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    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    I’m in a little bit of a hurry right now as it’s late at night but, I want to update my progress and to say thank you all for the awesome support for my Video Intro project for the April monthly Challenge.

    In addition to a V1 I’m nearly ready to turn into a final, published version, I finally (as of today) mounted a couple of huge tech challenges that were holding me back from production, mainly because not only was my new eCourse site in limbo, but my main site ended up falling into the death mix as well.

    In the end, my new eCourse site is set-up as a subdomain but, works from a completely separate admin panel and reads as an https even though my main site (and main domain) is not changed from http as yet. Don’t ask me and please don’t suggest a change to this for the time being. {Some of this ordeal has been quite frustrating…}

    All of it is operating from A-2 Hosting and not SiteGround as I previously believed I was going with. All I can say is thank goodness I am finally able to work on a site (any site) again and expect to have a new post published by tomorrow on the main site, I’ll also be revealing at least a minimum viable starting site with my BIZ MIX Workshops (BizShops as my Site title) and eCourses asap, or sooner. This is where I will be developing my mountain projects for learning walks, journeys, and ultimately adventures.

    I’m so thrilled to finally have a site to try things out, test, and improve. Creating transformations and experiences for myself and my students now has a place to manifest. whew. yay. whoa. and mostly, hip, hip, hooray!! and finally, yikes:)

    My next planned moves are to edit and publish my Intro Video on my site and turn it in for the mountain challenge (and bajillions) and then to reveal a minimum viable BizShops site, offering a couple FREE starter courses immediately. Also, my homepage (at least for now) is my first EVER Beaver Builder page so, I’m excited to share that effort as well.

    In a way, I feel like I’m starting over from where I was a month ago but, that’s the way the cookie crumbles so, it’s time to shake it off and get moving on up the brutal mountain, finding my footing, and steadily making my way to the top to fly off.

    Thanks again.

    p.s. @andyfreist I loved your feedback so much and couldn’t stop smiling:) Thanks for the confidence-booster. I really appreciate it!


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Okay. So first, I’m a bad girl on my progress log.

    Guess what, this isn’t going to be much better because I popped in to update my Progress Log and ended up catching up with some mountain goings-on and okay, maybe I neglected and probably missed some of the folks I want to check in with or catch up on, still!

    But, I am making one note on my own progress blog to let you all know (and to make me continue to complete this off my to-do once and for all!) and, I’m going to be making some changes and adjustments to my About Me page Welcome Video even though I did share V2 on the mountain and had crazy (hopeful) ideas that maybe it was done.

    Like a smart girl, however, I went to a couple folks I highly respect for their input and feedback before publishing, and took notes. So, I’ve made the decision and I’m going to make a few changes/adjustments in the spirit of making it better yet. Again. Lol

    Oh, and I was called “a creative type” and was, well, in all honesty, scolded for it by someone this week, twice! Hmmm. Thought that was interesting…

    okay, yep, totally ducking out without a real update!! Lol


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Okay, folks so here’s my progress update…

    I did a SlidesShare Presentation as a primer to “How to Bling Your Blog and Feed That Hog” and finally decided to pull the trigger and publish it (Oh, and since I finally figured out how to do a CTA and created a page to go to) and well, this may be my most views ever at about 100/day, 700 in a week! So, hmmm. Wow.

    I’m pretty excited it seems to be resonating (well, for my usually much smaller numbers on SS) and I do feel like it’s a pretty quality presentation so, I’m feeling happy at publishing something towards my goal of building my first awesome quest exploration.

    I’m thinking about trying to get it placed in an article or two somewhere or other to add some zing and maybe amplify it further, if possible.

    I’m still bummed out about not earning an ink pen for all my exhausting writing work just cause I already had a blog because I usually only publish about two posts a month on it so 5 in two weeks was a lot to ask. However, I published or submitted at least three full articles in that two weeks and did work on more than two other writing projects so I blogged out of the fog and through the river and over a bridge. Just sayin’…

    Truth is, I’ve been on a writing binge lately and maybe this got it going, who knows? I’ll keep writing and writing and writing and writing, no matter what. But, it sure would be nice for a writer to have a dang pen in her supplies! lol

    Hope everyone got over the hump today and are happily swimming into the weekend now…


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    I am having progress and progressing, I promise…

    But, I’m still too swamped to give a true progress update for my mountain of mountain work! ha

    Still, I wanted to pop in and let everyone know I’m thrilled with all the great work and great progress all the Mountaineers are making so far and continuing to build.

    I had a beautiful enriching day at the lovely Notre Dame campus in Indiana over the weekend which was a fun, inspiring, and surprising opportunity I wasn’t expecting to experience. Also, this little side trip was a nice break from work!

    Tonight I’m going to think about (and maybe write out) some ideas for My Manifesto because that feels like a good place to start with a fresh focus to hop back into my mountainous mountain of mountain climbing and learning journey building:)


    DavidJ Jurasek


    Thats a mouthful of progresses and mountains… : )

    Great to hear you’re being inspired and that you are checking in.

    I have full confidence in you.

    The path is winding and never-ending (life long atleast) and I appreciate your big picture perspective…



    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Thank you @davidj !!!


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