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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    We’d love to know how you think we can make the entire Great eCourse Adventure experience better!

    If you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear from you.

    How can we make:

    • the course
    • the lessons
    • the community forum
    • the resources
    • the onboarding process
    • the outer space webinar adventure
    • the coaching webinars
    • the podcast
    • the ways we support you
    • and anything else



    Suggestion Box


    Penny Claringbull

    Hi there Brad!

    It would be good to put the timing breakdowns wherever the podcast is available (like it is in the archived episodes on here). I find it breaks down the barriers to listening because you can see what’s on rather than blindly dedicating 1 hour to an unknown quantity. Not that you and Andy are an unknown quantity of course!

    However, I am still much more likely to listen when I can see it laid out. Joanna Penn on A Creative Penn does this too but it seems to be a minority who do. It may be a double-edged sword because some people might decide not to listen, but it works for me.



    Lorraine Watson

    @bradleytmorris @andyfreist – suggestion for getting a more involvement in your podcasts:

    A technique Tad Hargrave uses to get people involved is to ask a question and then have people post answers in the comments / chat.

    So for example, if you were topic was email list building, the podcast might start off with something like

    Hey, we’re talking about email lists today” blah, blah, blah

    Before we jump into our material, let’s hear your ideas.

    First let’s take a look at what you dislike most about emails you receive.

    We’ll post the question in the chat box, and then you post your answers underneath.

    Let’s take 10 minutes to do that.

    … [read comments, encourage more, repeat the question, etc for 10 minutes]

    Great work guys. Now lets look at great emails. When you think about the emails you love receiving, what makes them great? What qualities do they have?

    … [read comments, encourage more, repeat the question, etc for 10 minutes]

    Thanks guys. That’s really awesome work! What an amazing list of things we should and shouldn’t do to make people love getting our emails!

    [segue into your material]


    You can do that kinda of format with pretty much anything. It’s great for getting people involved, paying attention, generating ideas and taking some of the load off of you.


    I think it can also help take a bit of the pressure off for you guys being in “teacher mode” where everyone is looking to you for info (traditional podcast format) and shifting a bit more into a the more relaxed pace / feel you’re looking for.

    Anyhooooo, just a thought.




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Penny! Welcome back to the mountain. Great to see you here with us again   😀

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    At the moment we have “Show Notes” that kind of summarizes that main points of discussion.

    For the coaching webinars we DO have the times of main topics talked about. But we hire someone to do that (in exchange for her free membership).

    I think for right now we’re just going to stick with the show notes and resources at the bottom, as it would add quite a bit of clutter to the “blog” pages we’re doing if we did times as well. (i think)



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Lorraine! Thanks for being present with us today.

    This is a great suggestion. We’ll give it a try in next week’s episode.

    Thanks for taking the time to drop your thoughts into the suggestion box.

    Your feedback was really valuable for the webinar page today too!


    Lorraine Watson

    @bradleytmorris – have fun with giving it a try. I’ll have to watch on replay. Tad’s marketing course is at the same time for the next two weeks. BTW – you should see if you can get Tad as a guest speaker for the coaching calls, or do a video interview with him. Would be awesome, complimentary material for GEA.


    Penny Claringbull

    Yes, that makes sense re: clutter. But maybe just advertise that complete timings are available at <i>insert link</i>?

    I guess the main thing is they can be found somewhere, which they can so it’s all good 🙂


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Brad,

    I have not been on the mountain (at least not the ePlatform part of the mountain, been doing tons on my own) that much lately, so I feel a little out of the loop. My honest opinion thus far as that you guys are doing an awesome job on almost everything and it seems like all the little kinks that come up you get fixed pretty quick. I have already witnessed you listen to an integrate a ton of student feedback since the course started so I am very impressed and very satisfied with my experience so far.

    I’m not sure if you and the team are feeling challenged by a lack of regular engaugement from a lot of students, but I’m not really sure what you could do about it. Myself for example, I get really bust on my course for a while and am engauging on here a lot, then I get busy with other life commitments and disappear for a while. I don’t think you could do aything that would stop that from being part of my cycle unless you want to come over and help with some housework or teach a cpl workshops for me so I can stay focused on writting my course.

