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    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    # Sabotage
    ## How did I get here?


    – Meet Major Tom “And you may ask yourself, Will, how did I get here?”
    – Picked up at visitor center

    *In vehicle*

    – Major Tom forgets the parking brake is on *every* time

    ## Brand Ads Marketing Sales

    *In barracks*

    – Meet G who talks non-stop
    – G talks about loglo’d guy (Jack?), designer brand girl (Jill?)
    – Given blank slate uniforms
    – Place old clothes, old beliefs, and old concepts in bag of holding to be picked up on departure (or not)

    ## Congruence & Consistency

    *Large amphitheater*

    – Major Tom gives safety presentation
    – Makes unsafe choices while giving presentation
    – His audio cuts out when actions override words
    – G asks group leader about that and gets a strange reply about PICAs and how bad the incongruence must be if raw recruits can hear it unamplified

    ## Ideal sales situation


    – Girl talk: engagement, ideal proposals, and “I would never”s
    – Jack comes over and proposes to Jill even though they just met -> rejected

    ## NS Power Zone

    *Squad training room*

    – Distribute Personal Protective Energy Field Generators (PPEs)
    – “Not even a slow blade can penetrate these fields unless given permission”
    – Protects the four powers we each own

    ## CW Path of Self Discovery


    – Playing with PPE fields and Dave makes comment about his P.E.E. generator working overtime
    – G relays group leader instructions for using the multi-access panel
    – Just enter the code and it changes up behind the scenes and opens on the bathroom
    – Dave struggles with the code, opening it on various non-bathroom rooms
    – G and Jill keep telling the code: hold blue, then white-green-black-yellow-red in that order
    – If you won’t listen to us, ask the computer
    – “Computer, let me into the bathroom *bzz* the restroom *bzz* the loo *bzz* the W.C. *bzz* the head *bzz* the gents *bzz* heck, at this point I’d take the ladies!” “I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.”
    – Room of daisies appears and Dave heads in anyway as squad mates cat call and yell “not there!”
    # Communication
    ## Meaning of communication

    *Squad training room*

    – Group leader lines everyone up and the play “telephone” until the message is consistently transferred unaltered
    – Group leader writes/says message and everyone writes down what it means
    – Various interpretations possible, some shared

    ## Own your communications

    *Squad training room*

    – Distribute Personal/Interpersonal Communication Amplifier (PICA) to each cadet
    – “Here. Play.”
    – Some tuned to same channels, some broadcasting to various people across channels
    – Heroes overhear people saying unflattering things they shouldn’t hear
    – “You can’t move forward until you own your communications. Control would be nice, too, and it comes with pointed practice.”

    ## Effective communications

    *Squad training room*

    – Group leader brings in a blobby creature
    – B will demonstrate effective communication
    – Touch, tone, stance, etc relay through PICA to each individual

    ## Communication channels

    *Squad training room*

    – You will have multiple channels you’ll need to send and receive on at once
    – Cadets try juggling multiple channels and make a mess
    – “Practice with one at a time, then integrate more than one”

    ## You Try But – Language patterns

    *Squad training room*

    – “First, focus on the content of the message and begin to minimize unintended meanings”
    – Three sets of patterns in the phrase “You Try But”
    – Begin to bring their images into “focus” as words clarify

    ## Everything is communication

    *Squad training room*

    – “How do we turn these off?” “You don’t…you are always sending and receiving”
    – Here is how to turn down the “volume,” but you are always transmitting something on every channel

    ## Congruence & Transparency

    *Small amphitheater*

    – “I got that people were less ‘fuzzy’ as they clarified their words. Why are some people split like that?”
    – Split: Different messages on different channels
    – Fuzzy: Either unclear what they are wanting to transmit or attempting to obscure something
    – “Oh! That explains Major Tom on the first day! His actions channels were overriding his words and we couldn’t hear them any more!”

    ## Across Time & Space

    *Small amphitheater*

    – “What if we aren’t face to face?”
    – You already use time and space shifting technologies, you just use reduced channels when you do
    – Video, audio, writing
    # Values & Value
    ## Value is relative

    *Barracks – at computer/s*

    – Shopping for personal supplies
    – Discussion about who pays minimum and premium for what supplies
    – Banter about how someone could pay extra for toilet paper — and who wouldn’t?!

    ## What do you value?

    *Barracks – sitting*

    – Girl talk: what makes men attractive; surface attributes to deeper values
    – What our behaviors say about what we value
    – “No way, girl! You don’t value __ — I’ve seen the men you date!”

