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    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Okay. So this is my Progress Log for my GEA Adventure with Brad and Andy. 

    I’ve decided to name it:

    Sue-Ann’s Creations Studio Progress Log

    I feel like I’m facing a “Dear Diary” situation here, but I want to be all in and hope to offer value to the group as we all work Fun and Hard, together:)

    First, I need an Andy...Andy are you free? lol (Seriously, I’m way better on the ideas side of brain workings so my ideal buddy may be someone who’s better on the science = technology know-how side!!) Truthfully, I’m fine with being a buddy to all:)

    Second, I’m so inspired and challenged (at the same time) by everything I’m finding around the mountain and campfires, so far. But, I’m also so in tune and in align with all of the key points and concepts presented here that it’s a sort of scary, giggly, nervous excitement, want-to-scream and fly sort of thing going on for me! 

    To both introduce myself, a bit, and prove my in-tune-ness with you guys, here’s a piece of published work with my “Marketing Theories” and real world tactics I used starting out as a young woman in business using  an attitude of gratitude as the guiding light for making a business that shines, “on the cheap.” 

    And, another quickie…here’s  a visual on my freelance writing site! (from 2015…just saying!) Haha


    One more thing. While I’m too funny because I do have a “Workshop” eCourse I’ve been working on WITH A THEME and want to (now) not only complete it, but UPGRADE it and REVAMP it tons with new Mountain air inspiration, there’s a lot I’ve put in that aligns again with ideas here. (Started producing it on Udemy but, decided back a minute, I wanted it on my own platform…just figured out new platform about two weeks ago…for a bunch of reasons.)

    It’s called, “How to Bling Your Blog and Feed That Hog”  and I have some fun elements already included like:

    an animation (my first) intro, a poem (see below), a Visual Intro SlideShare Presentation, dual-purposed with a CTA for signup end slide for when published to SlideShare, publicly, and Learning Module Names continuing the theme, for example, “Anatomy of a Hog,” “a Hog’s Eye View,” “a Hog’s Trail” and others…

    If anyone wants or would, take a sneak peek at the private version of my SlideShare (so far…need to make a whole NEW Landing Page after hitting the mountain and changing perspectives) and I added the YouTube with my animation video on the end (slide 49) if you want to check that out, too:) [maybe I’ll put animation intro on new Landing Page per new mountain vibe] Input always welcome. I’ve adjusted based on a couple of thoughts from colleagues already but, I’m pretty pleased with both the SS and animation, at this point.

    Well, I think that’s (more than) enough for my starting Progress Log Update ! (yep, not 1 but !)

    But, of course, I have so much more bubbling out right now… and exercises to post… and an Intro Video Challenge to create… and, and, and…

    Thanks for everything, Sue-Ann

    oops, almost forgot, my Blog Hog Poem:

    Bloggity, blog, blog

    Sloggity, slog, slog

    What I’ve learned

    Is a blog is a hog!

    It hogs my time

    It hogs my thoughts

    But I also think

    I like it a lot. ~Sue-Ann


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Loving that you’re feeling so at home here at the campfire Sue-Ann. Thanks for creating the progress update. It’s awesome how much work you’ve been doing already on your brand, content and approach. Everything about this adventure is only going to help refine, clarify and dial in what you’ve been working on.

    Such exciting times. So many great people gathering here.

    I have those giggly, nervous, wanna scream moments at least three times per day too!


    Sara McCann

    Had a look through all your links Sue-Ann – great job! Your enthusiasm, love and fun really shines through! You’re going to do great things!


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    I appreciate that so much, Sara:)

    Are you going to do the screw it and do it, challenge?

    Take care.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide


    Glad you are having fun with the process 🙂


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    I can see lingering in Mapora Meadows as a mainstay for properly seeding every Learning Journey you produce and create:)

    SO this is me re-thinking and re-stating with a Mapora meditation–to add some extra oompf to the first eCourse I’m hoping to launch from the mountaintop. Here goes, straight from my journal:

    1) What kind of breakthroughs for students are you wanting to facilitate? List them with a short description.

    How to Bling Your Blog and Feed That Hog

    If you need to take your biz blog from ho hub to a hubba bubba content hub for business, this course may be for you.