    One thing that may be helpful to others ad has effected my journey is this:

    I got intimidated and concerned about not having a formal list/following and was finding it hard to put a ton of work into a course without already having a market base to sell to. I guess this stems from fear of putting in a lot of work and then not being able to sell. Thus the past 2 months I have spent almost all my “eCourse Adventure planning time”, working on my landing page, getting a newslist established and starting to build up my social media follwing. There was SO much to learn in that process. I also had a hard time being truly creative when I could not picture the “how”. How was I actually going to craete all this when I new so little about all the tech stuff. So I jumped ahead and spent a bunch of time researching the tech side of it. This just seemed logical t me and the way my mind works. I feel like I finally have some momentum building with my list building and I have a foundation for my tech set-up. Now I am finally  feeling more confident to start investing time into the course again, knowing I can pull of the tech stuff and I have a growing following who is interested.

    I’m not sure if this has been a factor for others as well, but if it is, maybe a change to the adventure map could help.

    What if you went through to Architek Heights. Then there was another checkpoint around product validation, and list/social media building. This could event be a part 1 of this that just gets the ball rolling. There could be a couple video’s in here on learning to you some of the tech pieces as tools to build your list and start validation.

    Then once people feel like they have validation for their ideas, are starting to build a following and have the confidence that they can learn the tech side, they can start diving deep into the creative side of things.

    I’m not sure how others would feel about this and wether it would have been useful or not, but this is how my journey has gone and thought it may be useful for you to know that.

    Regardless, I still think this platform is awesome, I love the teaching styles and the community. I wish I could just buy this LMS platform off you guys to run my courses on it!

    Keeo up the great work!



    Laurie Heer

    This might dredge up a bit of resistance, but I’m going to throw it out there anyway.

    Early on in my career I taught from the perspective of “I can teach you how to do this! Just trust me and follow my lead. Reading ahead? Checking your email? If you want to learn something from this course you really need to be adults and pay attention to what I am trying to teach you.” Some of this was just a mental conversation I was having, but even so, I needed to shift my thinking.

    This mind shift is easily the most valuable lesson I’ve learned on my own journey

    It’s not my class. It’s not about me and was never about me. It’s about the student experience, which is as unique and diverse as the students themselves. Who’s class is it? It’s yours. Own it. Take responsibility for your learning and your experience. I am your guide, but this is your journey.

    So how does this apply to The Great eCourse Adventure?

    Videos – Many of the videos are too long and topics are repeated as if you are delivering them live. If we want to hear it again we can click on the play bar and listen again. I’m finding that I have started to assume that I’ve learned everything there is to learn from the video when you are about half way through, but then I (sometimes) stick it out to see if you throw in something at the end. This leaves me feeling like my time wasn’t valued and I was just watching you enjoy your theme and the experience of recording. I really think you guys are close here, but that you still need to edit out 20-50% of each video.

    Locked Course Progression – You have students coming from all different experience levels and at different points in their course creation process. Trust them to be the adults that they (we) are and let them (us) self-serve the information we need.  Consider changing the pricing model if you are worried about membership levels. Offer fist module free, and let us purchase the entire course or just the checkpoints that we need. Forum access included with purchase of a single checkpoint. Coaching calls are only for people who have purchased x modules or the entire course. Your trail guide is amazing (as are all of the course graphics)! Trust us to fully get there there is a reason things should be tackled in the order they are presented in the guide. Forcing us into your locked course progress creates learners who will ‘mark complete’ things without doing the work because they are pretty sure that the information they came here to get is still ahead somewhere… or at least they hope it is. I signed up after the LearnDash call. The info I came to get was actually in the forums, not in the course videos. I’ve enjoyed the course but feel as if I’ve lost way too many days trying to make the little bit of progress that I’ve made. I’ve really enjoyed the coaching call and the forum (especially when I felt challenged). I hoped to see more around selecting an eCommerce platform as that was specifically mentioned in the podcast, but not address here (at least where I could find it).

    Forums – I love the forums! But sometimes I felt that what to post where got way too complicated.

    Evernote – I love the idea and I LOVE my resulting journal, but you are losing a lot of opportunity to see what your students value by hosting that information in Evernote instead of within your WordPress site.

    Analytics – Data has power and can answer many of the questions you have about the student experience. I’m imaging the that Evernote stuff was actually in the text of the lesson, instead of outside of it. When someone enters a lesson, do they immediately push play on the video or do they start reading?? If they push play, where do they pause, rewind, stop. Is the entire video watched? What length of time did they spend with the video? Were they doing other things on your site while the video was playing? Were they reading (scrolling the page)? Do they following the links you’ve provided. Do they click the buttons?

    All of this can be done for free using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Want some pretty dashboards? Google Data Studio is also free. Want even more flexibility? Work on the data in Google Sheets with the Google Analytics Add on. Yeah, that’s free, too. The setup is a pain, but not beyond anyone’s ability to learn it. This is also where the video analytics for YouTube should live, by the way. I was kind of sad to read in the forums that YouTube isn’t recommended because the analytics are poor…

    There are a lot of people gushing with well-deserved praise, but sometimes it’s good to hear the harder things as well.