    ## NS Pleasure Pattern

    *Transport into desert*

    – “Where did you get fresh pineapple?” “Ordered it for a last treat before the desert”
    – “Isn’t that difficult to eat?” “Yeah, I guess. But I love piña because it reminds me of …”
    – “Oh, yeah. I have things like that. I love __ because …”
    – “Wait. How is that important?”

    ## What else do you want?


    – “Boy was that pineapple good! Thanks for sharing.”
    – “No problem. I value sharing with friends”
    – “Last chance. What else do we want as we head off to do our job in the desert?”
    – Listing values and ways they could be met with items from the market

    ## NS Accept-Appreciate-Awe

    *Desert training facility – ISS replica*

    – “We’ve been here a week, and I’m already hankering for some ‘real’ food! I know it is simulating time on the ISS, so I can accept it.”
    – “Yeah. Soylent is fine, but it makes it that much easier to appreciate that pineapple you shared on our way out! I don’t have any food to share, but follow me and I’ll share one of *my* favorite things about the desert training rotation!”
    – Down hallways to an airlock
    – “Oh, we can’t go out. We don’t have the codes!” “Well, *you* don’t have the codes, yet. But, I do! You’ll learn them soon enough.” *beepboopbing* *whoosh* “Stay close!”

    *Desert – brightly lit camp with big metal tubes to simulate the space station*

    – Walking out across the sand, past the lights “C’mon! It is totally worth it!”
    – “Here, give me your hand and close your eyes tight. I’ll guide you the last little bit — trust me, it’ll make it that much better.” “Okay…I guess so…”

    *Over hill top, into shadow*

    – “Sit down and open your eyes.”
    – Camera turns to see the night sky.
    – “Whoa! Look at all the stars!”
    – “Billions and billions of stars!” (Carl Sagan style)
    – “That’s just awesome! … Thanks, my friend!”

    ## Valuation

    *Day – Edge of space station simulation camp*

    – “Hey, look, a peddler cart. I feel like I’m in some historical novel or something!”
    – Being handed many items with comments like “you’ll like this” or “try this”
    – Character asks peddler how much something costs
    – “What does it mean to you?” “It is just a memento to send the family” “And is that important?”
    – Explore more of the diamond of consciousness with character

    ## Shifting sands (of variable discounting)

    *On transport headed away from camp*

    – “Hey, nice blanket!” “Best 10 credits I ever spent.” “10?! I paid 20 for mine!” “Yeah, I negotiated a better deal and the peddler looked desperate”
    – Notice the peddler’s cart stuck in the sand by the road
    – “Geez, I kind of feel bad for ’em, but karma is a beach — or sometimes a giant sand dune!”

    ## Set your prices (in stone)

    *Roadside stand in desert*

    – “Okay folks, quick break to stretch your legs and hit the head”
    – (Aside to neighbor: “That means group leader needed a bathroom break”)
    – Long line for restroom past a fixed stand selling similar items to what the peddler had
    – “Wow, these prices are not only fixed, they are literally written in stone!”
    – Vendor: “Yes, we know what our wares are worth and do not disservice our customers with bargaining. How can I fill your needs?”
    – “This blanket isn’t keeping me warm at night” … walk the path
    – “Okay, cadets, get loaded up, we’ve got many more klicks to go!”

    # State
    ## Current state

    *Open desert; squad stands around a strange vehicle*

    – “This is your Modular Rover, M.R. for short.” “Hey, X, is this your Mr. Right?!”
    – “Examine it and tell me how it is configured.”
    – Squad begins describing various components

    ## NS Meta-States of current selling state

    *Open desert – outside MR*

    – “Each component of the MR has a reason for being there. It has some meaning. You’ve identified what is there, now tell me why it is important.”
    – Squadies give a reason for a component: “And why is that important?”
    – Go up the chain of Meta-States, converge on one or two commonalities.

    ## NS Future frames / diamond

    *Open desert – inside MR*

    – Group leader is deep in the rover and opens a panel to reveal a gem the size of his head.
    – “This is the heart of the MR. It is what allows us to change the configuration. It is the diamond of consciousness. Each facet represents another way of looking at the same things. Importance, feeling, intuition, thought — all facets of the same diamond. And we can access the same vehicle from different facets and get the same end result in different ways.”
    – “Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of it — go make use of it. Figure out some of the future configurations you’ll want and add those aspects to your MR.”