    Here’re some of the gems you can expect for Blinging Your Blog Hog in this Learning Journey and Workshop:

    • The ability to create or improve your business content hub, called a blog, to grow your business and make people love you. ❤️
    • New techniques and resources for creating and delivering valuable content to:

    * build content assets for your business,
    * engage with customers, and;
    * attract traffic to your site.

    • The journey to Bling Your Blog can be both long and hard. So, why not figure it out on a delightful adventure with My Blog Hog and me?

      We’ll make sure to help you find all the treasures you’ll need to ramp up to a blinging blog with your own treasure chest overflowing with valuable biz content assets!

    • What Content, Why Content, How? Yep. That’s just part of the journey to Blog Hog Heaven that’s in store for you.

    And while we’re sure to find ourselves deep in some muck, won’t it be easier to work together figuring out how to create a valuable biz blog while having fun along the way?

    So hop on your Blog Hog and let’s go find that Bling…

    Let me know, please, if I’m on the right track here. Thanks:)


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Sue-Ann,

    Everything here is awesome. The one thing i keep getting stuck on is the “Hog” piece.

    It’s super fun and really cute and could potentially work,, but in my mind the word Bling = Sexy, Expensive, Beautiful and the word Hog = Mud, Dirty, Poo, Farm, Country…

    See what I’m getting at.

    What would happen if you were to just drop the “Hog” part and go with the “Bling your Blog” theme? What could that look like.

    I think you want it to be intuitive and a big yes and I think the people who want to bling their blog may also get hung up on the hog piece…

    I just want to offer my honest thoughts, based on my couple times I’ve read over this.

    How’s this land for you or do you wanna explain the hog idea more?


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Thank you.


    It does tie…hogging of time, thoughts, and heart in creating awesome content for your biz blog (I show in animation intro and SlideShare messaging/content) but, I see how I am short-cutting the story here…I have ideas for bling “treasures” and “cute” piggy stuff, too, in mind…

    but thinking and formulating things more. Thanks for the help!!


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    I’ll second what Bradley said.. I keep getting mental images of sparkly diamonds and stinky pigs (LOL).

    Love the bling your blog theme though.. Lots of fun can be had there..

    Also, on first glance, I totally get what you mean when you say “bling your blog” but you lost me when you said “feed your hog” and “blog hog”.. Of course its easily understood once you explain it, but first impressions are everything 😉

    That’s all for now. Carry on…


    Laura Woodmansee

    Sue-Ann, I love this! I can totally see the cute little pig wearing bling … going from rolling around in the mud ( having a messy blog system – confused about how to create a blogging system) to a sparkly pig (having a blinged-out, well organized blog) …

    Have you watched the show Gravity Falls? It’s an animated Disney show … Anyhow, one of the two main characters – Mabel loves all things rainbow, blingy, etc and she adopts a pig that she names Waddles. As I was reading your description, I just kept thinking of them … I’ll find a screenshot 🙂






    Laura Woodmansee



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    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    LOVE it, Laura!! (sent you a note to be sure you see it!) You’re the best…


    Chris Gilmour

    Just checked out the slide show Sue-Anne. Love the style/approach. Cool image with just a few words to capture the essence. I went through every slide and felt like I got sucked into the story. How is this slide show intended to be used? Is it part of a presentation that you are presenting live? Or are ppl meant to go through it on their own?

    If you are talking along with it, I love it.

    If I am meant to go through it on my own, it is engaging and easy to follow along and got the idea, the importance of “bling your blog” and bling it to your specific audience that WANTs to hear from you. But it did not really push me to think about “how” to do that with my unique business. Maybe that is not the intent of the slide show, but I am left with the “how”? question.

    Glad to have you on the mountain. I’m looking forward to watching your project grow. The Hog side of the Blog is definitely intimidating to me!

    Chris Gilmour


    Sue-Ann Bubacz


    Thanks for taking time to check things out and for your insights:)

    I’m still ironing out the flow to make sure the important stuff comes through as I work on pre-list building and a validation process but, maybe you’re left with the just the perfect question in “how” because, of course, my course will solve that for you!

    Hmmm. Creating the Learning Journey IS a Learning Journey! lol

    Chris…Maybe I can use one of your special secret recipe cocktails right about NOW. haha and thanks again…




    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    My progress log update is as follows:

    Progress of late has been up and down, back and forth, and bumpy! Yep.

    Since I’m a touch under the weather, I’ll give a full (or is it, fool?) report and update, soon. Take care all:)

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