    I really do love your guys – Laurie


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey @laurieheer, I have no problem with critiquing. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. You’re right on the videos. In the first 5 modules, we didn’t know what we were doing. You gotta remember, this course was produced over 9-months. @andyfreist made four 2-3 week trips to Canada to write and produce. Those first checkpoints all we had were lesson outlines and the rest was improv. The higher up the mountain you get, the more scripted we became. Our second half of hte adventure is 100% scripted with teleprompters. Videos go from 4-7 minutes down to 2-3 minutes. You’ll see   😉
    2. The reason we keep the course a linear path (and we’ve talked about this a lot) is because we are not here to just give people information. We are here to teach a new kind of experience design. We are hoping that by the time people get to Launch Summit, they have undergone so many subtle cues for how we spark participation that they too infuse those into their course. Plus, there is a storyline and we want to keep people watching the episodes in order. That AND if we let people jump around, it’d really mess with the auto-responders and make things incredibly confusing in their inbox (based on how they’re set up in Active Campaign). So those three reasons make up for why.
    3. Andy’s teaching me how to organize the forums better and then I’ll do a cleanse to make it simpler to navigate. If you have suggestions for how that can work, I’m open. I’m definitely seeing now that there are more people here that it can be confusing. I nkow when we have a big enough tribe and monthly income we’ll upgrade to a much better forum. But for now, this is our tech.
    4. We have access to a lot of the analytics. I tend to check in every few months and assess.
    5. re: Youtube, we recommend it as your marketing software. Viral videos, shows, free content, etc… Content that you want people to find. The professional videos that you charge money for go under Vimeo/Wistia. They get great analytics, info and they are more professional than hosting on Youtube.

    Hope that answers your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time.

    Don’t hesitate to make suggestions. We always listen and when a suggestion is feasible, we act.  🙂


    Laurie Heer

    Hey @bradleytmorris 🙂

    2. Linear path. I’d like to invite you in to the story of my journey to Launch Summit. I worked diligently and enjoyed the exercises (I will even honestly say that I have definitely transformed my thinking while doing them) until just after Camp Medias. I came to learn specific things and hadn’t reached that information yet (I’m here for information). I then met this crusty little dude with a helicopter and decided to get a 360 degree view of  the other checkpoints (I help clients set up ActiveCampaign and teach marketing applications).  I watched all the videos and wasn’t introduced to any new or anything that I didn’t 100% agree with, which, in itself, was validating. I LOVED validation swamp, but didn’t feel that it was appropriate to move forward with validation until I had a view of the entire process. I then read a TON of forum posts and gained some confidence in the decisions I’d made so far. So, for me, I’ve checked off complete so that I could get the information I needed to move forward, but in terms of the over-all process I’m still at validation swamp.

    I just read an update posted by @learnandgetsmarter and love this statement: “Right now we (at least in my family) are so excited about “camp” that we are just busy exploring all the buildings and rides and activities. Perhaps I should let my “campers” do that before the actual learning starts, so they can get familiar with the interface and just have fun with the fun part, before trying to actually learn anything. ”

    3. I’m kicking around the idea of a forum integrated with LearnDash… but I don’t feel that I am solid on what SocialLearner is bringing to the table. I’ve used bbPress and BuddyPress in the past… is it just the integration with courses and the theme/layout? If so, I might try doing that on my own with BeaverBuilder Themer. I tried a sketch of what my “perfect world” mountain forum would like like and I attached it. This would be the view of the user when looking at their profile and replace the way “Activity” currently displays, or would be in addition to Activity (maybe just for the site admins?). I imagine that the public view of this would be to use filters to display user posts by Checkpoint and then by journal activity. This would allow everyone to see the different perspectives/experiences for the checkpoint they are working on, but would also give the adventurer an in-class journal.  It would be great if we could also view each other’s journeys as a complete story instead of in bits and pieces.

    Just had another thought… what if there were descriptive terms for people on the mountain? At sign up we could pick a word that describes us. That would eliminate the need for a newbie category… then once you get to xx checkpoint you are a “climber”, and then a “some great word that means you’ve reached the summit”.  Seems like some people are taking multiple trips up… maybe they are “Sherpas”? It would be great if they could create a new checkpoint journal for each trip so we can see how they grow from each experience.

    Like I said, I’m not really sure where the technologically difficult points are in creating an experience like this would be as I’ve got some gaps in my understanding. Maybe it’s easy (wouldn’t that be nice!)

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