    ## NLP triggers

    *Open desert – outside MR; squad members are putting panels back on the MR*

    – Y: “Man, it is hot out here. I drank all my water and I am still thirsty!”
    – “In space they recycle all the waste water for drinking. I’m sure someone could share some water with you. Ask Jack!”
    – Y: *ewww* “I’m not so thirsty any more…”
    – Group leader: “How do you know when you’re thirsty?”
    – Y: “I just feel thirsty.”
    – Group leader: “Sure. And what is the first thing you feel that says you’re thirsty?”
    – Y: “I don’t know…let me think about that…”
    – “I heard they dig wells out here by hand. Better get started digging!” *haha* “There was a shovel in that compartment on the MR.”
    – Group leader: “Not only do they dig the wells by hand, they have a saying ‘dig your well before you’re thirsty.’ Maybe you’d better check deeper in that compartment for some more water before you start digging.”

    ## NLP Circle of Excellence

    *Open desert – inside MR; group leader in cockpit, others gathered behind watching over her shoulder*

    – Group leader: “The MR will be constantly adjusting in small ways as you move through the field. Many of those will be ‘random’ — well, more like ‘arbitrary’ — and may or may not be what you want in a given instant.”
    – “So will we ever know that we’ve got the configuration we need?”
    – Group leader: “With practice, the MR can be reconfigured on the fly, but it is a lot more difficult in the field than before a mission. That is why you have the ability to create ‘presets’ that can be accessed instantly.”
    – “Like a browser bookmark or the presets on our PICAs?”
    – Group leader: “Yes, kind of like those. Like I said, the MR will keep adjusting as it goes, but we can pull up a preset configuration and give it a solid state to begin the next set of automatic adjustments.”
    – Group leader: “Oh! Speaking of automatic adjustments, the MR presets are also special in that you can set them to trigger automatically. You can set up scenarios or circumstances that you expect to encounter and set a certain configuration of resources to be accessed. The better you plan these out ahead, the easier it is to move through the field.”
    – Group leader: “Alright, she is all yours. G, you’ve got the temporary command. Plan your route back to the main ISA base, figure out what obstacles you’re likely to encounter, and program in some MR configurations that might be useful. If you’re up for it, create some scenarios to automatically trigger a configuration or two. I’ll return in the truck and meet you back at base.”
    – Squad starts to plan and there is a beep.
    – “G, the group leader is on the radio for you.”
    – Group leader: “One last thing. If you get stuck in a situation with an unresourceful configuration: back up, take a moment to reconfigure, and continue on again. I’ve had days where it took me *way* too many attempts to work through a dicey situation that I know the MR could handle, I just had to get it into a configuration that matched the situation. Remember all of your training! Over and out.”
    # Transition from Ground School to Flight School

    – Congrats on completing this portion of Ground School.
    – I’m now handing you over to Lt Cruise for your first round of Flight School training.
    – Get a good night’s sleep and I recommend a light breakfast tomorrow.
    # Pay Attention to Tension
    ## How do people change (their minds)?

    *Runway – climbing into a plane/shuttle*

    – “Howdy, cadets. My name is Lt Cruise. Get yourselves strapped in back there. There is room for two observers behind the pilot in these trainers.”
    – Cadets get settled
    – “This is your first flight in one of these, isn’t it. Hold on tight, you’re in for a wild ride!”
    – Take off is loud with massive vibrations and suddenly —

    *Above the clouds – inside trainer with a complex control panel in front of each person*

    – “You still with me back there? Occasionally lose one of the first timers…not *lose* lose, they just black out for a moment or two.”
    – “Uh, yeah, we’re still here…”
    – “Good. You’re riding in one of the most sophisticated craft we’ve built to date. Forget those old clunkers where you had to use pedals and sticks to keep yourself from falling out of the sky! Now we do it all with our minds!”
    – Worried look from other cadet
    – Ignoring the exchange, Cruise continues. “You know Newton’s Laws? The one about ‘a body at rest’? Well, we’re using the other half of that — a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. And there are a few of those forces out there, ain’t there?”
    – Cadet: “You mean, like gravity?”
    – Cruise: “Har! Yup. That’s a big one, ain’t it. There are also all of the aerodynamics at play and the bigger force from our lil’ controlled explosion happening just behind you in that jet engine.”
    – Cadet glances nervously behind us
    – “Y’all just sit back and enjoy the ride. You’ll get your chance to drive soon enough. In the meantime, keep an eye on those readouts back there. You’ll be needing to know what they mean soon enough.”
    – “Another of those Law: ever action has an equal and opposite reaction. It means, if ya push on something to change it, ya gonna get some resistance. And, yet…here we are making all sorta changes and flyin’ through the sky. So, resistance is a thing, but like Lita Ford said, ‘it ain’t no big thing.’ I like to see if the new recruits can figure out what *is* the big thing. You up for the challenge?”

