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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

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    Our guest on this weeks’ coaching campfire, Kylie Slavik refers to herself as the “Accidental Digital Marketer” Storytelling merged with Marketing is her JAM! She’s had huge success using storytelling in FB Ads!

    5:05 The all-important emotional trigger that was in Kylie’s first successful ad. Hear the story of “The Unlikely Queen”..transformed from basement dweller to living her dream life!

    10:20 Getting to the TRUTH of our own stories is KEY! Kylie’s Fav Book “Winning the Story Wars.”

    11:44 Brad asks Kylie for tips on how to “Pull out our Stories”

    15:50 Kylie’s Example from her own life of being a “creator” archetype while her clients are “alchemists” and how she used the theme “your vision is greater than your fear”

    19:55: The Carl Jung system for identifying archetypes!

    22:10 The value of Speaking to the SOUL of someone as opposed to their skeptic, shifty mind.

    26:14 The Book “Awakening the Heroes Within”

    27:42 The intention behind the GEA’s new tagline “Create an Online Course Worth Sharing”

    28:45 Reverse Engineering it: Starting with their story and plugging in relatable details from your own life experience.

    30:20 Kylie gives examples of those who’ve used their stories well in marketing.

    35:38 The BIG MISTAKE of thinking that the most significant, interesting parts of your story seem boring to you.

    36:00 Brad tells his “rock bottom story” that led him to where he is today.

    38:58 Journaling questions she’s used to dig into her story or assign as homework to clients. Start with your “personal WHY” then move to your “global” or bigger why.

    43:20 How the quirky little things about us create powerful brand loyalty.

    45:20 FB ADs: Explain the core transformational experience your audience will have when they engage with your brand. Lots of great FB Ad advice here to check out!

    50:40 “The Origin Story” How did you come into having your superpowers? What were the pivotal turning points…then add something really human about yourself.

    54:54 Andy on being “intentional” with designs, colours and copy using the Archetypes as your guiding map!

    57:34 Kylie leaves the Mountain! Chris asks for advice on Team Building and contracts.

    1:04:55 Lorraine asks why, after hearing Kylie talk of Storytelling, the guys think their FB ads attempt was unsuccessful.


    Anneke Camstra

    Ithink this is the best I heard in a long time. Kylie nailed it for me. Especially how to use your own stories. And start with where the client is and guide them to where they want to be. Kylie made this visible for me in her examples. Thank you very much, Mountain Boyz and Kylie Slavik. I will look at this talk a few more times

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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