feels doable to me. Something big is moving through and I need to give it lots of space.

    In the meantime, its feel very beneficial to be part of this ecourse adventure experience. Keeps me focused on the goal of completion and creatively inspired . The community that is gathering around this hub is so whole hearted and authentic. I’ve connected up with really wonderful folks whom i wouldn’t have found on my own. I can feel lots of great things being potently seeded … the shape of good things to come. Thank you for your commitment and awesome ongoing enthusiasm.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks so much for the update @lumasphera. Glad your creative fire is stoked and keeping you warm with all the community connections you’ve made and experience you’re having. We’re really aiming to create the ultimate experience for all of you that helps get you to the top of this crazy mountain!! Hope you’re feeling much better and more energized.

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