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    Catie Wolf

    Hello from Catie Wolf in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia.

    I’m a small business coach who is wanting to teach natural therapists to transform their business from something ordinary to something extraordinary.

    Why I signed up for The Great eCourse Adventure: I have spent the last year struggling to put my course together and coming across your course I realised I needed help, so this looks like a super fun way to learn how to put an eCourse together and will give me the structure and accountability I need. Thank you!!!

    What kind of e-course I want to create: At the moment I want to create a 7 module course that takes my customers through the process of micro-niching, getting a PHD in their clients problems and then creating an awesome solution (product). Along the way they’ll learn about pitching, branding, websites, social media, blogging, vlogging and partnerships.

    What makes me come most alive is: Helping people transform, learning new things, friends & family, reading, gardening, travel and good design.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    What a wonderful asset and addition you are to the crew of adventurers on the mountain

    So glad you found this adventure to be the right kind of inspiring, supportive, structured guide that you’re looking for. @andyfreist and I will be more than happy to offer the tools you need to get your idea off the ground.

    Loving the clarity you’ve got already. We’re gonna dial that in even more!!

    Happy trails to you!


    sharon Lock

    Hi Catie,

    Great to meet you here and to share the journey. That’s an awesome course idea you have! : )


    Catie Wolf

    Hey Sharon,
    Thanks!, your course sounds like it’s going to be great too.
    Keep in touch and let me know how you’re going 🙂


    andrea Bonsey

    Hi Catie

    Your course sounds wonderful…

    Have fun on the mountain 🙂


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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