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    Lisa R

    It’s time to give this thing a name!

    So, by way of a reminder, my course is a superhero-themed career change experience.

    I’ve done a first brainstorm on names (and tried to put to one side my ‘Superwork’ name idea which has now been the working title for so long it’s hard for me to imagine it being called anything else, but I need to be thorough here – Superwork may not be the best name…)

    So far I have:

    The Superwork Project
    Superwork Mission
    Superwork Academy
    Superwork League
    Career Avengers (thanks to Dr Wayne for this idea)
    Career Avengers Academy
    Herowork Academy
    Supercharged careers
    My super career change
    Career change superheroes
    Career change heroes

    I’m sure I could come with a few more for the list, but, as Brad and Andy warned, I don’t want to get too hung up on it, so I’m trying to blast through it and find something that’s immediately resonant and then move on.

    For taglines, so far I have:

    Find work you love. Save the planet.
    Find your superpowers. Step into work you love.
    Career change rocketfuel for a generation of superheroes
    Join the League of Extraordinary Career Changers
    Be the career change hero you were born to be
    Be a hero. Boss your career change.

    I found these so much harder. Again I’m sure there’s loads on untapped potential in superhero mythology, but I’m trying to do a quick swoop for something now.

    Would love to hear your thoughts, and especially looking forward to hearing what your naming brain has to say about these @bradleytmorris!



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I’m liking the first one from each list…what about:

    “Superwork: Find work you love and save the planet. No tights required.”



    Jessica Antonelli

    I think Superwork is already great! It sounds like something that’s already well established, it has a solid feel to it, while also being really exciting.

    I have to agree with Dr. Wayne on this one.
    Superwork: Find the work you love. Save the planet.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey @lisa.russell, I have been thinking about this for a few hours and I gotta say, I can’t think of anything better than SUPERWORK.

    Question: Did you buy because it’s not available?

    Solution: If you didn’t, you could always go with
    Super Work Academy would be your umbrella for the Superwork course.

    As for a tagline:

    Simple, clear and potent is better.

    I like: Find the work you love. Save the planet.

    But: Will your WHO be drawn to “Save the planet.” We definitely want to tie the Super hero theme into the tagline, while describing the ultimate transformation, while avoiding being cheesy LOL

    “Find the work you love” is clear.

    I’d encourage you to come up with another 5-10 second sentence taglines that bring the superhero theme in just in case Save the planet isn’t quite the right match. What other benefits will they receive that can tie into the Superwork idea?

    I am going to sit with this. 


    Lisa R

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>That’s so good to hear @waynebuckhanan. @jescantonelli and @bradleytmorris !</p>
    Superwork is still my favourite and honestly it’d be a mental wrench to change it now (even though I’m open to that) as I’ve just gotten so used to it! It’s great to have that objectively validated by people who don’t have that association.

    One slight problem, as you spotted Bradley. The domain is gone and is owned by some dude in China. When I try to visit the site to see what’s there, if it’s parked, etc., my AV actually blocked it as a malware threat. So even if I can get Superwork Academy (which I’d be really happy with) might people still mistakenly go to the malware domain and get a really negative impression of my project by association? Do you think this could be a problem?

    If so I think my current runner up is Career Avengers. This domain is currently available.

    It’s so cool you’re all agreeing on the tag lines!  Love the ‘no tights’ addition, Dr Wayne!

    As as for the ‘save the planet’ bit and my ‘Who’, this is something I did feel a bit of a mismatch around. I hope ‘save the planet’ comes across as tongue in cheek because of the theme, but it might not. I see my Who as being dissatisfied and purpose-driven millennials, so for them the idea of contribution and service could be a strong pull, but I felt a slight disconnect because I wonder if ‘Save the planet’ implies socially impactful, environmental or charity-based work? Obviously, work can be Superwork for varied reasons; while all are valuable contributions to the world, they won’t all unequivocally ‘save the planet’. Does this make sense? I’m finding it tricky to express!

    Will definitely brainstorm some more second sentence tag lines, though I’ll wait till I have a fresh brain in the morning!