    ## What changes?

    *Above the clouds – empty trainer*

    – “Today we are flying a drone. Yup, I said ‘we’! You get to have your first tandem flight to get a feel for the remote link and flying *with* someone.”
    – “First things first, I ain’t the realist and we’d better not drop this — these drones aren’t cheap!”
    – “Pay attention to your readouts and notice how it responds as we maneuver at different elevations.”
    – “Now, you take control and I’ll go with whatever you want to do that is safe. I gotta say, I’m not a huge fan of barrelrolls…”
    – “Are you ready for a bit of a challenge? Have you ever been in a canoe or raft and had someone rowing in the opposite direction? Turns out you can wrap a fiberglass canoe around a rock in the rapids…er, or so I hear…”
    – “Anyhow, here’s what it is like when we try to go different directions.”
    – “Not so much fun, huh.”
    – “And, today’s last experiment: notice how smoothly things go when we work together and support one another.”
    – “Alright, I guess we can do *one* barrelroll, Starfox.”

    ## What are you tracking?

    *Flight sim room – outside simulator cockpit*

    – Lt Cruise: “Today, you get to fly by yourself. And since planes and drones are expensive, you get to fly the simulator for a while. Get all your crashes out of your system in here, please.”
    – “Strap in and link up.”
    – “You’ll find that you’ve got two types of flights you’re likely to have out there: solos and tandems. There are cases where you’ll have even more people involved, but flying by committee is not a pretty sight!”
    – “Plenty of time for solos on your own time. For now, you’ll be running tandems with the computer as the other linked pilot.”
    – “Time to test everything you picked up from our flights. After this flight, you get to tell me what all you need to know to predict how the plane with respond to your inputs.”
    – Messy flight with/against the computer. Repeated crashes.

    ## Levels of Productive Tension

    *Flight sim room – inside simulator cockpit*

    – “Oh, and in case I didn’t point it out before, we rarely take off from the runway when we fly a tandem. Generally, we get connected in the middle of a flight and it may be in any sort of conditions, so your flight time today is to orient to the current conditions before we flip you to another flight.”
    – Pop in, flight responds in a certain way, Lt Cruise calls out the conditions and we pop to next cockpit.
    – “Alrighty. You may almost get it, even if it takes you a while. Keep practicing!”

    ## Going up & down

    *In sky – empty drone*

    – “You’ve been doing well on the simulator, so today we’re out in a drone. Your challenge is to consistently move us up or down in elevation — flying together.”
    – “While there are an infinite number of ways to change elevation, there are only a few options within the context of the types of flights you’ll be making. In fact, we have four moves upward and four downward. Let’s practice them. And, no, barrelrolls are in either of those lists.”

    *Long shot on drone zooming upward*

    – V.O. “Whoa! Did you mean to take us that far up? There are certainly times for that, but we’ve got a real ceiling on these planes. You can’t just fly them straight to the moon. The air gets too thin to think or move right.”

    *Long shot on drone zooming downward*

    – “Same thing applied downward! We will always tend towards the ground, and rarely is that were we want to be. The best case — being *on* the ground means we are wasting the potential to fly. The worst case — being *in* the ground is pretty clearly not what we want! So, we want to think in terms of a floor, too. We can get down there to see every rock and plant, but we sure don’t want to be there for long!”

    ## Current activities

    *In sky – empty drone*

    – “Today you’re driving the drone. I’ll get it in position, connect you, and give you an altitude and heading. Your task is to orient as quickly as possible and make a safe maneuver to get to the proper altitude and heading. Ready? Go!”

    ## Make a change

    *Flight sim room – outside simulator cockpit*

    – “Alright, you two. Climb in the sim and do the same thing as our last exercise, only one of you leads and the other acts naturally. The leader’s job is to adapt to the feedback from the other person and get to the proper altitude and heading A.S.A.P. G, you lead first, so you won’t connect until you get the signal. Let’s go, folks. Get out there and make it happen!”

    ## Check back in

    *Above clouds – real plane with Lt Cruise and an empty seat*

    – “We’ve come full circle. This is us in the air, you taking the lead as I react naturally. This time, you get to decide what altitude and heading we’ll use to get us to our destination safely. And today’s destination is…drumroll please…the edge of space! You get to take us past the usual flight ceiling and have a controlled descent back to base. Get to it!”