    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan


    What about “Find the work you love. Become your own hero.”?

    As far as domains, have you emailed fly797@gmail to ask about buying It has just been renewed for another 3 years, so factor that into what you’re willing to pay (and know that ahead of time!). and are both available. So is I do wonder about the implications of you not having How likely are people to just type it in the browser?

    Will continue to ponder for you. (Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky?)



    Lisa R

    Same thing I ponder every day, Dr. Wayne!

    In case it makes a difference to your ponderings I’ve just discovered a website at which seems to be a German website dedicated to helping people find work they love. Even though it’s in a different language it feels a little close for comfort.

    And a tweaked idea to throw into the pot – Mission Superwork.

    @andyfriest – would love to hear your input on this when you have a moment!

    More potential tag lines to be added later today…




    Lisa R

    Further updates:

    @waynebuckhanan – I don’t want to contact fly797 to ask about until I have a B-plan I’m happy with bought and registered, just in case he’s a domain flipper. But I will do when I have something. Thanks for flagging this!

    I just bought Superwork Academy just to get it reserved.

    Best current name ideas:

    Superwork Academy
    Career Avengers
    Superwork Careers
    Mission Superwork

    New tagline ideas for ‘Find work you love. Save the planet’:

    Find work you love. Step into your superpowers.
    Find work you love. Be your hero.
    Find work you love. Become your hero.
    Find work you love. KAPOW.
    Career change training for your inner hero.

    Ugh. This is hard!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Superwork Academy: Find work you Love. KAPOW! (made me laugh)

    Finding work that makes you feel Super!

    Finding a career that makes you feel super!

    Get the ultimate revenge on your shitty job. Find work you love!

    Just some quick ideas to throw down. 

    I think I like Superwork more than anything and Superwork Academy makes sense. It’s where all the Superworkers get their employ on!




    Lisa R

    Yeah!!! Thanks Brad.

    I’m really loving the playfulness of the Kapow one actually. It kinda sums up what I’m trying to do with this project, and if it made you laugh then that’s already a good start!

    I’m now thinking about these kinds of taglines:

    For careers with KAPOW.
    Find your inner hero. Do work with KAPOW.

    Interestingly I opened a poll in my new Facebook focus group and asked the group which name they liked best. Overwhelmingly they agreed on Career Avengers. Food for thought. I’ve now bought too, just so I’ve now got some time to decide between that and SuperworkAcademy, and to give it time to grow on me! One possible benefit of Career Avengers is that there’s nothing else with an even vaguely similar name, plus I can still call the actually learning programme part of it the Superwork Academy, and I can still refer to work you love as Superwork throughout the online world I’m creating. That’s kinda cool.

    For example:

    Career Avengers: For Careers with KAPOW.
    Career Avengers: Find your Superwork. KAPOW.
    Career Avengers: Find work you love. KAPOW.

    Wondering if there’s a UK / US thing happening here? All the people I’ve asked on the other side of the pond seem to like Superwork, whereas over here they’re tending towards Career Avengers. Interesting! I just want to make sure the name ‘travels’ well.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Career Avengers is super cool too @lisa.russell

    Which name feels more rooted, real and alive to you?

    When you read those taglines, do any of them feel like “IT?”
    Do they describe the transformation and theme in a clear and simple way?


    Lisa R

    So, I’ve left this to percolate for a little longer, came up with some other ideas, did a poll in my Facebook focus group and people are definitely connecting with this:

    Career Avengers

    Career change with KAPOW.

    This feels good in lots of ways. It says what it does, it’s simple, it describes how it’s different, nods to the theme, gives a sense of power and fun. I like it a lot. This is probably the closest I’ve gotten to feeling like I might have found ‘IT’.

    The only thing I’m a little concerned about is the repetition of the word career, which I’m not sure is best practice. Do you think this could be an issue?



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Love how simple it is @lisa.russell.

    Perhaps changing to: “Change your Career with KAPOW!”

    I don’t think it’ll be problem having career twice. Might be better if it’s not the first word in tag and name though.

    Try some that use “work’ or words like that and see if you come up with anything that’s still as simple and clear.


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