    *Long shot on plane as it dips and swoops through the sky*

    # Compartmentalize
    ## What is your recipe?


    – “No, seriously, Z. How can you make a cake like this from freeze dried ingredients and MREs?!”
    – Z: “It is only a couple techniques and you could follow the recipe. Do you want me to write it down for you?”
    – “No way — I mean, yes, I want a recipe, but no way do I believe it is that easy. Why did you make a cake anyway?”
    – Z: “I’m practicing to celebrate when we finally get to go to the ISS!”
    – Group leader sticks head in the door: “Heads up, folks. It is time to get your early flight plans and get them checked over in the squad training room. See you there in 5!”
    – Shuffling and excitement

    ## Color by level; Up/down deux

    *Squad training room*

    – “Settle down. First up, we need to review our maneuvers and what they’ll get us a various altitudes. Everybody ready?”
    – Discuss altitude and what outcome to expect from the various maneuvers

    ## Do all roads lead to Rome?

    *Squad training room*

    – “We are going to go through some of your flight plans to give the whole squad an idea of what each would lead to.”
    – Several sequences presented and analyzed
    – “Got it?”

    ## Best guesses

    *Squad training room*

    – “Time to revise and refine those plans. Go get all of the movements in there we need and remember our ultimate outcome!”
    – Group leader: “Okay, squad. You’ve got some decent start on flight plans. Let’s get them refined even more.”
    – “What’s the way the first 50 years of space exploration got to space?”
    – A: “Climb as fast as we can to get to space.”
    – “Right. And many of your plans did exactly that. So, now we don’t generally go straight to space. While we can, it takes one-shot rockets and is really hard on the shuttles. Instead, we now use these specialized planes that don’t just blast off straight to space. Plus, they have distinct limitations on how far we can fly normally. So what do we do?”
    – Field ideas from the squad
    – “Oh! I think you’ve almost got it. Run with that, W!”
    – More discussion

    ## Path to Compassionate Sales

    *Squad training room*

    – “Okay, so let’s review. We can pop into a tandem flight at any elevation, but typically it is pretty high. So, we trade that height for speed so we can get the lay of the land and figure out where we are.”
    – W: “Why do we care where we are on the surface if we’re shooting for space?”
    – “Well, remember that we can’t just cruise around space. We don’t have the fuel to mess around at that end of the flight. It is better to make sure we are taking off from the right location when we can scrub the mission and safely return home. Great question. Keep them up, folks.”
    – “Now we know where we’re at and we have enough speed to climb up from our flight floor. What do we do at this point?”
    – A: “Climb as fast as we can to get to space?”
    – “If we have no intention of reusing the plane and we’ve got the fuel to just power through the atmosphere, that might work. Assuming we want to fly this plan again and again, what next?”
    – G: “Slow and steady ascent, right?”
    – “That’s the idea. We might find ourselves lingering in this phase for a significant portion of the flight as we get everything built up for the next maneuver…which is?”
    – A: “Climb as fast as we can to get to space?”
    – “Close. We’ve picked up significant momentum at this point and we’re going for that vertical ‘jump’ that is a lot like when a hawk catches a thermal and just seems to levitate straight up. So, now we’re up much closer to our flight ceiling — what next?”
    – A: “Climb as fast as we can to get to space?”
    – Laughing
    – “We actually need to go the *other* direction first. We dip a little to pick up some speed, use the one-time-use Price booster, and …” *pointing to A*
    – A: “Climb as fast as we can to get to space!”
    – “Correct! We let the tandem pilot lift us enough to get us to space. Are we done once we hit space? That was our goal, right?”
    – G: “The fact that you’re asking suggests ‘no’ we are not done.”
    – Laughing, “You got me, G. If we keep our ‘elevation’ in relationship to the ISS, we’re likely to get flung off to the outer rim at the first little perterbation. What do we need to do in order to dock and stabilize ourselves on the Inner-national Space Station?”
    – G: “We need to drop that ‘elevation’ and slow way down to be able to meet the station.”
    – “You got it. And at that point, our flight is fully complete. Any questions?”

    *Fade out over banter*

    ## Walk the path each contact

    ## Practice practice practice

    # What next
    ## Solo to ISS
    ## Induction ceremony into Compassionate Trade Guild as Apprentice


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    There you go, @bradleytmorris. You can finally enjoy the story-as-it-stands.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Holy Cow Dr W! This is so cool. You’re really actually taking us to space with your program. I am so excited. Are you filming on greenscreen with all this? Do you have friends who are playing roles as well? Are you Major Tom!?


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Yep, we’re really headed to space. We get to go hang out at the “Inner-national Space Station”! Major Tom and Lt Cruise are just characters (plus cultural references to music and movies).

    This is only the story beats, not the actual lesson parts. These scenes alternate with the teaching segments of Dr.Wayne’s floating head being transmitted to the characters via some screen in-scene. The people taking the ecourse will be embedded in the scenes and interacted with — think somewhere between Blue’s Clues and Hardcore Henry.

    I’m not planning to do green screen because I’m not planning on this being live action (except my floating head). It will be animated for the scenes outlined here.

    I’m currently thinking I’ll use Muvizu. It should let me do the majority of what I have in mind (but animation software is one piece that I haven’t even attempted to bootstrap yet!). At minimum, it will let me get clear on all the assets I’ll need and then block out the scenes in full 3D. I can always take “snapshots” to generate a type of storyboard. I would really love to use something like ToonBoom for the animation — that just requires I recruit an illustrator and rigger that are up for creating Archer style animations! 🙂

    So, rather than stage actors, I need to recruit voice actors. And, yes, I have a list of people in mind already as my talent pool. My wife has been reading to the kids lately and they decided to have her record the audio. I recently walked into the house to their recordings playing in the background.  I didn’t realize right away that it wasn’t one of the ubiquitous audio books from the library! That reminded me of the resources I’ve already got on hand and the fact that she comes by it honestly — her mother is an international radio personality that I’m happy to put to work as well! Plus there are plenty of other family, friends, and students to recruit.


    The next step with the above set of beats is to get the outline of the floating head content down so I have the full picture on paper. Then I’ll start consulting with some of my film maker friends. I have a friend teaching in the film and television department who has written a number of screenplays who sounded happy to jam about screenwriting over the summer, so I’m planning to get his feedback as well!

    I figure the summer will easily be absorbed with scripting out the story, writing up the lessons, sketching storyboards, and applying Yu-kai’s gamification ideas. Not to mention getting the voice overs and floating head segments recorded. I’ll have plenty to crank out before hitting animation and maybe I’ll recruit someone awesome for that! I’m excited even to rough it out with the storyboards and voice overs for a first pass. (Oh…I just checked Upwork and there are a bunch of people ready to do ToonBoom animation…that becomes a budgeting issue at that point…Maybe I will get my first choice! 🙂 )

    Preparing for blast-off!


    Deb Robson

    Cool, Dr. Wayne. This is feeling incredibly rich. I’m not entirely *getting* it, but it would be surprising if I were–and I *am* getting the energy and the arc.


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Deb @robson, I will be very interested to hear your reactions when I get my scripts more complete. That’s assuming it is the story flow that is confusing at the moment… If it is the overall concept of what I’m doing in the course, that is useful information as well!

    Apprecitate the feedback and you, Deb!


    Deb Robson

    I think all I need in order to pull it together is the visuals–and the talking head components. I catch the story flow and overall concept. It’s just (naturally) summarized.


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Thanks, Deb. That’s what I was hoping — it was just inherent to the format of this “snapshot” update.

    I’m working towards getting the floating head outlines together and will start the story boards at that point. Look forward to your feedback then as well!


    Lisa R

    “I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.” Favourite line. Totally Holly.

    This is just WOW. So rich and layered.

    Somehow a two-line comment here doesn’t do it justice, but I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor so it’s all I can manage.



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Thanks, Lisa. I’m happy that some of the intent is showing through, even in this rough form. 🙂

    And I love that you brought it back to Red Dwarf when I was thinking 2001: A Space Odyssey. The funny thing is that it could go either way, Holly or Hal!


    Skeeter Medias

    Hey there Doc, I rilly luv yur space adventure. When ya gunna git up ta Camp Medias and make yur first pilot test videa with Doober and I? We’d luv ta git ya in frunt of the green screen ta make sure yur rocket ship works all right!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Well, @skeeter, I’m up there working on the storyboards. I’ll do a test flight soon enough. 🙂


    andrea Bonsey

    @waynebuckhan WOW  this is incredible.  I did get a bit lost at times, and then would come back in… what details.  This is all in your head… so impressed.


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Thanks, @andrea. The irony is that it feels like the details won’t show up until the scripts!

    I guess I did start writing actual dialogue as I got further along…

    *sigh* Okay, back to some client work before I can play with this more. 🙂

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